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Christmas Part Two

I am afraid that there will be two more Christmas posts. Too bad peoples, I love documenting absolutely everything.

I made these  “Grinch” cookies for my dad on the 23rd and got my littlest sister to illustrate the sign. I had wanted to have them out waiting on Christmas morning as kids do with cookies for Santa, but there was no way to do that with fresh cookies and still keep it a secret from Dad.  I got this idea from Pinterest, but I am not a great cook or baker, nor did I check the recipe-I just added green food coloring. The cookie dough looked like playdough, and the cookies, well, they looked like sick cookies. Nevertheless, they made my dad, the self-proclaimed Grinch, happy, and they tasted perfectly yummy.
This is my pile of presents minus my grandmother’s which I finished moments before we left to celebrate with my grandparents…typical me-I am lucky it was finished at all.
Christmas Eve we celebrate with my mom’s extended family. The adults draw names; I got my dad and gave him the two Robert Downey Jr. Sherlock Holmes movies. The below are my gifts. We also draw names for  ladies’ and men’s stockings which are filled with small gifts. The first year I was an “adult” I won; my cousin whose first or second year it was won this time.
 This is my stocking which my mom made for me when I was little; isn’t it darling?! She made a different type for my sisters and then her creativity ended-the rest of the kiddoes got rather blah stockings 😛

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