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I had hardly heard anything of this movie before pins starting appearing in my Pinterest feed; I actually thought it was out way before it was really in theatres, I think. I began to wonder when the pins showed up on Pinterest and then my little sisters and mom saw and exclaimed over it even to the point of comparing it to Tangled (a high standard indeed!).

Oh, spoilers btw.

Kristof was too underdeveloped especially after Flynn, but he was cute and hilarious.

I didn’t want Hans to be bad.

I thought Elsa sounded too old in her song (I care not about the famousness of the singer), and Mom didn’t like what she called her “sultry look.” I thought the dress was pretty, but the slit was unnecessary as was the way she walked and sang. Oh, and “Let It Go” was very humanistic, selfish, and feminist (but nevertheless very fun to sing because of the music), and it deserves a whole critique post in itself, but we shall see. Over all Elsa and her part of the story disappointed me.

The character of Ana was cute and funny, but again Rapunzel (whom I thought didn’t match Flynn in development) still was a better developed character. I thought it was sad that the sisters never saw each other for years. Ana’s green coronation dress; envious! The “I mean I am awkward, you are gorgeous” bit was HILARIOUS as I would totally do this in real life.

I think that the movie had too much going on for the characters to develop well. It was also too dark for me (sometimes I skip the dark parts of Tangled); when I watch Disney I want light for a change. I also did not like the effeminate (Mom’s term, mine is harsher) snowman. Enough with the P.C. stuff Disney, really.

Oh, we waited to see the teensy bit at the end of the credits, and so I read a disclaimer (in the credits, and as far as I can tell, perfectly serious) regarding Kristoff’s booger line, so no one would called Disney sexist. Hilarious, but really? Really?!

I can’t wait to see it again since listening to the soundtrack, and I want to make an Elsa dress for myself and an Ana dress even though I wouldn’t look good in it. I want The Art of Frozen. I want to read Snow Queen and read up on Scandinavia and Sami culture.

It was no Tangled. But the extras like the music, clothes, hair styles, culture . . . fascinating. Oh, and all the fan art and pairing of Elsa and Jack Frost (now I need to see his movie) or Elsa and Hans (I was still impossibly hoping for something like that until the end).

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  • Lizzie

    I think Tangled is still my favorite, but I did like Frozen a lot more than I thought I would! I didn't want Hans to be a bad guy either, and like you, my sister was hoping that Hans would end up with Elsa (her review is here if you're interested:

    Flynn/Eugene I definitely liked better than Kristoff… Zachary Levi may have had something to do with that. 😉 But I do like the trend of less "princely" heros in Disney. The whole "dreaming of Prince Charming" thing annoys me. I want to marry a normal guy, thanks!

    We were dying in muffling shrieks of laughter over Olaf's "In Summer," I thought it was hilarious! I didn't really notice that he was kind of effeminate. I was expecting to be MORE annoyed by Olaf than I was, though, due to the stupidity of the trailer I saw. It did NOT well represent the movie.

    Actually, overall I found an interesting Christian parallel: Elsa's trying on her own to be "the good girl" and when she fails and gives up, she gives in to her dark side "no right, no wrong, no rules for me." Then she almost kills Anna (accidentally), but Anna sacrifices herself to save Elsa, and the power of love sets everything right.

    Anyway, I really enjoyed it, although there was definitely room for improvement in character development like you mentioned. I've been listening to the soundtrack all day, and I can't wait for the DVD release Tuesday so I can see it again!

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