Black Arrow

Here is a reviewette I wrote months ago.

When our church had a bookclub one month Treasure Island was chosen, and I started the novel. I got bored, skipped through the rest, and didn’t wish to finish it. I thought I had better choose a different novel when I went back to attempt Robert Louis Stevenson. I started Black Arrow maybe a week or so ago, and I finished it a few days ago. I greatly enjoyed it. It was a short novel which added to its charms since it did not fall into the catagory of books I normally enjoy.

I need to read more historical fiction again. The story was not deep by any means, but the love story was the main carrying theme since most of the book the protagonist is attempting to free his lady.  I wasn’t exactly thrilled with the ending. I would have like to have know exactly how the protagonist’s father died and all who were implicated and how they were implicated. This was a serious hanging subplot to me. Oh, and I know I am trivial here but, I HATE the name Dick-why couldn’t he have been called Richard throughout the whole book. There are too many dumb and evil Dicks in literature, and Dick when the book was written is what Jim, Joe, and Josh are now.

The story was set in England during the War of the Roses. I am not well-enough versed in British history to appreciate the references although it wasn’t exactly necessary.

The main lady was not exactly a well rounded character, but she was interesting enough when you first meet her. I was seriously annoyed with her stereotypical historical “femininess”; i.e. she faints all the time over stressful moments. Loss of blood or something would be fine, but I don’t exactly appreciate physically weak people.

The book is violent, and Richard definitely partakes in the violence. He is not exactly your morally sensitive hero (at first) with regards to war and violence.

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