Hello, my online name is Livia. I’m a homeschool and college graduate (history!). I’m the oldest of six (five girls*, no, not like the Bennets, we have a brother), a middle millennial, and a religious “none” (although I was raised in a Christian household and retain a Judeo-Christian worldview). I love making, reading, and learning.

I love the blog world. I’ve been inspired to read and knit more, I find all sorts of recommendations from bloggers, and I LOVE book discussions! I cannot remember exactly when I found the blogging world, but I know I started blogging as an online journal in 2010 (read: a few posts complaining about people) but never seriously blogged until perhaps a year later. I pretty much went straight into lifestyle blogging. Niches are not for me.

I want to upgrade my blogging a bit, and so now I’ve moved to a self-hosted WordPress blog, and I’ve tried to streamline or at least organize my focus a bit. I’m leaving my old blog with many of my old posts up, and here is the link: rosepetalsandfaeriedust.blogspot.com.

You can also find me on: GoodreadsPinterest, and Ravelry.

*For the sake of privacy and convenience I’ll name them Travelgirl, Musicalmiss, Flowerchild, and Babysister.