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My T.V. Show Tastes

Reality T.V. (TLC, Food Network, and HGTV)

I LOVE What Not to Wear; this show has had a significant influence on my style sense. I also really like Four Weddings. Say Yes to the Dress is nice too.

I like to watch some of the Food Network shows with my family like the cake decorating ones and Bobby Flay’s Throw Down.

On HGTV I like certain design shows (that are probably not regularly on now), and I love House Hunters International, Property Virgins and My First Place.


Yeah, I have immature tastes, but I think some Nick and Disney shows are sweet and/or funny. On Nickelodeon I like Drake and Josh, iCarly, House of Anubis and Victorious.

On Disney I like The Suite Life on Deck, Wizards of Waverly Place, Good Luck Charlie, Shake it Up, and Sonny with a Chance.


I love BBC Robin Hood 😀 It is not well acted or planned or well-fought etc. And Marian’s costumes were terrible. BUUUT!!!! I think its so fun. That is I think the first two seasons are awesome…I refuse to see the third season because the directors committed sacrilege in that season. Robin and most of his men are really handsome…and cheesy. Sir Guy is handsome…and well acted. The sheriff is obnoxious and gross. Marian was annoying in the first season, but much sweeter in the second. They have wonderful adventures and epic escapes and plenty of romance and angst and EVERYTHING!

These are miniseries so I include them here since my movie post is going to be huge. I will probably review each one separately again. I think some of the other Jane Austen and Elizabeth Gaskell films might actually be miniseries too.

I adore Hogan’s Heroes. I also like The Andy Griffith Show. When I was younger I enjoyed I Love Lucy, but I don’t know how funny I would find it now. I have seen a little of the Dick Van Dyke Show, but I did not think it was very funny.

Other Things I Have Watched, But Do Not Like

I watched one episode of Psych and started another a month or so ago, but I did not pick it up again…I thought it was way too tacky and not funny enough…and I like kiddie shows, so it really must be pathetic. I have watched bits of crime/mystery shows with my friends, and those are definitely not my thing…I mean I cannot stand any fear and suspense. I have seen bits of the soaps and soap like shows-Switched at Birth…no comment.


  • Rissi

    Great BBC television! "Robin Hood" was such fun – why, oh why was it cancelled!?

    "North & South" is brilliant; the new "Emma" is sweet, and who doesn't like A&E's "Pride & Prejudice"!?

    I need to start reviewing some British productions (one of these days)… I'll look forward to your thoughts. =)

  • Hamlette

    I worried the same way about I Love Lucy — would it still strike me as funny now that I'm an adult? Popped in the chocolate factory ep for my kids the other day and… still funny!

    I also love Hogan's Heroes and The Andy Griffith Show. Wonderful, wonderful entertainment.

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