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Button Down Challenge Day 1

I wore my button down (the brand is The Limited, and I either bought it from Goodwill or thrifted it) over a dress bought from Dress Barn. I don’t find the oxford style of collar flattering, so I altered the blouse.
I am not very good about taking a photo before I start taking apart stuff, so I just have one before I cut out the neckline but without the collar.
I used that cake stand to cut out the neckline.

No, it is not very neatly done on the inside, but perhaps with practice I will get to the point when I sew the inside nicely too. I do need to put a clear snap on the top, and fix the sleeves. I took out the pleats at the shoulder seams and did gathers in the hope that the sleeves wouldn’t be as full, but they look worse. I am not going to touch this until after the challenge though, so I will not get frustrated in the attempt and be unable to complete the challenge.

Please forgive the pathetic quality photos; photography is another skill I have yet to learn.


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