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Yeah, love stories and cute guys are my main requirement for movies…:D I love Disney fairytales still, especially the newest-Tangled. I mean who could possibly not like Flynn (and I like his assumed name better than Eugene). And of course the animal sidekicks that are a necessity for Disney princesses. Oh yeah, and Repunzel. So, yeah I still like little girly movies…SO?


  • Okay, so sometimes I have to use a code name for Harry Potter, but this is my blog, so I can say that I love Harry Potter-well, I love it because of the books (that needs to be another post)…the movies could be better, but I still enjoyed them.
  • I liked Lord of the Rings for time but got sick of them after a while…I am still going to give them a few years before I try them again, so that they will feel more like new.
  • I think I gravitate to this genre as well. I enjoyed Narnia, but I experienced something of the same feelings toward them as Lord of the Rings.
  • As stupid as the Pirates of the Caribbean movies are, I still enjoyed them. Jack creeps me out at times, but I think he is just hilarious. And I love Norrington.


The recent Star Trek movie is my only like in this genre…which I have to admit is probably mainly because of the guys…I mean soo many handsome, truly talented actors in one movie. There is a little love and some action, so yeah I love this movie.

Super Heroes

I have seen the first two of the Batman trio and the first Ironman. I have seen snipets of the Spiderman movies, and I have seen Captain America. I want to watch Thor soon. It is rather strange that I even like this genre, but I guess I like it because of cute guys, action with not much gore, and the thought provoking aspect of many of them.

Period Drama/Romance


  •  Much of the period romance I like falls in BBC’s miniseries catagory or at least is BBC.
  • I have seen all three versions of Emma (oh, the arguments those movies cause-this HAS got to be another post, BUT I need to read the book and watch all three movies again first), I have seen two versions each of Pride and Prejudice, Persuasion, and Sense and Sensibility. I have seen the newest version of Mansfield Park and have not seen any Northanger Abbey film (of the main six Jane Austen novels that one was my least favorite although Henry Tilney is probably one of the better heros).
  • I have seen three versions of Little Women and want to watch a fourth.
  • I have watched the Anne of Green Gables movies (the books are so much better and the movies deteriorate from first to last-the last one was an abomination).
  • I have seen North and South (Richard Armitage-oh, my…sigh) and Wives and Daughters.
  • I have seen only one version of Jane Eyre and have not made it completely through one Wuthering Heights version (I am sure you can understand why I can only manage a little at a time!).
  • I have watched the 2002 Nicholas Nickleby and greatly enjoyed it (although I am naughty and have not read the book).
  • I have watched two versions of Ivanhoe.
  • I have watched The Eagle…yeah, I think this is probably my most watched genre!!!Hey, this a well done genre though 😀

Modern Chick Flicks

Yeah, I love Chris Pine…oh wait, that is not what I was supposed to be writing about 😀 Um, I have not really seen many in this genre except preteen ones like the Princess Diaries (I like them but not equally-can you guess which I prefer?) and Hallmark which is sometimes fun but really lame. I would like any suggestions for clean, non-Hallmark modern chick flicks.



  • I have not watched very many classics, but I watched and enjoyed A Roman Holiday (except the sad ending), A Friendly Persuasion, Seven Brides for Seven Brothers and Arsenic and Old Lace.
  • I saw and thought Sabrina (I do not like Humphrey Bogart-if someone like Gregory Peck had played the main man I would have enjoyed in infinitely better), My Fair Lady and Meet Me in St. Louis were okay.
  • I disliked North by Northwest, Rebekah, and Casablanca.
  • I have also seen old versions of Little Women and Ivanhoe, but other than that I have not seen many more old movies. I am severely deprived; I need to go make a list of all the ones I have seen recommended on other blogs.


I am totally and completely befuddled and annoyed and perplexed and confounded and irritated and, well, you get it, by the love of this movie. And yes, I have watched it and no, my watching was not done with an open mind. But I can be made to like something that I was prejudiced against even while I still mentally disapprove of said piece of entertainment and can provide a concrete example of said ability-The Hunger Games anyone? So, why peoples?


  • Rissi

    Fun post, Livia!

    I LOVED "Thor" (which is kind of weird for me) and in fact just bought a copy today; PoftheC are HILARIOUS movies (buying #4 next week); "Princess Diaries" is adorable; Hallmark may be sappy, but they have some really cute movies. =) Great BBC choices!

    As for "clean" rom-coms or chick flicks, I could give you a whole list of them (can you tell how many I watch!? LOL!), but since most of them will likely end up on my blog sooner or later, I'll let you discover them there. I'll make an effort to post a couple later this week or early next – and let me know what you think of them if/when you watch some new ones. =)

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