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Star Trek: Into the Darkness

Heads up, this is a spoiler review. Also, this is going to be really random and spotty, just about things that caught my attention. Something about watching a movie in a big theatre has me focused even more on watching, even less than normal on listening and less on thinking…at least I will blame the theatre/first time viewing for that…so I can perhaps go watch it again…:)

Seeing my beloved crush someone’s skull in his hands was quite disturbing. I was hoping he would be a Loki-esque bad guy. I must say he looked marvelous running though.

I am not sure what I was expecting. This was a lot darker than the first movie; the title should have given me a clue, but I am an oblivious being.

Characteristically Kirk begins off the movie by breaking rules; however, he breaks these rules for good. Equally characteristically Spock reports all of this accurately, and consquently Kirk is demoted with the possibility of being sent back to the academy.

This blow to Captain Cocky (especially as he receives the phone call for a meeting after a sexual escapade of which thankfully nothing is shown beyond that to enlighten the viewers of its occurance) was well-judged, a nice pride-before-the-fall bit as it were.

Then follows a touching scene with the father-like figure Admiral Pike who appoints Kirk his second in command. Right after this scene Pike is killed, and Kirk is shattered and sobered by this (Spock seems to be touched as well), so that he begins following orders to the dot which results in another excellently portrayed, tense scene when Scottie leaves the ship.

Spock also seems to sense foul play and plants a bug in a typically resistant Kirk’s ear. Spock backs off, and Kirk reconsiders his plan. Khan is taken alive.

Super villain John Harrison was tricked and used by Admiral Marcus, and so wreaks his revenge on the human world. Kirk and Scottie are tricked into helping him. Between Marcus and Khan The Enterprise is falling to earth, and Kirk sacrifices his life to save his crew. Another excellent aspect.

Spock is the most touched by Kirk’s death…or for the first time allows himself to be so. He goes after Khan (the chase scene has to be the best action scene in the movieBenedict Cumberbatch running, ah me), and Uhura goes after him to prevent his killing Khan (which I don’t think would have been possible anyway), so that Khan’s blood can be used to save Kirk.

There was nothing profound in the plot. My brother said he could predict everythig. Even though I was credulous for much of the movie, I think I could guess some of it although I should have been able to guess more.

It wasn’t the plot that made the movie. It was the emotion between the characters. The death scenes. The cool scenes. Scottie leaving. The more milder and mature Kirk. The more human Spock. Spock and Kirk friction. Spock and Uhura. Sacrifice, even from Khan (although rereading this I don’t know to what I was referring). Control on vigilantism from Kirk and also the entire Star Fleet with regards to those super warriors.

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