2018 Reading Challenges

I have tons of book challenges in which I’m participating. I’m not holding myself to these strictly though. This is all for fun.

*I would like to read 100 new to me books this year (ha, on 9/13/18 I’m at 46), not including booklets or any small juvenile fiction. (I put the cap on rereads at 40, and I’m at 26 on 9/13/18).

*I need to come up with a better note-taking system and decision system . . . sometimes I just need to put the book down. (I put my rationalizations for content in a post; I want to think through the quality part as well; and as to note-taking, haha).

*Continue on my U.S. history study.

*Read my borrowed books and unread books (mostly devotional types books, several of them gifts).

*I would like to finally force myself through at least one more C.S. Lewis classic (I finished his space trilogy, but I was referring to his nonfiction) and one Hemingway (I’ve read Old Man and the Sea and The Sun Also Rises). I want to venture on Brothers Karamazov (finished in March) and possibly War and Peace.

*I would like to explore award books more, so I’d like to aim for at least one Pulitzer fiction (I’ve looked through them before and thought they all looked horrendous, but I want to try again), and at least one each of the Alex, Coretta Scott King, Carnegie (US), Man Book, National Book, Hugo, and Edgar Awards/Prizes (see this list) and at least five each of the Caldecott, Carnegie (UK), and Newbery Medal/Awards.

*I would like to read more poetry, essays, plays, autobiographies/memoirs/biographies, and scholarly journal articles, but I don’t want to set total numbers. I might look over the Pulitzer Prizes for some works.

*At least one book from each of these areas (I’d like to get one fiction and one nonfiction book per area, but we shall see):
~Continental Europe, East
~Continental Europe, West
~East Asia
~Middle East and Israel
~South America

*At least one book in each of these catagoriess:
~World history
~An invention Vaccines
~Personal development
~Critical thinking Five Elements of Effective Thinking
~Interpersonal communication Crucial Conversations
~Personal finance

*My re-reading possibilities
~Harry Potter
~Much Ado About Nothing
~To Have and To Hold
~The Tale of Two Cities
~Book of Walter Scott’s Poetry
~The Scarlet Pimpernel, The Elusive Pimpernel, and El Dorado
~Aunt Jane’s Hero
~The Book Thief
~Freckles and Girl of the Limberlost
~The Harvester