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Regency Hairstyles

I wanted to join in the fun with another post besides the tag for Period Drama Fashion Week, but without photos from the films. Disclaimer: I in no way recommend all content on these sites; I just found the tutorials via Google and some are on YouTube.

I decided to try to find some tutorials. I would imagine that most Regency ladies had long and super long hair since they probably avoided wigs since Regency fashion came about as a reaction to the excesses of the Georgian era.

Several years ago I think I found a Lydia Bennet tutorial (it could have been Lizzy, but I tried it on my sister to look like Lydia’s hair style), but I have no idea how to find this again. I know that it involved doing a French twist without tucking the top in and then arranging the hair to fall in a waterfall and then curling that waterfall. I tried the 2009 Emma hairstyle in the last few years or so. With practice I think I could do it pretty easily (I am probably delusional).

Here is an article on regency hairstyles with comparison to classical (this period inspired regency fashion).

Here is a chart showing different hairstyles for different years of the regency.

These tutorials are for those with super long hair (mine is almost to the tops of my hips) and decently thick hair:

Here is a bun with braids around it. Something Jane Bennet might wear. The girl had curls, but she could do them because she had what she called regency bangs.

Here is a style with bun, curls, and braids.

A whole set of posts of different styles from various Emma adaptations.

Here is for medium to longish hair:

This is the 2009 Emma hairstyle.

General regency.

Lizzy Bennet.

For short:

Here is how one lady mimics a regency look.

I do believe that the short almost pixie style, which Lady Harriet Cumnor in Wives and Daughters (post Regency) sports, is in vogue with a few in the Regency. UGH. I do not like or advocate this style then or now (especially not now) as it is VERY unfeminine.

Anyway I hope you enjoy these hair style tutorials. I think I will definitely try some soon . . . and I will try to post photos.


  • Lizzie

    Oh, these are great tutorials! I wish I had known about them before I cut all my hair off.. it was down to my lower back just a few weeks ago, and I got so tired of split ends and my layers that I had my sister cut it off just a little longer than shoulder length… I'll just have to do them on my sister! She's actually going to be a production of Pride and Prejudice The Musical this summer, and I don't think they're going to have an official hairstylist.

    I like the way the 2009 Emma hairstyle turned out on that girl, it looks much better than Romola Garai's! I also really like that Lizzy Bennet style, I'm going to have to try it on myself once my hair is a bit longer.

    Lovely collection of helpful hairstyles!

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