2020 Reading Goals and Challenge


  • Read 100+ new-to-me books.
  • Use my book journal
  • Continue to buy my best self-improvement/inspiring books
  • Follow my rereads list and guides
  • Find more favorite authors (I’ve got a whole list to try I culled mostly from everyone’s year end favorites).
  • Ireland, Celts, Celtic Mythology because I want to.
  • 40 nonfiction at least 10 self-improvement (and 20 more intense/scholarly (and of these 5-10 U.S. History).
  • Books borrowed from family
  • Read War and Peace
  • Maybe read C.S. Lewis’s nonfiction



  1. A European classic
  2. A book about a European country
  3. An African classic
  4. A book about an African country
  5. A Middle-Eastern classic
  6. A book about a Middle-Eastern country
  7. A Far East Asian classic
  8. A book about a Far East Asian Country
  9. A South American classic
  10. A book about a South American country
  11. A Canadian classic
  12. A book about Canada
  13. An American classic (or maybe one a month or one every other)
  14. a book about America
  15. A book on the sciences outside of my interest
  16. A book published the decade you were born
  17. A biography
  18. A history book
  19. A book aimed at women
  20. A Book from a best of 2019 list
  21. A book more than 200 years old
  22. A book you think will make you a better person
  23. A book on the current NYT bestseller list
  24. A book that won an award
  25. A book about food
  26. A book about joy or happiness
  27. A memoir or autobio
  28. A book about art
  29. A book about relationships or friendships
  30. A book you own but have never read
  31. A book aimed at men
  32. A graphic novel
  33. A book about marriage or singleness
  34. A book on money or finance
  35. A book about reading or writing


Potential Rereads


  • Narnia
  • Lord Peter Wimsey
  • Entwined 
  • Wildwood Dancing 
  • Middlemarch, Eliot
  • Dickens
  • Aunt Jane’s Hero
  • Scott’s Poetry and Ivanhoe 
  • Evelina
  • Romeo and Juliet (February)
  • Friendship and Folly and all the ones I haven’t read


  • Anne of Green Gables series
  • Grandma’s Attic series (towards summer)
  • Spring-ish (not main ones) LM Montgomery
  • Gail Carson Levine
  • Gaskell novels
  • Little Women and sequels
  • To Have and to Hold 


  • Magic for Marigold 
  • Jane of Lantern Hill
  • A Tangled Web
  • Snicker of Magic 
  • Eight Cousins and Rose in Bloom
  • Key to Extraordinary 
  • Sarah’s Journey series
  • Annie Henry series
  • The Borrowers series
  • To Kill a Mockingbird 
  • Katherine Patterson books
  • Much Ado About Nothing 
  • Mother 
  • Abby books


  • Blue Castle (end of summer/early fall)
  • Emily trilogy
  • Pat duo
  • Celtic mythology book
  • Brontë novels
  • Sherlock Holmes
  • An Old Fashioned Girl 
  • Thirteen Secrets trilogy
  • The Screwtape Letters