Christmas Break Plans

I have a great many plans for Christmas break, but since it is nearly one quarter over for me and I haven’t accomplished much, I am not certain that all the plans will be even attempted but plans are fun to make anyway.

I definitely must clean my room. It is so messy that it is actually dangerous for me to walk around in it. I need to more than merely clean it; it must be organized so that I can craft easily. I am also hoping to find a small but essential missing part of my sewing machine (I normally use my mothers, but I thought I should give mine a shot again).

This is the only “organized” portion, but I am happy with that little bit and proud of my pile of presents.

I want to be quite industrious with my crafts as well. I want to add several more items to my etsy shop (I have quite a few started) as well as make two Christmas gifts. I also want to make a few items of clothing for myself.

Here are some of my yarn crafts. I love yarn so much; its like candy for crafters!

I also intend to update the look of my blog and etsy shop a little bit.

I need to learn to use this camera manually.

And finally, I plan on reading the 100 Cupboard series.


  1. Those sound like great plans! Your knitting projects look very soft.

    And, you are absolutely right, yarn is like candy (or better than candy) to many crafters including me. =)

    I hope you are having a lovely day!

    P.S. I left a comment in response to your comment over at my blog.

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