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Yeah, that one month fast…hahahaha! FAIL.

Anyway. Here are some photos and snippets of my life lately.

Photos are from a trip to a forest/park in our area.

My camera and I are still not on spectacular terms right now. I was getting very frustrated trying to take photo in the wind and with friends watching (and waiting). I finally switched to motion even when there was really no movement, and I was quite satisfied. I know these are no masterpieces, but for me they are amazing.

I need to spend more time with my camera, but I really want to get a book and find a site because there is only so much that I can do on my own with technology.

I have a week of school left-hallelujah! My procrastination ways have as usual put a heavier burden on me than was necessary for these last few weeks. I will have a month break, two months of summer classes, a few more weeks of break…and then I will attend college for real. I wonder if I will fail because I am such a lazy student. I finally got accepted into my local university. I still need to attend orientation and pick my classes. I will be in for a shock on so many levels I suppose.

I have seen the famous Hunger Games film. I went to see it by myself, and I then wrote nearly six handwritten pages of my opinions. I want to watch it again and write more and then revise and revise, and then I may post about it.

I want to sew, sew, SEW during my month break. I have so many projects I want to either finish to wear or to get rid of to make room. I will post some sneak peek photos of some of those projects in an upcoming post.

I also plan to make a foray into the unknown (to me) world of consignment shopping. I have started a rough list of places that I want to explore in my current city. I want to live in other cities, and I realized I have done a poor job at appreciating and even knowing my city.

In July my mom and some of my sisters are going to Williamsburg. Mom wants to see one of the plantations in the area, and I also want to see Jamestown and Yorktown. I cannot wait; this is an added reason to speed up my camera learning process!

Anyway, that a bit of an update from my life.

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