A Christmas Carol Review

Forgive me for taking so long to post. I have a huge load of Classic Club reviews I haven’t finished or barely started, and so I have been procrastinating. The reviews will probably be out of order.

I read this in a few hours at work so that level of easiness made me happy.

It is a familiar story. I grew up with the Disney animated version and our local theatre versions. It is a lovely tradition of a story, with just the right level of scary and sad balanced out by great happiness in the end.

The tone of the story is not too dark despite some of the subject matter. The subject is serious, but the tone is humane with touches of humor. There is not a bit of preachiness, but lessons are given just the same.

This story is classic for a reason. Seeing past, present, and future is a continually intriguing theme. The lesson is easily seen.

I loved the pattern of opportunity to change. We see nasty, and then hopeless and then hope and then change. Can anything be more cheering than second chances?

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