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    What I Watched June 2021: Youtube Humor

    I’m usually irritated with Youtube for suggesting people I already know about or even videos of people I follow (thanks, I know how to find those myself), but somehow I stumbled on Jaime French’s Makeup and Movies.


    I started with Raise Your Voice review. I was crying with laughter. Her humor reminds me of Micarah Tewers mixed with a Trey Kennedy video and our family (we do a lot of faces and voices).

    “He and his toothpick, they know what’s going on.”

    “Meanwhile ‘Jerry’, they are back to working on the song together. So I guess Jay is forgiven. That drunken rooftop sleepover, it healed all of Terry’s wounds.”


    Britney Spears one.

    “Ben falls asleep in the back sleep; he had a rough night . . . of pouting.”

    “He is throwing the best fit I’ve seen in any movie. Man, that’s attractive.”


    And her newest one, a classic favorite cheesy teen movie, A Cinderella Story.

    “I don’t know what is worse, his facial expression or her wording choice.”
    “We should turn in.”
    “Yes, Hilary, we should turn in, tis been a fortnight since I got a proper slumber.”

    “He doesn’t recognize her neither do her own stepsisters. They see her but they don’t know her because of her very deceiving mask . . .”

    “I’m misunderstood. I’m not the homecoming prince football captain douche lord that you think I am.”


    Then I found her Beauty YouTubers in 2014 be like:  (Also, I feel like I just recently noticed the highlighting the tip of your nose trend, some people are actually blushing it too . . . why is the Rudolph look popular?!!! I’m trying to cover up my pink nose!)

    Then the even better If Beauty YouTubers Existed in 2004

    Then the even more hilarious If Beauty YouTubers Existed In 1999

    I shared some of Jean Shorts Comedy on the 4th of July (this is not super new for me really just an extension of Trey Kennedy’s videos with his videography Jake Triplett and his friend Brad Ellis of the Ghostrunners Podcast).

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    What I Watched June 2021: TV and Movies


    Skim watched The Big Sick. What am I missing? Why was this rated so highly? I have a tendency to assume that non Hallmark Rom Coms are better in quality (plot, acting, production), not just Hallmark with adult content, but well, some of them are just Hallmark with adult content and a bigger budget. And this one was a bad Hallmark with adult content (and wow, the f-bombs were just so gratuitous and delivered like homeschool children (or I assume any other very strictly brought up children) trying be bad.™ That delivery is not how people actually curse, especially seriously angry people.

    I skipped the stand up, couldn’t handle the cringe, but then the actual main story was also cringe and just so badly done in every way . . . and it was based on a real story. The main guy could. not. act. The main girl overacted. They had no chemistry. I couldn’t tell the age difference between the main couple, but wow, she acted so, SO childish, babyish even.

    The guy was in his 30’s, his parents didn’t seem at all formidable, he just seemed sneaky, indifferent, and selfish (you know, the stereotypical Peter Pan man) rather than conflicted about the cultural differences and trying to be respectful. Also, I couldn’t “get” the tone, the odd mixture of terrible attempts at humor and then the attempt at what I suppose it was supposed to be angst from the main guy on seriously dealing with his parents and his new culture (just felt like indifference thanks to his acting and the writing) and then the seriousness of the main girl’s illness. I didn’t find the humor fun, and neither the “angst” nor the seriousness of the illness situation believable.

    Also, humor on these kinds of cultural differences with arranged marriages and such are done 10 million times better by YouTwoTV). And cultural differences are shown in more real depth and sweetness in The Hundred Foot Journey. And I’ve heard of serious (real) difficulty with marriage norm differences from Sazan and Stevie Hendrix.


    You Can’t Take it with You. This is a cute film (featuring Jimmy Stewart) about the rich boy who falls in love with a girl from a middle class quirky family.

    “Everybody’s got an ism these days . . . when things go a little bad nowadays, you go out and get yourself an -ism and you’re in business.”

    “Lincoln said ‘with malice toward none and charity toward all. Nowadays they say ‘think the way I do or I’ll bomb the daylights out of you.’ “


    Rewatched/skimmed 27 Dresses. I think this was the mainstream Rom-Com that first made me rethink my Rom-Com assumption mentioned above. It’s pretty Hallmark-y, but aside from skipping the drama, it’s cute and fun.


    Watched, skimmed, and then dnf-ed This Means War. First, Oh. My. Stars. I forget just how sizzling Chris Pine was in his hey-day. Also, Tom Hardy always appeared big and formidable in the other things I’ve seen him in. But wow, he’s not, and he has the dorkiest voice, teeth, and smile.

    This movie has so many irritating tropes, that actually I think show up in real life, in the lives of bored, boring people who thrive on drama.

    I know he tends to play player, but this dude (Pine’s character) was more than a player, he was a jack***.  I was looking at reviews on IMDB and someone mentioned compared him to Kirk and how Kirk wasn’t the jerk this guy is. Which made me think about what the difference was. Kirk hit on Uhura in the bar and to a far lesser extent maybe once or twice later, but he was backing off, he knew she wasn’t interested, and he completely left her alone when he saw her and Spock together. He was a player yes, but he took up with girls just like him and respected the other ones.

    I was rooting for Tom Hardy’s character and that couple made sense. It made absolutely no sense for Pine’s character to go after this girl. Like other reviewers mentioned, she was not that special in a way for him to suddenly be monogamous. And he knew his friend was interested, and she’d turned him down already anyway. I felt in my gut how it would end up and spoiled it and quit watching.

    Witherspoon’s character was super annoying. At the beginning when she is just a simple nice girl, it makes sense for her to like Tom Hardy. Not an interesting couple or story or really strong characterization. But then they add guy number two with Pine and the absolute drivel of their “banter” with him trying to outwit her and prove his “depth” and her trying to outwit him and prove she is “badass.” None of this is believable. He’s a shallow womanizer, and she’s the dumb bimbo that falls for his unbelievable see through tactics. Also, her being unable to choose?!!! Seriously, if you can’t choose you don’t like either of them enough for a real relationship and if you can’t realize that and end it, then you are just as awful as the dude.


    Yours Mine Ours 2005. This didn’t get super highly rated, however compared to the Cheaper by the Dozen movies (which dragged), it is much better. This is just a fun relaxing sort of cheesy heartwarming movie. Also it is funny how in our family we had about 3x the national average of kids and this family is 3x ours.

    “Great. Mom gets married and we get drafted.”

    “Will anyone who lives here, please raise your hand.” *Hands raise* “Anyone else remaining here after five minutes, will be forcibly conscripted into the United States Coast Guard!”


    Yours Mine Ours 1968. I liked the new one and both are free on Amazon, why not watch the older one too? I think I preferred the newer one? But both are fun.

    “Frank, what’s wrong with you? You gonna be an old maid for the rest of  your life?”


    The Courier (2020). Fascinating at first, but I got bored toward the end, and didn’t need to watch the gratuitously awful prison scenes so I skipped.


    The Apartment (1960). Interesting at first, the main guy is such a sweetie although I wanted to slap him for being such a pushover. He deserved someone better. The movie made it out that she was going to be special too, but no, she falls for stupid, basic lies and stupid basic guys.



    Finished skim watching The Durrells.

    Started Endeavor. These were interesting at first (skipped his “relationship” drama, can’t stand manufactured drama), but they got sillier and soapier and just too violent and so many deaths. Also it made me scared and jumpy at night (and gave me bad dreams which doesn’t usually happen) and guilty for watching it. This is the first crime or mystery show I’ve watched in my apartment as well which possibly contributed.

    I’m always surprised by British shows or movies that scare me as America is more violent, and I feel that our content is as well. But I think I’m surprised by this violence because:

    1. I assume British mysteries set in older times are going to be all Agatha Christie-ish
    2. I forget that I avoid all the more scary American crime shows (or the real crime shows, I think what I watch is mysteries).
    3. Then I forget that the less scary ones can scare me too, there is one episode of Monk that comes back to haunt me from time to time. And I skipped the serial killer episodes of Psych the last time around. The only other US crime show I really got into was Castle which was scarier. Oh wait, I also got scared by Hallmark mysteries . . .
    4. So why do I watch these again?
  • Reading

    My Family and Other Animals; Birds, Beasts and Relatives; and The Garden of the Gods by Gerald Durrell

    I’d read My Family and Other Animals but by the time I watched the show The Durrells, I didn’t remember much of the details of the stories, so I decided I wanted to reread it as well as the next two: Birds, Beasts and Relatives and The Garden of the Gods. I’d read that the show was fictionalized and I could tell Larry was greatly changed, and I felt that the tone and atmosphere of the TV show was waaaay more modern (stereotypically so and what they did to Leslie . . . urgh!) than the book. I remembered many of the main characters from the book, but I couldn’t remember the various stories and wanted to know how much was fictionalized.

    I was absolutely correct about the tone and Larry plus the show writers, in addition to the bizarre modernization and adding of dysfunction (the family fought and all in the book, but the show added a level of something else) leached much of the humor and depth out of the episodes and replaced it with soap.

    A lot of the more recurring or minor characters in the show were actually in the book, and in the book much better or quite different. Unfortunately though, with Captain Lech Creech, we got his whole, horrid self in both versions, although he just didn’t show up with quite the frequency in the book as in the show I think. And the tv show left out a highly entertaining character, the marvelous French count. I don’t see how they could have left out someone so hilarious, but then again, the show seemed to prefer soap to wit. Also, since the show writers apparently felt the need to reduce Leslie to the narrow-minded stereotype (understand that both ways if you please) the French count labelled him as being, they couldn’t very well appreciate the sarcasm.

    There is a beeeyouteeeful several paragraphs about the Count which I had to shorten for space:

    “Three days later the Count appeared. . . we soon found that the Count found himself so attractive he felt it necessary to change his clothes about eight times a day to do justice to himself. . . Combined with this narcissistic preoccupation with himself, the Count had other equally objectionable characteristics. . . His English was limited, but this did not prevent him from expounding on any subject with a sort of sneering dogmatism that made everyone’s hackles rise. His philosophy, if any, could be summed up in the phrase, ‘We do it better in France’, which he used repeatedly about everything. . . He arrived, unfortunately, in time for lunch, and by the end of the meal, without really trying, he had succeeded in alienating everybody including the dogs. It was, in its way, quite a tour de force to be able to irritate five people of such different character apparently without even being aware of doing so, inside two hours of arrival. . . To Leslie, he offered the information that anyone who was interested in hunting must assuredly have the instincts of a criminal. . .

    And then a bit later, this gem:

    ‘I’m not sure I shall last the course,’ said Larry. ‘So far about the only thing he hasn’t claimed for France is God.’ ‘Ah, but they probably believe in him better in France,’ Leslie pointed out.


    But, then with the reaction to Emily of Paris, it does seem that some French don’t seem to understand that yes, you are on the same plan as us other peons, and if we can be teased and stereotyped and caricatured (Hello, have you met Hollywood? They would think I’m from Deliverance. Cah-rye me a river!). Maybe this section (of one person) is too demoralizing for those sorts.


    “Like so many Americans, they were possessed of a charming naïveté and earnestness and these qualities, as far as Leslie was concerned at any rate, made them ideal subjects for practical jokes.”


    And there is more in the same vein, I have so many quotes from these books. I highly, highly recommend the books, they are so atmospheric and unique and hilarious and perfectly Summer-y.

  • Daily Life

    June 2021 Accomplishments and July Goals

    • I started a new job.
    • I finished my niece’s baby blanket and started another, but I didn’t like the other, but didn’t want to waste all the work, so I think I’m going to donate.
    • I finished digitizing my recipes.
    • I kept up on exercising for a bit, but then I fell off track and have been starting back up this month.
    • I read two books I own and hadn’t read.
    • I used up quite a bit of excess beauty products.
    • I kept up on doing my month end net worth calculation.
    • I tried to start writing down on my calendar things that happened (my memory is so bad lately).

    Since July is over half over, I’m not going to have much of a list.

    • Try not to get into any more debt.
    • Try and maybe get a weekend job.
    • Try and work on my exercising and stretching.
    • If possible order vitamins.
    • Continue to work on knitting (I’m trying to work on using up things like yarn and beauty products).
    • Continue to steadily use up my beauty products.
    • Work on organization and finding more things to use up, donate, and sell.
    • If possible try and get proper gardening supplies.
    • If possible try and get some more things I need and/or want for Bjorn.
    • Keep doing the net worth calculation.
    • Work harder at documenting things on my calendar in the journal and in actual entries.
    • Try to prepare my July wrap ups and August plans well before the middle of the month.
  • Reading

    July 2021 Reading Plans

    I’d like to get a few of these crossed off, but I know some of these will be rolled over into August.

    Borrowed Physical Books

    • Factfulness from my dad
    • Read the state history I borrowed from Papau
    • A Year in Mississippi from my sister
    • Start reading the Horatio Hornblower series also borrowed from my sister (this choice brought to you by this photo, you’re welcome) Edit: I started the first one, I couldn’t make it through the first chapter. SO GA Henty vibes. Mary Sue’s are popular now, apparently the boy version is Marty or Gary Stu. But I don’t think that fits, I think Peter Perfect sounds better for these older books (when the boy version seemed to happen more). Little young pompous prigs without an iota of humor who can do everything perfectly without practice and take everything deadly seriously (literally in this case) in writing were all of this is S-P-E L-L-E-D O-U-T  S-O  T-H-A-T  W-E  K-N-O-W  H-E  I-S  A  S-U-P-E-R   S-P-E-C-I-AL  H-E-R-O. I do not know how to express how HH irritated (and the writing) me within 30 pages. Hopefully I can enjoy the movie and the tv series, some of this is the writing or only expressed in writing.
    • Far from the Madding Crowd from the library
    • Possibly the state history I borrowed from the library
    • The Foxfire Book from the library

    My Books

    • Reread the first three Ashtown Burial books, so I can read The Silent Bells by ND Wilson
    • Your Move: An Underdog’s Guide to Building Your Business. I may not want to keep this.
    • A Jane Austen Devotional. I’m not sure I want to keep this, I may pass around to my sisters afterwards.

    Other Books

    • Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth
      On Writing Well
    • Classic Club spin pick, Cymbelline
    • Make inroads into The Idiot (aim for end of July)

    Fiction Possibilities

    • Circe
    • More Hornblowers
    • Other YA adventure novels like more from the Nick of Time series
  • Reading

    What I Read June 2021

    My June Goals were

    • Finish A Fine Romance.
    • Read Factfulness and return to my dad. Rollover to July and/or August.
    • Read Confronting Injustice without Compromising Truth. Rollover to July and/or August.
      Reread Emma.
    • Catch Up on The Silent Bells serial by ND Wilson. I’ve decided I need to reread the whole series first so rollover to July and/or August.
    • Read the state history I borrowed from Papau and return. Rollover to July and/or August.
    • Make inroads into The Idiot (aim for end of July). Rollover to July and/or August.
    • Maybe On Writing Well. Rollover to July and/or August.
    • Other fiction possibilities:
      • Greenwillow
      • Maybe the other to Corfu books

    So basically I only read the light and fluffy books off my list.

    Greenwillow by B.J. Chute. I’ve had this on my shelf for a couple years, but I finally picked it up and read it. It is such a lyrical and peaceful book. I didn’t know much about it at all, but I picked it up and thought, this is set in America and immediately assumed New England/Northeast. (How? What were the indicators that this was American?! Something in the tone, the sentence structure?). The author is from Minnesota, but while I haven’t read much of that area, the novel really felt like it had a rural Puritan New England atmosphere (like a softened view, not a Ethan Frome or Nathanial Hawthorne one). I’m curious to know other peoples’ thoughts.

    My Family and Other AnimalsBirds, Beasts and Relatives; and The Garden of the Gods by Gerald Durrell.
    After finishing The Durrells I wanted to reread the first book and then read the next two to see how much was changed. Since I highlighted quite a few funny parts, I’m going to save this group review for another post.

    Emma by Jane Austen. I read this as part of a book club, but I didn’t end up participating much, I got quite sucked back in.

    The Real James Herriot: A Memoir of My Father by Jim Wight. I finished all the James Herriot books, and so I wrapped it up by reading this biography written by his son. He wrote very true to life, so this merely rounded out a lot, there was not very much surprising or anything except Alf Wight’s bouts of depression. I thought it a sweet, mild, rather melancholic read. I now want to get ahold of James Herriot’s Yorkshire and watch the newer series (I just couldn’t get over the casting of the old, not that all the new ones seem excellent, but the older casting Siegfried!).

    A Fine Romance: Falling in Love with the English Countryside by Susan Branch. This was such a sweet and relaxing read. It’s an illustrated travel journal, it is quite fun.

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    Emma 2020 Impressions

    Buckle up y’all, I watched the 2020 Emma with my four sisters and my sister-in-law (and my 4 month niece, her first period drama, can’t say she appreciated the experience), and I have plenty of thoughts.

    I watched it this late because I needed some time to get over the irritation I felt for yet another Emma version and one which didn’t appear to my taste. But as I read favorable opinions from bloggers whose taste I didn’t distrust and watched this video from Karolina Żebrowska about how the clothing at least was quite accurate, I slightly thawed a bit. Then in June I reread Emma and decided I was ready to watch it, so I was happy when one sister suggested an Emma 2020 girls night. One sister had seen it and asked why we would want to watch it (uh, oh), but I was still interested.

    It was so much fun to get together and have tea and watch it and discuss it and compare all the Emma adaptations. Some of us decided afterwards we probably would not have finished it had we not watched it this way, but then I struggle to watch much straight through, period.

    We thought that the humor in Emma wasn’t exactly inaccurate, just (intentionally) over exaggerated above everything else in the book. And then melodrama was added to everything along with a few changes making Jane Austen’s calmest, most every day, least dramatic book into quite a confection colored comedy drama. All of which made it quite fun to watch as a group.

    One sister pointed out that all the hilarity felt quite intentional and that the movie makers clearly understood Jane Austen whereas the makers of 2005 Pride and Prejudice, which is also quite funny but not intentionally, did not understand JA since they were attempting to make Pride and Prejudice a serious romance which Jane Austen didn’t intend and indeed lampooned. Judging by Jane Austen’s humor, satire, and comments, I think she would have liked this Emma despite not being accurate to all of the book, and she would have torn to shreds the 2005 Pride and Prejudice.

    I still think the casting inaccurate, but after I saw that the spirit of the movie wasn’t meant to be accurate, it didn’t offend my taste as much. BUT, they were all so very odd looking (and perhaps more than was intended). Nobody in the main bunch had regency looks. Emma had a fishy look (literally). Harriet, as one sister pointed out, looked like a Renaissance painting. Mr. Martin looked like a cute precious little cartoon man. We all though Mr. Knightley, particularly his large purplish mouth full of what seemed like more than the usual amount of teeth (that is a literary quote from somewhere I think), was odd looking, two of us said ogre-ish. I also thought he had a sort of plaster-y look, and one sister said he looked like he’d “been through something” (a war? a machine?). I thought the monkey-eared pair (Frank and Elton) looked more 1930’s and 40’s maybe.

    To leave off brutalizing faces, as far as the actual characterizations went, I think Emma was pretty accurate actually as far as I could tell, because for such a dominant main character, I felt like this movie drowned her out a bit. Or maybe I was just too distracted by the bizarre Mr. Knightley.

    Mr. Knightley dressed far too foppish both for his age and situation as a country gentleman. It wasn’t his style at all as a plain, sensible, country gentleman, but then that is NOT how this movie portrayed him. He did quite a bit of mooning over Emma which since this movie wasn’t going for accuracy but comedy and drama said mooning was quite hysterical. The scene with him running to see her was killer.

    We discussed the four Mr. Knightley’s portrayals and who was the best looking. For looks, I think several sisters said Jeremy Northam (who I’m as prejudiced against as ever), but one said it would be Johnny Lee Miller if he had hair. Johnny Lee Miller is most of our group’s favorite portrayal, I think.

    I, however, am still strongly for Mark Strong (who also has hairline issues) both in looks and portrayal although I think a blend of Strong and Miller’s portrayals would be the most accurate. I think Strong is the only Mr. Knightley who actually shows the strength and firmness of mind and manner displayed by Mr. Knightley in the book. I suppose Strong, literally played it too strong though. All the other three tend to either be completely milk-soppish and moony or end up that way as my sister pointed out Miller did (his portrayal is definitely the funniest in wit, however 2020 Mr. Knightley is the funniest in behavior).

    We discussed how several of the proposals in the adaptations ended up being awkward with Mark Strong’s Knightley bringing up how he held Emma in his arms as a baby (could have left that out dude!), and Johnny Lee Miller being shorter than Romola Garai and the awkwardness this caused (aided by his now complete mooniness).

    One sister then mentioned she’d heard the Emma 2020 proposal followed the awkward tradition, and after she said this I remembered, the nose bleed scene, I’d forgotten it was in here and didn’t know it was during the proposal. Perfect timing as the proposal scene arrived soon after. Eeeeewwww! I get nosebleeds regularly; I don’t need to see more, and there was just enough blood to be weird (rather than accurate) in such a unnaturally pristine movie!

    Also with all the cotton-candy-ness and drama and unnatural perfect spotlessness, why the odd insertions of realism or “realism”? The stark juxtaposition is startling and adds to the bizarreness and hectic-ness rather than adding reality. Also, like my sister said, “we get that they went commando, we really didn’t need to see it.” And also yes, people get nosebleeds, and I’m sure somewhere in the world somewhere in time someone got one during a proposal. But really, can we get a decent proposal?

    Speaking of the busyness, there was certainly a lot going on with the clothes. I thought a few things were pretty, and I definitely want boots like Emma wore. I also felt that similar to the men, there wasn’t enough differentiation individually between the ladies’ styles or at least Emma and Harriet (we barely saw Jane or Mrs. Weston). My sisters mentioned the prevalence of yellow which other bloggers have mentioned as well.

    I find it interesting that the 2009 version featured a lot of yellow as well, Emma wore a lot of patterned yellow (I think she had maybe two dresses which she wore a couple times), but it was a more restful lemony yellow paired sometimes with calm blue while in this movie it was usually solid and quite bright and not confined to Emma.

    Overall, while I liked elements of the costumes in the 2020 version, I think I prefer the outfits in the 2009 Emma. They were more to my taste and fit the country setting far better. In the 2020 version I thought everyone was dressed more like grand London people going out or at balls (and Emma and her father are portrayed as far wealthier than the book gave out) all the time, there was no variation in formality it felt.

    A few other things:

    This movie is much shorter than the 2009 Emma (which has the most accurate pacing to the book), and I felt that the Westons and the Jane and Frank story lines suffered for it. I don’t think that is what the directors wanted to focus on, but these storylines are significant in the book.

    I disliked how John and Isabella were portrayed, they weren’t quarrelsome like that, they were a close family. The book John got irritated when he was taken from hearth and home and children not because of them, and he got fed up with his father-in-law and his wife’s silliness (a motherly not the shrewish silliness in this movie). I like that the 2009 version softens John. The Eltons also didn’t feature quite so much, and I actually felt sorry for Mr. Elton!

    And the music could be odd for example, the randomly sung hymns randomly which were considerably louder than the rest of the music were odd, and “How Firm a Foundation” was sung to the American tune which was published a good 15 years after Emma was published. And then there was the “eerie” music, it starts off sounding like a horror movie or something, which since it was utilized during the especially dramatic made said moments quite a bit funnier. Overall the music was disappointing (such as the ball) or distracting and adding to the whirl of sensory overload. Again, the 2009 music is so special I think.

    With all that said, I’d definitely watch this version again, it’s definitely quite an experience. I don’t think the filmmakers were aiming for an accurate Emma nor trying to be better than Jane Austen nor “updating it” nor anything insulting to the author’s genius; I think they took the author’s sense of fun and ran with it. It’s not a restful film though, unlike 2009 which is my favorite overall. It’s so hectic, all the colors and patterns and drama and pacing and then the changes that the filmmakers do add all tended to the dramatic, so it’s all such a whirl. I actually thought near the beginning that it felt like Disney made the movie because the candy colored and busy clothing and decor, the mischievous irreverent tone, some very Disney-esque music (at least near the begining), and the exaggerative humor and drama. I need to watch it again simply to catch more and observe more (especially as we girls were talking and analyzing the whole time).

  • Reading

    Classics Club Spin #27 List

    Well, these spins have 2 out of 3 + success rate for me (I say over 2 out of 3 because I at least started The Idiot which I’ve again put on this list) which is pretty good.

    1. An Anton Chekhov novel
    2. A Good Man is Hard to Find or other Flannery O’Connor novel
    3. A Toni Morrison novel
    4. Age of Innocence by Edith Wharton
    5. Brideshead Revisited by Evelyn Waugh
    6. Cymbelline
    7. Gone with the Wind by Margaret Mitchell
    8. Grapes of Wrath and/or East of Eden and/or Travels with Charley by John Steinbeck
    9. Henry VI, Part 1
    10. Henry VI, Part 2
    11. Henry VI, Part 3
    12. Henry VIII
    13. House of Mirth by Edith Wharton
    14. O’ Pioneers and/or Shadows on the Rock by Willa Cather
    15. One Thousand Leagues Under the Sea or another novel by Jules Verne
    16. The Glass Menagerie by Tennessee Williams
    17. The Idiot by Fyodor Dostoyevsky
    18. The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit by Charles Dickens
    19. The Old Curiosity Shop by Charles Dickens
    20. Walden by Henry Thoreau
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    Running Wild in Impractical Outfits Tag

    Elizabeth from Autumn Ink tagged me in for this lovely whimsical tag.

    It’s funny I understood “impractical outfits” to be “impractical dresses” assuming billowing dresses in fields and woods sort of thing. And so that is what mine is going to be, that is what it would mean for me.

    I’ve modified or changed or omitted some of the locations to suit me. And as I know rather too much about copyright laws, I’d rather just make a Pinterest board and link (here is the board, I’ve linked the relevant pins for each location below).

    At the Beach on Corfu

    Vintage sailor dress and I’m bringing Lt. JG Nicholas Holden (Operation Petticoat) in his absurdly perfect white uniform. I want a dress that is a mix of these dresses (truly, I actually want to make this dress).

    University of Glasgow

    Romantic light academia with plaid ruffled skirt and ruffled top and cute outwear like maybe a half cloak or something. Inspiration here. I’ll take Lord Peter Wimsey (I’m seeing him as Anthony Andrews at the moment, I don’t like the actual actor in the adaptations and don’t want to watch the movies) with me to the University, what he doesn’t know, he’ll find out.

    Castle in the snow

    This Elsa inspired dress. And Thandruil. That should be interesting. Maybe we’re captive there or something, he’d throw an interesting fit to be sure.

    Picnic in Switzerland in a woodland area

    A Lena Hosek inspired or actual outfit (inspiration), and I’d take Captain Von Trapp (not the real one, Christopher Plummer as he was of course).

    In a cottage with a garden

    I’d live here and wear all the lovely outfits that Livvy wears in The Magic of Ordinary Days. And I’ll be married to Gregory Peck (oh, not a character, well then an amalgamation of all his gentlemanly characters).

    Fun Bonus Question-
    It’s the 20’s (or some other era) and your husband’s been mysteriously murdered. What’s your outfit?

    I’ll pick the 30’s, and I want Nora Charles’ dress and fur coat, but I can’t find a photo of the one I’m talking about, I’m not even sure which mystery it was in. But she’s wearing this shimmery gold dress with a long fur coat, and it’s when Nick is trying to outsmart her to protect her and he sends her off in cab and then gets himself another, but she outsmarts him. I also love her striped dress.

    Let’s say I wasn’t over fond of my husband, and I get to have detective like Nick Charles (can’t break the power duo!) or Godfrey Parke helping with the case . . . how convenient.

    I think everyone who reads my blog is probably already tagged, but if not and if you want, consider yourself tagged.

  • Daily Life

    Happy Independence Day!!!

    Happy 4th y’all!!!

    From my Instagram. I didn’t have enough books of the right colors to do a flag like I saw a lot of people doing on Instagram.

    I could hear fireworks on the 3rd, I’m not sure I can see any from my apartment. We spent the afternoon with extended family, but came back well before dark. I’m going to see some immediate family tomorrow. I’m really tired from staying up too late trying to finish a baby blanket for family. I ended up not liking it. Last year I was doing school. It’s hard to top 2019’s fireworks on the beach, but tomorrow I also think I want to find a good 4th of July sort of movie to watch.

    My Country Tis of Thee by US Army Field Band

    (I’m almost positive we sang hymns to this tune in church, I’m not crazy right? Also is it God Bless America that has the same tune as God Save the Queen? I remember Molly and Emily arguing about this in Happy Birthday Molly.)

    Battle Hymn of the Republic by the same.

    Also enjoy Dudes on 4th of July (edit, I’m ancient and can’t do tech, I didn’t realize there was a Youtube channel) here is the full video.

    And finally, this hilarious post.


  • Beauty and Fashion

    Should I Care About My Beauty or Lack Thereof?

    “You shouldn’t care what guys think.” It is the proportion of caring that matters. I hate being told falsehoods to comfort. It’s dismissive of my feelings and reality and can actually reinforce the perception or opinion since it makes me feel that since they dismiss my opinion they can’t actually answer my opinion, that what I feel is fact, true. Oh, and that is not just for the subject of beauty.

    “Beauty is unimportant.” It certainly isn’t the most important thing, but to say it is unimportant, to imply that it doesn’t matter is deliberate falsehood. It does matter, in a perfect world, we would all be good and beautiful. All senses are important, to dismiss it thus dishonestly is to try to aim for some sort of haphazard, inconsistent ascetism.

    “Beauty is subjective.” Yes and no. There are different tastes yes, but there is also some consensus on it as well. I think certain societies (ours, Panem in reality, thanks to Hollywood, and, I’m afraid porn and plastic surgery and botox all the innumerable things you can do to alter your face and figure) cement certain narrow and unrealistic standards and expectations more than others. But they can’t make everyone love the same things always, I’m realizing it is more subjective than I had formerly believed (feared?).

    I mentioned earlier about discounting what older relatives and friends said in positive praise of beauty. I would generally measure my place in an scale of beauty by two means. The first would be the obvious one of attention from the opposite sex. Particularly of the sort where a guy would go out of his way to give it.

    I feel that I’ve only received such attention that someone below average would receive. I do have a hostile air and expression, but I would think combined with real prettiness not even beauty men would not be put off by this manner and expression, and perhaps really prettiness (or perhaps only real beauty could achieve this) couldn’t truly look as hostile as I can? But then, perhaps the Barbie style is more expected here.

    My second standard is my own, if I see it, if I match what I think is beautiful. I think a lot of people might also mention society and societal standards generally. I think I use this as a source of measurement, but I don’t think it is the whole of this. I think I see many things and need to be satisfied within myself whether this or that meets my standard. I think when I have a high standard it is hard to fail to notice when I don’t even meet an average standard. And I don’t think this is insecurity, certainly I have that, but I’m talking about assessing.

    I think I’ve lived with this assessment and comprehension of what guys think for long enough that it doesn’t hurt as much as it did (combined with learning maybe beauty isn’t as objective as I’d thought), I’ve not achieved confidence exactly, more resignation, but yet, I’m less insecure. I’ve always HATED the thought of undergoing surgery and such like to achieve a false beauty. And learning all the little things many women do change, I find it enraging, it DOES hurt those of us who don’t, it does raise the standard of beauty falsely.

    I want to be both myself and beautiful, and if that is not to be, then I want to be myself.

  • Beauty and Fashion

    Potatoes, Parents, and Past Styles of Beauty

    I mentioned in my last post about parents and grandparents and some of their friends opinion’s on mine and my sisters’ beauty. One sister said we must have been very beautiful back in their day (rather than now) seeing as the compliments people are grandparents’ ages gave us.

    I wrote such comments on our intelligence* off as parental and grandparental bias. Although I would say at least the parents are rather less biased than usual on other things. And I certainly have had unflattering comparisons made between me and some of my sisters (only have one or no kids if you can’t at least blind yourself on the subject of equality, it only makes what they know to be true harder) by my mother. I and at least one other sister have had unflattering comments from my grandmother on our figures as well. I think the bias is more because we are theirs we must be beautiful, rather than seeing any beauty? Rather a complicated situation.

    I think my sister found this pin or I sent it to her. Less flattering from other people, but I certainly feel the potato comment!**



    *And then I went to college, grew up, and saw more of the world and more of the bias of other parents, um yes, we are at least what my dad, damning with faint praise described in response to my preteen question for more exactitude,” slightly above average intelligence.”

    **Should that matter? Yes and no, coming shortly.