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Christmas Part Four

          Okay, final Christmas post. Yes, I do know it is February, but I have been rather busier than usual since I have seven classes this semester. After our family Christmas we went to my grandparents…in our pajamas and robes since many of us received new pajamas.

                   All of us girls were given snowmen decorations and a little jewelry box.

My next youngest sister and I both received lovely jackets.

          I knitted this eternity scarf for my grandmother-it is lovely if I do say so myself; I want one now 😛 I was still working on it up until a few minutes until we left for their house. Genius planning, I know.

          A few days after Christmas we visited some friends, and I received these gifts. I had to reread this book, the first of the trio (after I read the third installment which just came out). The first one is by far my favorite.

          So, that wraps up my rather uneventful Christmas. I wasn’t worth much in December; I cannot remember what exactly I did with all that time, and I certainly did not go out much. Hopefully next December I will be a little more festive.

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