Yarn Along

I am again participating in the weekly yarn along on this blog.

I finished the book from last week’s link up, The Elite, but I am still working on the knitted top. I actually have three knitting projects on needles at the moment, so this time I am posting a different one (it is one I have worked on most recently and the one I am closest to finishing).

Nonfiction, yay for me! I finished Gatto’s book Dumbing Us Down maybe a week or two ago. This book is more in depth. Um, the author seems a bit paranoid regarding government agendas, but then he knows and has read many more government sources than I have. I totally agree with his assessment of the results of public schooling, and as I am a former homeschooled student, a lot of the ideas regarding the negativity of public schooling are not new to me. I am not sure how helpful these books really are; they seem more damaging to a Christian homeschool crowd than otherwise because of the humanism and paranoia. Anyway, the pattern is a fairly simple pattern from Ravelry called Feather and Fan Shrug and it is freeeee!!!!


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