Yarn Along

I am linking up to this yarn along here.

Forgive my iphone photo of subjects on carpet 😛 And the horrible clash of colors.

I have been seeing Kristen from Sew Technicolor‘s link ups but never really considered joining in (I am a bit of a ditz sometimes).

Anyway. I have had this yarn and pattern for about 7.5 years. The yarn is a slippery, snaggy ribbon yarn and the pattern a bit much for the going on 16 fairly early knitter I was then. A couple years ago I took it up again and knit the sleeves at the same time. Those sleeves are fine, so this time I decided to started afresh on the bodice and knit both back and front at the same time too (hence all the strands going everywhere). Even now I still pull things out. (I may or may not be in the middle of pulling out a row, and I may or may not have pulled several inches out earlier today).

This is my second try at the book as well. I posted hysterically when it first came out, and I was devastated. I still want to finish the trilogy. I just want to like the books with such wonderful princessy covers (and I tend to heartily dislike modern photo covers) and what was to me a pretty fun first book although I doubt The One can fix too much; The Elite just needs to be erased. This book makes me want to scream still even though I am closer to calm despair than previously. I will take immense satisfaction in giving it (America really) a one star on Goodreads.

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