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I am joining in this lovely tag today.

I am a full-time online college student hoping to transfer to a university next semester (currently-and I change my mind frequently-I wish to major in Jewelry and Metals). I am also a home school graduate. I enjoy the daily life details of history such as fashion and crafts. I enjoy handsewing, embroidery, and knitting. I enjoy reading on occasion, and period romance, fairytale re-tellings, and fantasy are my favorite genres to read.

2. What literary character {whether it be in a film or book} would you say, most describes your personality and mannerisms?
When I was a teenager, I was most definitely Marianne Dashwood mixed with Catherine Moreland. I still have a bit of Marianne I think, but I have also some Elizabeth Bennet and perhaps the choosiness of Margaret Hale (or I just wish). And I am afraid I have Kitty Bennet’s flightiness.

3. What would you describe as the most lovely place to live in 1700’s England?
Pemberley does seem like a lovely place to live, and I would like a London residence for the winter as well.

4. List some of your favorite and least favorite literary works you have read.
Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, Beauty, Ella Enchanted, the Harry Potter series, the Emily of New Moon trio, Anne of Green Gables series, and the 100 Cupboards trilogy are some of my favorite books.

I cannot think of hated books right now partially because if I do not like something, then I do not finish it. I started a book called Ember that was too boring/ weird to finish. I do not generally like science fiction-Madeleine L’Engle’s books were weird and creepy although I enjoyed some of them to a certain extent.

5. What would you describe as a most admirable heroine?
I like a heroine who sees her faults and repents of them like Lizzy Bennet did. I don’t like the meek heroines, and I like the heroines to be intelligent and refined.

6. If you could spend afternoon tea in the company of your favorite literary heroine, to whom would you spend it with?
I am not sure I have an exact favorite, but I would like to spend time with Hermione Weasley née Granger.

7. Which is to your liking more :: tea or coffee?
Most certainly tea; I cannot stand coffee, and I think it is a very unhealthy habit to frequently drink it as so many of my acquaintances do.

8. Which of Jane Austen’s couples are you fond of?
Mr. Bingley and Jane have to be the sweetest couple. I also like Margaret and Mr. Thornton, Mr. Darcy and Lizzy, Ron and Hermione, and Ella and Charmain.

9. What is one {a few} of your favorite literary quotes?
Oh my, I will never think of them all. This one is wonderful to be sure:
“It is a truth universally acknowledged, that a single man in possession of a good fortune must be in want of a wife.”

I also enjoy the scene in Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince where Ron receives his ridiculous present from Lavender.

The Jane Austen and Harry Potter books provide plenty of humor for me, but I am terrible at thinking of lines especially when I am asked. I want to get the Jane Austen A Day journal that I found at Barnes and Noble.

10. Are you fond of dancing or singing or reading a good book?
I cannot sing. I cannot dance either really although I want to learn, but I am very awkward, so I would obviously prefer a very good book.

11. And lastly, as this event is also hosted in celebration of my garden’s second anniversary, would you mind explaining perhaps, how you stumbled upon my little plot of earth?
I found it via this blog. I enjoy these sorts of tags/parties, and anyone who loves these same period dramas and has a pretty blog and elegant writing is very likely a kindred spirit.

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  • Grace

    Thank you so much for joining my garden party! 'Twas a pleasure to read your answers, and 'tis always a delight to have you as a visitor in my garden. 😉 I hope you enjoy the rest of the festivities.

    Many Blessings,
    Miss Grace

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