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Miss Eva-Joy from this blog is having a Jane Austen week, and I joined in the tag.

What, to you, defines a Jane Austen heroine?

A character with a very distinct personality. Her characters are extremely well-developed-probably some of the most so that I have ever come across. They are not at all flat, and they are so plausible and genuine-it is easy to believe that they are real people.

Which Austen heroine is your favorite?

I am not certain-I don’t like be restricted to having one favorite. I like Elinor although I am not remotely like her, and Lizzie is quite amusing although she irritates me at times.

What is the quality you like best about her?

Her humor and insights-and her ability to see her faults and change.

Which actress plays your favorite best?

Jennifer Ehle of course. Keira Knightly is NOT an actress-she should stick to modeling!. Oh, wait she is the ONLY Lizzie there could possibly be.

Who is your favorite secondary heroine, (e.g. Jane Bennet, Jane Fairfax, Mary Crawford)?

I hate Mary Crawford. I like Jane Bennet and Jane Fairfax as well as Marianne (is she secondary?).

Which actress plays your favorite secondary heroine the best?

The only one that could ever truly play her-Kate Winslet. As for Jane Bennet-Susanna Harker, and the Jane Fairfax in the 2009 (or was it ’08) Emma was the best.

If you could have tea with a Jane Austen heroine or secondary heroine, who would you want to meet and why?

Um, I don’t really know. I usually do not really think I want to meet any characters from books-I would prefer them to stay in their book world (you know-not to come out of the pages like in Inkheart trilogy). Perhaps Kitty-I would want to see how she improved. Or Colonel Fitzwilliam to get to know him better. Of course Bingley would be a good choice as well because he makes almost everyone feel lovely.

Who is your least favorite Jane Austen heroine?

I am not sure-probably Catherine Morland because she is embarrassing and stupid.

Why is she your least favorite?

She sooooooooo embarrassing; Henry is literally mocking her silliness, and she takes him quite seriously. Also, she is so obviously in love with him it is painful. This is emphasized in the degrading fact that he fell in love with her simply because she was in love with him. She was just too simple a person.

What is your favorite Jane Austen heroine quote?

Oh, my goodness-there are too many and I do not remember all of them nor could quote them accurately if I did. I will go look a few up, and of course they must be humorous ones.

“He is also handsome,” replied Elizabeth,”which a young man ought likewise to be, if he possibly can. His character is therefore complete.”

“You judge very properly,” said Mr. Bennet,”and it is happy for you that you possess the talent of flattering with delicacy. May I ask whether these pleasing attentions proceed from the impulse of the moment, or are the result of previous study?”

Regarding Mr. Elton
“Yes,” said Mr. John Knightly with some slyness,”he seems to have a great deal of good-will towards you.”

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