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I finally saw Thor!!!!! I watched it for the first time yesterday…and fell in love with Loki. Yeah, my sister is not happy; she says that he is hers. Oh, and I am still in love with Thor too. I cannot wait for The Avengers to come out!

Yeah, this movie was great, but not for the plot. For the two REALLY handsome men! Yes, this not a review; this is a gush post. Sorry…not really.

But seriously, the plot was fine, but it was waaaaay too fast for a superb movie and a little too simple. All superhero movies are definitely not created equal. It was like the directors did not want to think too much or make a very long movie. This was a kind of candy movie (yeah, eye candy too).  Oh, and I thought that Thor’s little band of sidekicks (especially the girl) were stereotypical and lame. It was SO fast; it did not deal thoroughly with all the issues such as Thor’s childishness (zap, he is mature now), the father’s lack of sensitivity (towards both his children), Thor’s treatment of Loki, and Loki’s inferiority complex.

Oh I like them both; I just am more lenient to Loki. Oh.My.Word. The scene when he finds out what and who he is?!!! His acting=amazing. Actually, all the actors were great. Oh, they could have had a much better movie! Yeah, I refuse to believe that Loki attempted to kill Thor; the directors just did not explain it. Loki is NOT a bad guy;

I also love the scene when he patches up things with the ice king, so they all can leave with no harm done from Thor’s little expedition, and then the ice king insults Thor and Loki who is headed back towards home says, “D…..!” because he knows exactly what is going to happen next. Love.

 What a sweet, silly boy Thor was. He was hilarious with his ludicrously pompous and old-fashioned mannerisms and actions on earth. Like when he walked casually into the street and just looked at all the cars while they honked at him.

Jane was rather nondescript, but the romance was sweet. It was also hilarious that she kept hitting him with her vehicle.

Here he is in all his pompous glory! That movie is going to be so much fun!


  • Rissi

    Oh! I saw this about a month ago and enjoyed it. =D The plot/acting/effects are a bit sappy, but who cares!? It was fun. (You and your sister are supposed to like the hero, Thor, not his evil adopted brother – lol! grin)

    "The Avengers" is going to be SO entertaining. =)

  • Jennoelle

    Ahhh! Mmkay so, I love this movie. A lot. 🙂 I saw it in theatres when it first came out, and actually just watched it again tonight!

    I totally agree with you–the plot was undercooked and things tended to get a bit cheesy, but Thor is such a beast that it totally makes up for it. ;p And Loki…! Yes yes and YES–I'm so glad someone else agrees about how amazing he is! Not only his acting, but just the intensity and complexity of his character.

    I so cannot wait for The Avengers. (:

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