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Christmas Part Three

I am sorry for the delay; it is rather ludicrous as it is the 5th day of the new year. We celebrate our immediate family Christmas in the morning. My sleep-obsessed sister was not so late this year, so I think we started opening in the  eight o’ clock hour. Our living room was a sea of wrapping paper as all of us siblings bought/picked out gifts for each other and our parents-such fun! Breakfast was our traditional one of Dad’s homemade cinnamon rolls.

The gifts in my stocking. My parents always give us a piece of fruit and candy. I was particularly pleased with my fruit this year; I looooove pomegranates! The object in the bag is a charm with my initial on it.

These were from my mother which she bought at a recently discovered antique store.

This was from my father; he really picked it out himself. I think he did a good job because although he has five daughters (a la the Bennets-we have said he is like Mrs. Bennet with regards to marrying off his daughters…), he does not quite understand feminine things, partially, I am sure because some of the girls are tomboys and none of us are divas (my sweet brother said we are dudes which was of course charming…-_-). I love my bright pink huge computer bag; it will be interesting carrying it around campus for I will have to bring my computer nearly always this semester. Oh, and it matches my computer.

Each of us got our own nice new fluffy bath towels-Dad’s idea. I had one of the last dibs on the colors, but I like it, especially since it coordinates so well with the washcloths Mom picked out.

As you can see my parents are practical gift givers for the most part. My mother and I were recently discussing my difficulty with buying practical, boring necessities such as tights and gloves and always going for the pretty things. I am even less likely to buy myself athletic clothes, but I like these. The other two pants I own are both years old-as in four or more.

My siblings are not so practical-yay! (I did like the practical stuff). One of my sisters picked out the above and another the below…or it may have been the same sister…

Hmm, I am thinking this gift was not simply for me; this is my three younger sisters favorite version of Emma. My mom and three littlest sisters adore this Mr. Knightly.

 This was a gift from my most mischievous sister-it expresses me exactly.

The itunes card is from my brother and the Harry Potter book marks are from my nearest sister…my favorite gift of all.

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