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Period Drama Fashion Week at For the Beauty of the Earth: The Tag

It is not like I don’t have drafts that need to be published (or school to be done, but who is asking about school?), but how can I pass this event up?! The Literary Heroine Blog Party and Tag was soooo fun!

1. Tell us five random things about yourself.

~ I love italics and I am sure I speak in them (see Emily of New Moon).
~ I have a problem having just one project (of a particular a craft) or one book started.
~ I have tried to make some of my own cosmetics and treatments and such. I think the deodorant worked. The foundation/concealer needs more ingredients to be more than a greasy tinted moisturizer.
~ I hate coffee and don’t like hearing about how people “cannot live without it.”
~ I am taking Latin at the university for my language. Dorky much.
2. What are some of your favorite dresses from period dramas? Pick three.

I have trouble thinking of favorites much less picking them. I want to make an outfit like Harriet’s purple ensemble from Emma 2009; it is a spencer jacket and dress, and I cannot find a photo. I like Felicity’s purple dress with the gauzy neckerchief (I don’t think that is the right term) and Elizabeth’s ball dress.
3. How would you describe your own style?

I will pretend that I have it all together and say elegant and frilly.
4. List (up to) five of your favorite period drama wardrobes.

I like some of Lizzy’s dresses in Pride and Prejudice 1995. I like several styles (not always the colors) in the Emma 2009. The Inheritance clothing was lovely. I love the dresses in Felicity: An American Girl Adventure. Some of the dresses were pretty in Ever After.
5. What are some of your favorite fashion eras?

Regency, Civil War, later Victorian, 1950’s.
6. What are five things that make you happy?

Books, sugar, whole milk, real lemonade, pretty shoes.
7. Do you like to wear hats?

I would like to like to wear hats, but they make me feel really self-conscious and stupid.
8. Do you have a favorite fictional character who has the same name as you?
9. What is one of the ugliest dresses you’ve ever seen in a period drama?

I don’t know if The Secret of Moonacre counts, but those dresses with exposed hoops like skeletons were both bizarre and ugly.
10. What is the most-worn color in your wardrobe?

Grey this winter. I am getting tired of it; I prefer not to wear neutrals much.
11. What are your sentiments on the subject of tea?

I like some types with lots of sugar. Part of my problem is that I squeeze the tea forcing out bitterness into the tea. I just don’t like many drinks (whole milk, water, some fruits juices, real lemonade and occasionally hot cocoa for me); I am horribly uncultured.
12. Do historical inaccuracies bother you?

Mightily usually.
13. What are some of your favorite eras of men’s fashions?

Regency and well most of 19th century, retro.
14. Have you ever read any books on historical fashion?

Yes, but I think they were all juvenile. The adult ones are HUGE . . . or feel that way.
15. If you could pick just three fictional characters to have over for tea, who would you invite?

I will stick with period dramas. Henry Lennox to see what was wrong with him, Laurie for laughter, and Jo so that I can MAKE her marry Laurie.


  • Emma Jane

    Yay! I'm so glad you did the tag. 🙂

    Oh, I have the same problem with reading only one book at once! Right now I have about three going. 😛
    My sister makes her own products too! She's made several different hair and skin treatments and homemade deoderant, which does work very well. That's neat that you make your own too!
    I agree, the costumes in The Secret of Moonacre are absolutely atrocious! But then, that whole movie was just plain odd. I didn't care for it at all. 😛

    I enjoyed reading your answers! 🙂


  • Lizzie

    Very cool that you make your own cosmetic type products! I would love your recipe for deodorant… I've been too afraid to try. I do make my own shaving cream, I love it! I think it's actually nicer than store-bought.

    I hate when people can't live without coffee, too. I am the only non-coffee drinker in my family. Sometimes I try it, just to see if I actually am missing something, but I still never like it that much. I love my tea…

    So I'm curious about your name, as I see you signing it differently sometimes on posts, but your blogger user name is "Livia Rachelle." Do you mind if I ask what your full (excluding last) name is? And do you have a preference as to what you're called?

  • Livia Rachelle

    My blogger name is a pen name for anonymity/spin off of my personal name, and I like signing my name all differents spins for fun and to somewhat fit the style of my post sometimes. Kind of like little Elizabeth in Anne of Windy Poplars. I loved that except for the fact that she and Anne liked "Betty" and didn't like "Lizzie." I hate "Betty." Times change and go back and forth I suppose.

  • Lizzie

    Oh, okay, that's cool! I'll just keep calling you "Livia" then. That is fun! I agree, I really don't like "Betty" much, but obviously, I'm quite fond of "Lizzie." Yes, it does seem to go back and forth. I have 3 aunts named Elizabeth, and they go by "Beth," "Betty" and "Betsey." Girls my age tend to go for "Ellie" and "Liz" along with "Lizzie" it seems. I guess the next generation will want to be different, and go with other options… 😉

  • Laura

    Sugar makes me happy too, my teeth just doesn't likes it as much as I do. I have also seen that in fashion books most of them are quite huge and with special terms very little illustrations.

    It is very cool thing to make your own cosmetics and facial treatments ….I sure would like to do that someday- great post!!…may you have a wonderful day…


  • Livia Rachelle

    Yeah, I find that odd about period fashion books having so much text and few examples. I see tons of period dresses all over Pinterest, and I am sure there are enough to fill a book nicely!

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