Austenitis: Birthday Tag!

  1. August-named after Augustus Caesar.

    2. Peridot

    3. I have had themed family parties when I was younger. I had a tea party recently. I think it would be fun to have a masquerade ball.

    4. The pearls Dad bought for me in china; he bought me pearl stud earrings and a string of pearls (so much prettier to say than a pearl necklace. I am definitely a pearls over diamonds girl (excepting of course where engagement rings are concerned).

    5. Roses! August’s flowers though are poppies and gladiolas (Roses belong to June-June gets two of my favorites in gems and flowers).

    6. I believe I was born on Alfred, Lord Tennyson’s 181st birthday (I have also seen his b-day was the 7th too-I will have to find more official sources-if the 1960’s Encyclopedias are not considered official). I was also born 45 years to the date after the bombing of Hiroshima.

    7. Yes.

    8. I like my birthday month and date now, but I wish I could change the gemstone to ruby, aquamarine, or amethyst (I don’t think pearls and diamonds are the best for birthstones-they are more general gems).

    9. Two of these are outrageous, but I would love a trip to Europe, a white gold and diamond key pendant, and a specially made cedar hope chest.

    10. Random #1 In Korea I believe they count their age as one from their actual birthday, so when we would consider them say 20 they would consider themselves 21. Random #2 I know of someone who celebrated her kid’s half-birthday.

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