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The Avengers

I went to a midnight showing of Avengers  the first time around, and I just watched it for the second time with more of my brain awake. I have seen most of the necessary precursory movies: Ironman, Captain America, and Thor which really are necessary in order for the desire to see the Avengers to amount to anything. The first viewing was supposed to be with a certain group of people which was part and parcel of my desire to see it in the first place. The movie I was really looking forward to this summer was Dark Knight. I suppose what I am trying to say was that I was not a diehard fan before the movie came out (unlike one of my siblings who dressed as Loki for the movie).

I did of course enjoy the movie. Superhero movies are, oddly enough, one of my genres of choice. That being said; it did not strike me as being incredible movie in and of itself. I know I am comparing it in my mind to the Batman movies; it is not at that level; therefore, I simply cannot think that it is amazing. I know I am sounding like a terrible critic, but I am sorry, I felt that it was rather fluffy. Indeed, I think that the plots of the original character movies were all better than the plot in this one. I am not sure what I was expecting exactly.

Honestly, when you analyze the plot it does not amount to much at all. This is pure action here people. Loki comes to earth via the tesseract; he takes Burton, the phycist and the tesseract; the various members of the Avengers gather to fight Loki; Stark mocks the goody-goody Captain America while Banner sarcastically sulks; Loki makes a show whilst he gathers a needed substance and is captured which was his desire; the Avengers fight, argue, and discover weapons of mass destruction which angers them; the Avengers are attacked, Loki escapes, a significant secondary character dies; the death of the S.H.E.I.L.D. agent spurs everyone to bond and fight against Loki (why exactly?); and there is a magnificent battle in New York (one of my siblings pointed out that the city in peril is always New York even when the movies call the city something else…such as Gotham).

I did not feel that the pieces of the plot blended together smoothly. I still, after two viewings of the film and explanation from friends, don’t quite “get” the plot. There just wasn’t any depth. There were no plausible motives on the part of the Avengers, and there was far too much pettiness for a group of heroes. They come together far too fast and without any clear communication to each other or reasons as to their complete 180 degree attitude change. The action, decisions, and discoveries don’t blend very well with each other.Some of my friends think that there will be more development in the further movies-I certainly hope so, this plot was simply too light and quick paced. I am sorry, the movie may bring in millions, but I do not love it, and I don’t see that I should.

There was much that was tacky-far more than in any of the precursory movies. Some of the humor was so embarrassing and/or tacky. Here are some of the cringe-worthy “humorous” scenes and quips: “He is adopted.” “It appears to run on some sort of electricity.” “You and I remember Budapest very differently.” The I am a god and I will not be bullied scene.

Okay, here is what makes the movie for me. The humor and the characters. Chris Hemsworth. Chris Evans. Tom Hiddleston. All the Avengers men are handsome. Loki is handsome. I like the “unromantic” tension between Hawk Eye and Black Widow.There are definitely plenty of awesome lines/quips: “Phil. His first name is Agent,” “Hold on Legolas,” “There is only one God ma’am, and I am pretty sure he doesn’t dress like that.” Stark, as much as I want someone to repay him in his own coin, is I admit, pretty awesomely funny.

I loved the characters themselves rather than the movie itself. I don’t think most of them were shown to their full advantage excepting Ironman (the playa egomaniac gets front and center of course) and Captain America. I really think that more of the characters could have shone;the action could have been shortened. I ,as before, enjoyed the fraternal relationship between Thor and Loki; Thor really loves Loki, and he knows that Loki is capable of changing. Thor is perfectly just; he knows Loki should be punished, but he definitely can see more sides of the issue. I appreciate Captain America’s gentlemanliness as ever. He is as polite and honorable as before, and he endures Spark’s mockery even as he thinks through Spark and Banner’s legitimate points. Some friends appreciated Ironman’s sacrificial move…of course like in most of these type of movies he survives his act. I still want someone to one-up him in sarcasm…a man that is as Pepper’s quips don’t count as revenge although they are hilarious.

Okay, that’s about all that I have to say about that movie. There is not much need here for deep discussions of good and evil and perceptions and misconceptions regarding the movie and characters…unlike like the best movie of the summer.

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