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Lemonade Mouth

I love sweet Disney movies. This one was about a band formed in detention by five struggling kids. Their school’s principle does not appreciate music and is fanatic about the school’s sports program, athletes, and sponsor for their gym and field. He banns their band after their first performance when they attempt to tell other teens to “speak out” and “be heard.” The kids eventually get to play regularly at a popular restaurant. After more strife and trouble they gain another band member, work out their personal troubles, and become a nation wide popular band. Oh, and they get a sponsor (the guy who made the lemonade machine in the basement that gave them their name) for an music hall for the school (and by getting the attention of their principle, it is implied the music program obtains more attention).

Stella is the artsy, trouble maker. She is the new girl and school and resents her parents for that. She also is the cause all the kids get locked up for a few hours until their parents or guardians pick them up. She eventually forgives her parents.

Mo is the gifted beauty queen from a traditional Indian family. She has a boyfriend secretly, and Charlie has a crush on her. Her father pushes her to do everything perfect, while she just wants to do the things normal teens do. Her father eventually accepts who she is which she says is part Indian and American teen.

Charlie is the quiet drum loving boy who lives in his older brother’s shadow. His mother expects hims to be great at soccer like his older brother, but he doesn’t even like the sport. His older brother (who doesn’t do so great during his first semester in college) helps Charlie to tell their parents the truth. Charlie eventually has to relinquish his crush on Mo. He accepts that and moves on.

Wen is the piano player in the band. He has a crush on his friend Olivia which he is too blind to see she reciprocates. He is struggling with the issue of his dad’s new and much younger girlfriend. He comes to terms with his new family. And he makes up with Olivia after they fight.

Olivia is the quiet, nervous girl who has private tragedies in her life. Her mom is dead, and her dad is in prison (for unstated reasons), and she has not contacted him in a while. Eventually she forgives him, and she writes him a letter about the story of their band (she is narrating it throughout the movie).

Scott is Mo’s popular boyfriend. He is in THE band of the school. He does not appreciate her band, and he flirts with one of the cheerleaders. After he hears Mo’s band, he likes it. He tries to get her back, but she says he has to accept her and her music. When the band is struggling, he steps into help, and he becomes an official member. He and Mo get back together.

I enjoyed this movie;some things I did dislike, however. I would have liked to see more romance from Wen and Olivia. Stella’s attitude is never addressed.There is deception from several of the kids, and the kids get locked up, although not arrested, at one point for Stella’s silliness.

I liked the music and the lighthearted feel of the whole movie. I also really appreciated the part Scott plays. He is not a total jerk; actually, I don’t consider him a jerk at all. He makes a mistake, sees it, and apologizes. He gets his girl back. I like that twist. In many movies he would have been made a jerk, he would have lost his girl, and the “underdog” (in this case Charlie) would have gotten the girl. I appreciate that this movie broke from the typical Disney tradition. It showed that the popular kids are not intrinsically jerks.


  • Rissi

    Disney movies are so cute! I've seen several of the titles that air on Disney Channel via DVD and while most are also a bit… sappy, I do enjoy them. Haven't seen this one yet, so perhaps I should now rent it. =)

    Thanks, Livia.

  • Livia

    Netflix instant has it; that is how I watched it one time. I would also check the Disney site to see if it is on there or when/if it plays on their channel. I prefer to check the online options before I rent movies.

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