Hello, my online name is Livia. I’m a homeschool graduate, and the oldest of six (five girls*, no, not like the Bennets, we have a brother), a middle millennial, and a religious “none” (although I was raised in a Christian household and retain a semi-Judeo-Christian worldview).

I have my bachelor’s in history; I started in the community college system and finished at my local public university. And then two years went back to the community college and have been in classes off an on since then (and in and out of multiple programs). I’m currently in the accounting program and work as an accounting clerk (my first grown-up job!).

My main hobbies are knitting and reading and researching; I’ve tried many crafts (my sewing stash is still huge despite many purgings and I’m still clinging to my much smaller embroidery collection as well) . . . and I still want to try many more. Basically, I’m a Jane of All Trades, and mistress of maybe um, one? I think I can claim that for knitting.

I love to learn, and my interests are all over the place from history and genealogy to (currently) epidemiology and disease. I love to research, analyze, and talk about everything. I love to file away information, stats, and ideas . . . on Pinterest, in Evernote, in Excel, in Work, as Bookmarks, in email folders, yeah, it’s a problem. But hey, I’ve at least manage to (currently) cut down on the digital and physical sticky notes.

I’ve a love/hate relationship with personality tests, love to take them, hate that people take them seriously, and I never agree with/understand my results and always disagree with the method of obtaining results. However, I do like Gretchen Rubin’s Four Tendencies because it doesn’t sloppily mash together contradictory, conflicting concepts and false-dichotomies and false correlation. It presents ONE aspect. I’m a REBEL/Questioner or however it’s supposed to be written. Shocker.

You can also find me on: GoodreadsPinterest, and Ravelry.

*For the sake of privacy and convenience I’ll name them Travelgirl, Musicalmiss, Flowerchild, and Doctordiva.