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The Secret of Moonacre

I cannot even remember how many weeks its been since actually I watched this movie. Where to start…well, lets just say out of 5 stars I would give it a 3; I mean I liked it, but it is not well made in anyway.

I liked the historical fiction aspect, and I liked the fairytale aspect. There is a handsome man, and a cute young man. There is a tiny bit of mystery, a tiny bit of adventure, and a tiny bit more of romance. I mean its cute, and but that is all that I can say about it positively.

Now, I am much better able to point out the flaws; I can nit pick very well. For starters the plot did not progress well, there was not enough mystery, the movie was too fast, and there was not enough to the story so it seemed to me that pieces were missing from it. And if that is not enough…

I assume the time period was supposed to be around the late nineteenth century judging by the costumes, but the heroine’s bustle drove me insane as theys resembled to me the skeleton spine of a dragon. I normally envision covered bustles and hoops, so I will have to look to see if they are in any way accurate-and even if they are I will like them no better.

Okay, and so some of the character’s costumes (and other aspects of life) seemed like they were supposed to be from the medieval period of history. And I could not stand most of the adult moon princess and moon princess look-a-like’s (another issue I will get to in a moment) costumes-they were flat out ridiculous.

I also do not like that several of the same actors and actresses played different characters. I mean they played corresponding characters in their same respective families, but it was still strange.

On to some more…shall we say moral issues? The main heroine was quite young, but they forced her into quite mature clothing styles that I consider immodest and seemed very shocking/saddening on a girl who looked like a child. Then there were the ideas prevalent in so many stories that if there is a fight only one person is wrong and that if the guy does wrong only he is wrong on principle both of which ideas lead to only the man apologizing…I cannot express how much that this sort of thing irks me.

So, it was a cute story with many flaws…no, I didn’t hate it; I am just a super critical person. I can sharply criticize things that I deeply like as well as those that I deeply hate.


  • Rissi

    I liked this movie but thought the "Narnia" series was by far the better in terms of a fantasy film. Plus, I thought this one didn't have a great message to impart – it was more about treating the "earth" right (or whatever) whereas the "Narnia" stories have direct parallels to Christianity. Maybe I'll get my review posted soon… or maybe not! LOL! =D

    Pretty new layout, Livia.

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