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The Amazing Spider Man

My brother received this movie for Christmas, so us kids watched it the Friday after Christmas. I missed the first part right up until he is looking through his dad’s files and the friend of his father; I felt like the movie never answered his parents death, maybe that is for the next one.

Well, I already thought Andrew Garfield was adorable from seeing him waaay back in The Social Network information (no, I haven’t watched that movie and have no desire to . . . beyond gazing at His Handsomeness). Seeing him in a movie, wow, he is too cute to be real . . .  and his character was soooo sweet.

He seemed like an amazing actor (I hesitate because I have seen him in nothing else, and so he could be playing the same role in every movie, and it just happened to fit this one . . . that does happen although not so perfectly). He would have been in his late 20’s whilst filming this movie, but he pulls off awkward, struggling teenage boy flawlessly. The angst is not overdone; Peter Parker is just miserable, trying to struggle his way through high school and do the right thing. He of course lets his superpowers and his uncle’s death go a bit to his head and does some stupid, wrong things, but he comes back on track. The fact that he keeps his uncle’s voicemail to replay over and over; that is just, yeah. He later gives his aunt eggs which he forgot to buy much earlier in the movie . . . just yeah. That is how young people think. He is disobedient and rude at times like a real teenager, but he really does love his family, so much. Peter is just real I guess . . . okay, probably too good to be real, but yeah. Wow, just wow. He tries to obey Gwen’s father after his death.

It was cool that the “cool” dude and Peter became friends . . . I actually think that the guy was trying during the period immediately following Peter’s uncle’s death . . . as if he wasn’t just saying it, so Peter wouldn’t kill him, but he really meant it.

I like the protective dad in Mr. Stacy. I at first wanted him to disappear, but I like how he realized that he was wrong . . . albeit not until after he was forced to essentially. I did not like that he was motivated by his daughter rather than responsibility at times although this was not as much as it at first seemed. I wanted Peter and Gwen to stay together (especially after hearing who will play Mary Jane and because of the fickleness and shallowness of that character as told, and presumed accurate to the comics, in the bits I have seen and heard from the horrible Toby McGuire spiderman).

I know other reviews have used this photo and said this, but they are so stinking cute and sweet. My sister pointed out that she thought that Gwen liked him all along. She certainly didn’t seem like a snob or diva or anything like that from much of the movie. Although, personally I think Peter is waaaay out of her league. I love how he taps on her window and nothing horrid is implied. Actually, there was no sex stuff in the parts that I saw; that is so lovely.

I do have problem with the portrayal of the lizard villain. No one is truly good, and if he had enough common grace to be good in human terms, then  he would have killed himself or turned himself in rather than let the evil overtake him. He whole mind goes even in human form for most of the movie, but bam he’s back after the antidote in the end. Peter’s spiders didn’t do that to him; this sort of thing only happened with the mouse and lizard. I am sorry, that just isn’t plausible and I hate the humanism . . . and my siblings hated my lecturing. The flaw was the “guns kill people” argument, nope, the person holds responsibility every. single. time.

Just like The Hobbit I want to watch this movie again, soon! Of course this is partially because I missed a part of it.

I wrote this a month or two back. I need to see this movie again. How quickly I forget about what movie choices we have.


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