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    On Thrifting Shoes

    I am quite choosy on shoe styles, and I am trying to be more selective on both quality and comfort.

    I have found some quite nice shoes on eBay and Thred-Up, and at Clothes Mentor. With the eBay you do have to realize that people do prize to high often and look only at lower prices. With the latter two options, you have look through a considerable amount of ugly and cheap shoes and (with Clothes Mentor) shoes that ought to be for sale only at yard sales or Goodwill . . . or in the dumpster. With all second-hand places/sites you do have to buy what you love when you see it.

    And I do have a little leniency on wear with heels particularly. Perhaps when I can afford to, I will be more selective.

    Of the two shoes I posted previously only the cocoa sandals work; the white Coach sandals hurt. All of these have leather uppers (as did the cocoa sandals) except for the last pair which do not have materials listed; I think the soles are leather though.

    I bought these on eBay. I have worn the silver off the inside; these looked virtually new when I bought them. Sofft and Nine West. About $21 and $25 including shipping.

    I bought these at Clothes Mentor priced at $24 each plus I got my employee discount. I would like to lace the cocoa booties with ribbon. Antonio Melani and J. Crew.

    And these on Thred-Up; I am saving them for my brother’s wedding since I am so hard on shoes. J. Crew. About $40.

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    Last month I placed and received my first Twice order. The company had a 40% off offer for first time shoppers (I would suggest waiting until this offer re-occurs; it is going on right now on 5/24). I have noticed that I sometimes shop in color themes, not intentionally (nor would I recommend doing it intentionally as you might miss out on other colors).

     Yes, I will be re-fashioning this jacket; I did not pay attention to size which is fine, but I usually intentionally buy bigger sizes; this time I was surprised.

    This was a Clothes Mentor purchase. I am trying to buy better shoes and get rid of super high heels. Unfortunately the white shoes hurt pretty bad. They are Coach, so I want to try to sell them on ebay.
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    Clothes Mentor

    I love this consignment chain! I went for the first time last week and spent millions…maybe…maybe could’ve.
    Anyway, here is my haul. I was pleased with the prices and conditions and fiber choices for my fabric snobbery (or snobbobery to use my dad’s version of the word). I don’t look good in capris, so I am planning on making the capris into Bermuda shorts. I am also planning on letting out the pleats at the botton of the white top, taking off the heavy hem, and taking in the sides a bit. Other than that everything should fit nicely…after I finished losing my weight.

    Price: $7   Brand: New York and Company   Material: 78% cotton, 20% polyester (ugh), 2% spandex
     Price: $16   Brand: Ann Taylor   Material: 55% cotton, the rest various manmade fibers
    Price: $16   Brand: Ann Taylor  Material: 100% silk
    Price: $10   Brand: New York and Company   Material: 100% cotton
    Price: $10   Brand: Express   Material: 55% silk, 45% cotton
    Price: $10   Brand: Cynthia Rowley   Material: 55% linen, 45% rayon
    Price: $9   Brand: Ann Taylor LOFT   Material: 100% cotton
    Price: $6   Brand: Apt. 9   Material: Trim: 100% silk, Body: 58% silk, 27% nylon, 15% cotton
    Price: $10   Brand: Talbots   Material: 58%  silk, 42% cotton
    Price: $10   Brand: Unlisted
    Price: $7   Brand: Impo
    Price: $18   Brand: Madden Girl
    I am sooo sorry for all these fluffy posts. I am waaaay behind on my Classics Club reviews; I am doing (in starts and stops) the old-fashioned and, for me, more expressive hand-written draft route first. I am afraid my Middlemarch review may be as long as the book itself…well, it could be. Hopefully, I will have at least one of those up this week.