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This is my reaction upon reading this book several weeks ago. I didn’t want to modify it much, just a few edits.

Um, everything and everything. What do I even say?

Rudy. Rudy!

Liesel and Max HAVE to marry since Rudy died. That is the only way after that ruination.

My sister (who reads Dostoevsky and likes it) said this was the best written book she had ever read. We both want to read more of the author (I am afraid I will be disappointed; I was, content-wise I decided I shouldn’t read The Messenger after perusing it) and agree that the movie, however good, cannot do it justice because the amazingness is embedded in the words. How fitting for this book. I almost, sort of don’t want to see the movie.

Just wow.

Yeah. I need to read more on WWII.

This is the crème de la crème of historical fiction. It does not spare you realism. The author’s parents came out of this background.


You are supposed to hurt. This isn’t fantasy.


I HATE doing this but beware the profanity. I will buy my own copy and mark it out. There is also somethings regarding Rudy’s physical examination and Liesel’s reaction that might bother people. 

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