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    Oldest Vs Youngest in Homeschooled Families

    There are some things in the homeschool world that seem to be the opposite in the rest of the world.

    I think I may have mentioned before, but the naive oldest homeschool child cluelessness phenomenon. I feel like it’s usually the oldest public schooled kid telling the younger sibling about stuff. Not with us. Pretty sure my younger siblings learned lots of stuff at a much younger age, possibly even before me (okay, maybe that is a stretch, the youngest is 12 years younger). Granted a few of them went to public highschool, but even the ones who didn’t. I think my parents started out stricter and then loosened up over the years, but I feel like its more than that.

    And then there is what we oldest children of many have called youngest child privilege. I know people at large mention the favored oldest child status (ha!). I think also that when there aren’t many kids in the family maybe the youngest don’t get as spoiled, but when there are, wow! And it’s not just our family we’ve noticed it in, we’ve seen it in other larger families as well. Any other homeschoolers notice this?

    I’m sure middle children everywhere bemoan their “forgotten” status and the oldest and youngest roll their eyes. Especially if as is the case, the strictness either decreased or increased, so the bookends perspectives would be, “oh, how sad you didn’t get in trouble as much and got away with more.”

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    Autumnal Atmosphere and a Pumpkin Picking Saga

    Friday and Saturday had the overcast skies, the changing leaves, the wind that all feel so very fallish. We also had a bonfire on Friday night. Dad had been burning our burn piles all days, so we had hot coals by supper times to cook over. Most of my food was from the grill, but I had some mushrooms that were slow roasting over the fire. I also made the most perfect smore I’ve ever had, slow cooking my marshmallows until they were soft inside but not seared on the outside.

    With the smoke, the skies, and leaves blowing, we had a quintessentially autumn vibe going. Then we had a dogfight. Well, not everything can be perfect. Thankfully, the instigator is tiny and easy to grab.

    Tuesday we had sisters night (for which I made gingerbread and vanilla whipped cream) and watched Gentlemen Prefer Blondes. Then Thursday we had a sibling night and watched Jumanji: The Next Level. I was screaming. I was not expecting it to be that funny which is the best way to go into something really. I need to watch the first one, I suppose I should also watch the original.

    Friday was the bonfire, and Saturday we went to the pumpkin patch and a tea. I made gingersnap cookies for the later. We went to the patch on the way to the tea, so I was all dolled up in a maroon sweater dress, fondly imagining that all I needed to do was wear mom’s garden boots (which incidentally matched my dress) and everything else would remain untouched . . .

    The funny thing is about pumpkins is that they grow in the dirt and you have to you know, carry them? Also, I fondly imagined a neat flat field of pumpkins with rows (I’ve gone pumpkin picking before, I think but it was years ago). Not sure why I assumed flat, everything is rolling around here. Also, we sat on hay bales on the ride to and from the field obviously which I also did not factor in. And I got three pumpkins. One of my sisters said that she wished one of them had extra arms to take a photo of my walking around that field carrying my three pumpkins in that dress.

    Because I found pumpkins then kept finding better ones. Then we all met up even further out in the field (patch doesn’t really give you the idea) to look over everyone’s and make final decisions. I brushed dirt off my front multiple times (thankfully it hadn’t rained yet and my dress fabric made it easy to brush the dirt off) and removed large stickies from my dresse (there where tall weeds in the less picked over/not at all picked over sections) as well as the almost invisible sticky splinter things that are on the pumpkin vines (probably because we were grabbing not quite ripe ones maybe?).

    I settled on this stack of three. The greenish grey lost its stalk after we got back to pay.

    Anyway, I tottered all the way back through the vines that had some slight paths with my three pumpkins looking amusing I’m sure. Pumpkins were $0.49 a pound, and I was trying to estimate how many pounds I had, envisioning paying $80 dollars and hoping not higher . . .

    Neither my math, my estimating, nor my physical strength are that great. I paid $14 dollars. I struggled to carry approximately 30 pounds (I know this because I just used a calculator, lol).

    After picking up some cider (for homemade apple cider doughnuts in the hopefully near future) and some of the farms cider doughnuts (can’t hold a candle to the homemade ones), we betook our windblown selves to the tea party. I thought I brushed all the dirt and such off. I forgot the hay on the back of my dress. Oh, well.

    We brought our own cups (mine matched my dress, I had great luck with matching that day). There were pumpkin and apple goodies, sandwiches, and fallish teas. I had vanilla. We visited our friends day old puppies and then went home. I was completely wiped out by 4:30 and went to bed at 9.

    Have I mentioned that I love Fall y’all?!!!!

    Also Trey Kennedy’s Girls During Fall video is up, and its funnier than ever, and he filmed it at a place that looked similar to the one we visited. I only did the pumpkin patch, but my mom had previously taken my niece to do that bouncy thing and ride a little train and stuff like that. I think they had animals somewhere too. There are clearly basic fall farms. And clearly I’m a basic fall girl  . . . just a frillier version who hates Starbucks.

    I had to take a detour through town and saw this perfectly eerie Victorian-ish Autumnal house.


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    Currently and Covid-19

    I’ve told people, every other female in our family is a nurse: my grandmother and my mom were, my great-aunt who is my grandmother’s sister still is, two of mom’s cousins one of whom is now a nursing instructor, my sister, and now another sister is in nursing school. I and a few other female family members have had a least a temp job in some part of the medical world. So, right now, a lot of the family is immersed in covid-19 land without really knowing many/any people who’ve tested positive.

    I’m working at a newspaper office (the company owns multiple small local county papers and a few in various other states) in the accounting department. Fully DONE with the hysteria. I was half-crazy with it earlier. Then just disgusted with the irresponsibility and half-truths and absolute falsehoods and the hatred. Unable to understand why people choose to half-read distorted media reports rather than, oh, I don’t know go directly to the Center for Disease and Control, you know that massive organization of disease experts who are working to understand this disease? (Because where are the journalist getting their oh, so scientific info that is SO much better than a group devoted to the study of infectious disease? A special revelation from God?!!) And maybe a history book and maybe a book on vaccination. I feel like I was losing a grip on reality in listening to them. I can fact check all day, but crazy emotions feed crazy emotions. It was hard to reset my brain. Rant over.

    Sister 1. Biostatistics master working as temp under the university research department gathering data. Research switched to covid-19. Mentioned hearing throat test was equal in efficacy to those brain poking ones. Telling us that people who test positive are tested again and that 2nd test is counted, meaning they are double counted. Antibody tests of uncertain usefulness, not sure if that has improved.

    Sister 2. Hospital nurse. High levels of patient seriousness (I can’t remember term), hospital thinks its because they wait so long to come in out of covid-fear.

    Sister 4. Freshman nursing major. Started job administering tests for Sister 1’s research department. She has to wear a full surgical suit, n-95, and that shield helmet thing. Working downtown, fill in details.

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    Parent Names and Have Grandparents Always Spoiled Grandchildren?

    I remember reading a book about English customs and they mentioned upper class people used the terms Mummy and Daddy, and I was like, as opposed to babies? Like is it used longer among upper class people or something?

    It seems most kids here in this generation would start out with Mama and Dada then move to Mommy and Daddy, then to Mom and Dad. Occasionally I new people who used Mama and Papa, but I don’t know if that lasted beyond childhood. I think in one of our family’s friends family where the dad from the Dominican republic, they called him Papi but not always, I think.

    In more southern states/rural areas, Momma (definitely a Southern spelling) and Daddy seem to be a pairing, into adulthood at least among my parents and grandparents generations. Like my mom calls her parents Mom and Dad, but sometimes she’ll say Daddy, but never Mommy (can’t imagine my grandmother ever being called Mommy, she’s definitely matriarchal).

    Similarly, her mom, Mamau to me, and her sisters refer to her mom as Mom or Mother, and her dad as Dad or Daddy (in conversation, neither are living). I think it does have something to do with the women in our family being rather less sweet oftentimes, certainly my great-grandmother wasn’t sweet. Daddy is softer, to the more gentle parent.

    I think part of the reason parents have fewer versions of names is that grandparents names can also be a form of endearment or be “softer” names, for you know, the sources of more spoiling. But that again, I think is perhaps a newer thing, I don’t think my parents or grandparents were spoiled by their grandparents. I know my grandmother remembers one of her sisters being a favorite of her grandmother and so she determined to not pick favorites with her grandchildren.

    But we were still expected to behave, it was just a whole lot easier under the circumstances to do so, you know, where you are sort of seen as wonderful beings as opposed to demonic ones. Of course, when I was talking about this subject my youngest sister mentioned she got spanked by my grandmother, a fact which I was thrilled to find out, as I felt it evened the balance of the oldest to youngest difference in treatment by our parents. I mean they did still spank her, but the difference in standards! But that is a whole other topic!

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    What I’ve Been Up to: June and July 2020

    I think I included some June things in May, but I feel like June and July were connected in a lot of ways. I had 3 classes, tons of wedding prep, little time.

    I cut down on social media (easy to do when one actually has stuff going on in real life, amazing how that works), tried to curate a bit. I’ve got a YouTube addiction problem, so I moved many YouTubers over to my Pinterest YouTube overflow board, in an attempt to not have enough YouTube to binge at a time, so that I don’t check it obsessively. I didn’t really have the time to before, and since I’ve finished school, I still have wasted a lot of time on it, but I do think this was a step in the right direction.

    For Instagram, I felt bored of a lot of Instagrammers, I tend to go in phases, because I will follow people who focus on a specific craft or hobby that I’m interested in at the moment, and then I get bored of seeing it. But also, some of the more “professional” ones drown out the smaller, more interesting bloggers and those who feel more like real people. I also started a habit of deleting Instagram from my phone on the week, because I would get on it at work and just mindlessly scroll during my breaks. I’d already really only been posting on the weekends, so as to keep in from being stressful. But I really like that mind trick of deleting it. I resisted doing that with Youtube, but I probably should, even though YouTube on my computer is more of them problem.

    I shared some wedding posts on Instagram. I made little seed packets for the wedding favors, but not many people took them, I don’t think most people noticed them as they only had a limited time in the lobby for obvious reasons, I do think they would have been more popular on the table even in a more normal wedding environment.

    I made a cheesecake, and I also made the cake. I used this recipe for the cake and icing (no filing) with dark chocolate cocoa. I made a practice run, and I decided to forgo the espresso powder, use proportionally more cocoa in the icing, and add the cocoa AFTER the other ingredients were beat together in order for the icing to stay dark. It taste AMAZING.

    I learned that you need pans with a 4″ difference in diameter in order for a cake to look properly tiered, so although I made cakes for three tiers, I had to leave out the middle. Also, naked cakes are hard too, I thought it would be easier, my cake was super moist and a bit uneven and some of the edges were falling off so it wasn’t quite naked. But with the berries and low light it was fine. I guess.

    We had tons of the Costco cake and cheesecake as well as my cake and cheesecake leftover even though we didn’t overcalculate near as bad as with my other sister’s wedding. But better to overcalculate than under.

    I also had to hem my dress, with my genius, I manage to overcut and make it tea length rather than floor length, but since I’m prone to stepping on my long dresses, my shoes hurt my feet so badly that I ended up taking them off instantly after the ceremony, and I plan on wearing the dress to less formal events, it works out fine I think. I got my dress on Poshmark, a J Crew dress for around $80. I loved it, it was so flattering, and it nice that it got two wears and hopefully more to come.

    I ended up having to work on school during the wedding week (it’s a good thing I had aimed at no school so at least I had some margin for when I did have to do it), including taking a test the morning of the wedding. I ended up having to use my paid birthday off day to do school from 6am to almost 12 midnight with a few breaks. But I’m done glory hallelejah, and I passed with decent letter grades (I was seriously afraid), and I should have another associate’s. I will NOT however, be continuing on the accounting track though, I certainly learned how greatly I could despise it, and I grappled with the sunk cost fallacy.
    Hilariously, this sort of thing was discussed at the beginning of the chapter of one of my accounting textbooks, a chapter on cost benefits analysis. The chapters always featured real life examples, and this chapter was discussing many of the fallacies related to cost-benefit analysis we make in our lives, like trying to “suck it up” and “power through” that are actually detrimental. I’m good at ditching a book that I feel is wasting my time, I’ve struggled with the college question though, holding onto it as a life-preserver rather than acknowledging I’m using it as an absurdly expensive crutch.
    My aiming for accounting did land me my current job, however, this job is high-school level in real requirements. I don’t want to stay in accounting, so why would I pour money in to have to stay longer in the field to try to get that money back? I’m fine with my current job for now, but I need to move on to different things which is what I’m going to work on now. If I change from those things, at least they will be less expensive. I still have college in my mind, but for other things. I really just one to feel like a “real” historian, I think, which isn’t a great reason, but I also truly love history and economics (not the graphs part, the concepts part, I really enjoyed those parts of my econ class).
    In one of the Not Overthinking podcast episodes, Ali mentions having a Commonplace book. I decided when I saw the above section in my textbook that I would created one right then and that would be my first quote. I know that Katherine at Leaf in the Leaf blog has written about Commonplace books, some of her posts are Commonplace books posts, but it didn’t click until Ali mentioned it and then I had my first great source. It’s funny because I think Ali was mentioning awareness of principles in one the earliest episodes(I can’t remember the exact terminology he used), that what seems obvious to one person may not be obvious. I don’t know if he mentioned this or not, but sometimes you have hear things said in a specific way in order to really be aware or listen.
    Anyhow, time to wrap up this rambling post.
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    Grandparent Names

    I know Trey Kennedy has poked fun at Midwest and Southern grandparent names on Southern Sayings and maybe some other videos, but of course the classic is the Tim Hawkin’s bit. Trey Kennedy and Jake Triplett also discussed their grandparent names of one of the podcasts, it was the Do Less God Bless podcast (between the two of them, I think they have like 4 podcasts).

    So for us Mom’s side is “Papau” and “Mamau” (is that really how you spell it, no, but some snobby grandkid, wonder who, decided that a “u” looked better than the “w” that is the real spelling since after we at least down here pronounce some of the words with “aw” and “au” the same way). Mamau’s parents were Papau and Mamau Last name. Actually that great-grandmother referred to herself sometimes as Last name, Last name, for privacy sake it was some like Lee, Lee. She was the only one I remember of the two.

    I vaguely remember my Papau’s mom and we also called her Mamau Last name (her second married name). In referring to that great-grandfather my family called him Papau Last name.

    On my dad’s side it was Grandad and my step-grandmother’s first name, the one living great grandfather was just great granddad I think, only three of us saw him once. Dad’s mom and step dad were Grandma and Poppy. Grandma also referred to herself as Grandmother, but since we are not Victorian and certainly didn’t come from the blue bloods, particularly not that side, that sounded so pretentious.

    Since Dad also tried semi-seriously to get himself called “Grandfather” he got knocked down a peg or two with the originally facetious Grandpoopa. And it’s glorious fun since my niece now seriously calls him “Poopa.” Mom is “Mamau” to her, and our Mamau and Papau are Grammy and Gramps to her although I’m not sure if she knows that. She just now started figuring out my name.

    You have your hillbilly:

    Mamaw and Papaw

    Meemaw and Peepaw

    Granny and Grandpappy I think I’ve only heard in books, but if Meemaw and Peepaw exist, surely some people really still use Granny and Grandpappy

    Then you have your normal:

    Nana and Papa

    edited, I forgot to add Meme. I was listening to Not Overthinking and the guys called their mom Mimi. We did know someone who would call their mom Marmee sometimes.

    Grandma and Grandpa

    Opa and Oma

    I have actually heard people still use Grandfather (sister-in-law’s family) and perhaps Grandmother which is so formal.

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    Happy 4th of July!

    fireworks on the beach

    This is from our Independence Day on the beach in Seagrove Beach, FL last year (posting now fits with my timely nature). We used to have extended family gatherings on the 4th, with sports and such, not sure when that stopped.  Last year was lovely to be on the beach and celebrate.

    Today is a day to celebrate the good, of freedom, family, unity among differences and issues.

    . . . . and if you are me, to work on school 🙁

    So here are some lovely songs to encourage that:

    Home Free – God Bless the U.S.A. (featuring Lee Greenwood and The United States Air Force Band). I love this song, the music the lyrics, this is everything, definitely my favorite patriotic song. And this video, I love were it showed all the different places people were singing from apart because of covid-19, but united just the same.

    “And I’m proud to be an American,
    Where at least I know I’m free.
    And I won’t forget the men who died,
    Who gave that right to me.
    And I gladly stand up,
    Next to you and defend her still today.
    ‘Cause there ain’t no doubt I love this land,
    God bless the USA.”

    Meet in the Middle. Man, I love this song. And I love Home Free. This one is so happy.

    “I’d start walking your way
    you’d start walking mine
    we’d meet in the middle
    ‘neath that old georgia pine
    we’d gain a lot of ground
    ’cause we’d both give a little
    and there ain’t no road too long
    when you meet in the middle”

    Be a Light. This is more serious, beautiful and bittersweet.

    “In a time full of war, be peace
    In a time full of doubt, just believe
    Yeah, there ain’t that much difference between you and me
    In a time full of war, be peace

    In a world full of hate, be a light”

    united states flag cookie

    “Oh, say, can you see, by the dawn’s early light,
    What so proudly we hail’d at the twilight’s last gleaming?
    Whose broad stripes and bright stars, thro’ the perilous fight,
    O’er the ramparts we watch’d, were so gallantly streaming?
    And the rockets’ red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
    Gave proof thro’ the night that our flag was still there.
    O say, does that star-spangled banner yet wave
    O’er the land of the free and the home of the brave?”

    Update, I had to add this link to a hilarious convo on July 4th and our beloved Cap. Which put me in mind of one of Loki’s finest moments.

    Happy Independence Day Y’all!!!


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    Life Update: May and June Things

    I’m SO thankful for that procrastination inspiration moment in May when I was inspired to cull and revamp my tons of old posts, so that I could fill all of June and a bit into July (I wish I’d continued it a bit longer). I’ve since come up with a few more for July although it will be sparser. My life hit warp speed in June, I knew I had a lot (my sister’s wedding with a two month engagement, 3 classes), but I was stunned by how busy I’ve been. I realized when writing my post that I’d forgotten another huge thing, I went back to full time (because of tanking revenues, I think in the few short weeks after the covid-19 shutdown started we were operating at a loss, we all had to take one unpaid day a week for 8 weeks). Yeah, that does make a difference. Oh, and of course I didn’t start school at full speed ahead (translation, I started late per usual and then also couldn’t get into my classes for several days).

    I’ve spent most time on work and school . . . I’ve still wasted time on the internet, but I had very little time, energy, or motivation to participate.

    Towards the end of May I got more inspired/alert/motivated plus being reasonably busy gets me focused. With all that and our library starting curbside pickup (which I since discovered will not work with my schedule currently . . . ), I was inspired to read more, so I’ll also do a reading update post (I looked on my Goodreads, I barely read in Feb, March, and April, yikes!). Since the big city library system is being absolutely ridiculous (and wasting the greater resources available to them . . .) and assumes everyone is a person of leisure, I got a card to the library in the county I work (still only one branch but larger than my home county library, and also, opening next week! They’ve been doing curbside for months, they are on their game).

    I attended a small outdoor and barn wedding of a childhood friend.

    I’ve received my first edition of the Ashtown Burials serial.

    Collected a bit more makeup (also signed up for Ipsy) and some lovely bits of things for my bullet journal.  I love happy, I lovely things like this, small happy things I use frequently that don’t clutter up my space.

    Speaking of clutter, I’m trying to start using up, selling, and giving away more things. I have let go a huge amount of clothes, empty journals I’d collected years ago since I’ve migrated to combined bullet/art/memory journaling, and most of my Christian books which Mom wasn’t happy about, but they were taking up space, and I’m not a Christian, and I just don’t think it’s helpful for me to read them.

    I’m trying to build up home goods for my own place, so that when I move out I’m not flattened with all the costs to properly furnish the place. Also, to hopefully forestall gifts when I want my home to be far closer to minimalism than my various family members.

    I’ve worked on wedding stuff (I ended up needing to order a dress, I bargained for a J. Crew one on Poshmark, and it’s just lovely). I practiced the cake and cheesecake (first cheesecake), and I attempted to “age” these tiny terracotta pots from a Pinterest idea . . . which gave me a ton of moldy pots which I now have to scrub. Why do simple when you can have a dumb idea and give yourself more work? I also was going to attempt to root mint, gave that idea up too and bought bulk wildflower seeds to put in little organza bags to put in the tiny pots.

    I’ve also been working on my room, painting trim and hanging a curtain rod, which was rather an ordeal in my hoarder’s abode which features a very high window. In terms of other Pinterest fails, I hurriedly sewed curtains without properly considering everything, so now I have to close them with a hair clip. My room is on hold for now.

    I feel like life is spinning away from me. I’m a slow little hobbit, I can’t keep up with even a normal pace.
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    What I’ve Been Up to Lately and What I Will Be Doing This Summer

    Rereading the Grandma’s Attic series. Its about all I can focus on reading-wise.

    Apparently not reading Hamlet like I’m supposed to, lets see if I can do that in the two days after this draft was written (5/29/20).

    Added three mini African violets to my plant collection as well as more of the ivy clippings to root.

    I’ve polished up some old drafts and scheduled around 10 posts and planned some loose series. I’ve deleted around 40 “drafts” (many were just semi-duplicates and/or titles for potential posts). That still leaves me with around 40, not to mention all the word docs I have as potential posts and notes for ideas in Evernote. I do feel stranded without something of a backlog of drafts, but I had around 80! And 40 is still ridiculous.

    Getting masks to donate partially done, as I commented on an Instagram post, don’t rely on me when the world is ending. Granted, I did chose a complicated mask pattern, but I think it is a more comfortable one. I have completed some for a few others and myself and have been wearing them for two months since I have to go to the PO multiple times a week for work.

    Finally getting around to paint my doors and trim. I’m saving the inside of the doors and closet for when I move out and need to patch all the holes in the walls, I am NOT moving that stuff in there again. I have so much stuff in my room, and I hate painting. I had to make so many trips up and down the stairs that I seriously considered getting rid of my pretty books, I’m not there yet, I told my sister who was hovering to scoop them up. I will try to stop asking for so many books as presents, I use the library so much, and books are SO heavy.

    I’m currently enrolled in three classes that started this week, and I may try to sign up for a fourth.

    My youngest sister graduated from high school, and since they couldn’t have a ceremony, they had a parade, every student in their cars (or tractor in one case) with varying levels of decor and fun such a balloons, bubbles, a dog in one case, a mask for the car front in one case, etc. We sat on the side of the road, well away from non-family members and cheered and took videos. Mom has one of those cloud service made videos that features her and my sister’s point of view from the car, it is amazing. I think this was MUCH more fun than a regular graduation ceremony.

    So, youngest sister graduated from highschool, the one before her graduated from community college, the one before her graduated from nursing school, and the one right after me from graduate school. I’m the only non-graduating sister this semester, I was going to say this year, but I’m actually hoping to have another associate’s this summer so I can continue on another program and get loans.

    Tomorrow we have our graduation celebration at home with family and a few friends. Tomorrow is also a zoom bridal shower for a friend. That friend is having a smaller, modified outdoor wedding in the middle of June. I’m just glad we can go, I thought for sure they’d have to take the family only and livescreen for others option, but they changed plans recently.

    Nursing school sister got engaged last week and plans to get married at the end of July (yes, you read that right), taking her state boards the week of and starting her job at a hospital in August. I was thrilled that my Bhldn dress that I snagged from ThredUp early this year for $40 dollars was in my sister’s color theme, so my bridesmaid dress is done.

    We’ve all volunteered and/or been assigned duties to make this wedding happen. The couple are actually thrilled to that covid-19 means a small wedding (and a no kid policy, something I’m always thrilled about). My task and idea was tiny potted plants of herbs and flowers. Mint seemed a good choice plus Mom has three kinds, so I’m going to have a little mint (and hopefully forget-me-not) nursery in my room. I also volunteered for the bridal cake (we are having Costco cakes for the “commoners”). My sister wants a naked chocolate cake with a chocolate swirl cheesecake on top decorated with berries. I’ll need some practice because it must be perfect, and I must not be crazy the day before. I’m also in charge of (but will have help, I think/hope) assembling bouquets and boutonnieres, like my other sister’s wedding.

    Oh, and the bridal shower is in June, my grandmother was right on that, and the bachelorette the week before the wedding, we are doing it all people, no skimping!

    I just realized that my local outdoor art festival that I’ve attended the last several years is the day after the wedding. And Anastasia is moved to August, but since that is indoors, I’m thinking that will have to be changed. They can’t pack people in seats like that.

    Oh, and did I mention that I have three classes that I have to complete in two months!


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    Some Small Things That Made Me Happy or Made My Life Easier In April

    This was supposed to me “what is making me happy lately” but I forgot to post it in time.

    • The rose pattern versions of these maxis; they look cute (be aware the teal floral is actually sky blue/scrub blue) and feel like pajamas. And have pockets!
    • All my new Earth shoes. They have CUTE wide sizes. Most shoes if they have wide are grandma shoes.
    • These lipsticks. I’m starting quite a collection. Monte Carlo and Sao Paulo (I love that they are all named after world cities) are my favorite thus far. I’m not caring for the lighter ones (I’m not a super fan of lighter colors on me for one thing), and have not found a middle shade yet. I watched some swatch videos to help me pick. Who cares if no one sees me. I do my makeup for work everyday, can’t be sliding into my natural slob state.
    • I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. I’d started re-reading earlier this year and implemented some automation (and I am so glad in light of everything that I did!). I picked it up again and his conscious spending plan and thoughts about using raises/excess got me thinking how to spend my stimulus bill, I carefully planned it out in a way that I got a treat and was good and was responsible and then I got my check the same day and put my plan in action!)
    • Puzzles. I have one in my room, and my mom has put ones on our “continent” in the kitchen that everyone works on, its fun to work on it during breakfast. The first one was a global puzzle, the one now is a country town scene.
    • Getting into Hogan’s Heroes again.
    • Watching Home Town on HGTV with my mom. I want Erin’s headbands. I think they’d look cute with my bob.
    • Trey Kennedy podcast back episodes. More laughing out loud like a maniac at work
    • Spring flowers from our yard
    • Family dinners
    • My fur babies
    • This coloring book Hamlette mentioned in one of her posts
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    Mystery Blogger Award

    1.) What is it that you hope to achieve in your lifetime?
    That is a good question. I think I’m sort of a petty hedonist really, I just want to enjoy like in my Hobbit sort of way. That is terrible, but oh well.
    2.) Who is your favorite person from history?
    I had this question before and gave the answer of preferring overall periods and themes. I think sometimes people focus too much on one person rather than overall movements. However, with all that is going on, I’d say the doctor who “discovered” handwashing was important (I put quotation marks because as my sister pointed out, the Bible has a lot to say about cleanliness in the old testament and certain periods of history, like Rome, or in other parts of the world, had some standards of cleanliness even if they didn’t have germ theory) even though he was ignored (every time I hear or reread that story I want to SCREAM). And everyone connected to vaccination! And everyone still connected to vaccination!
    3.) Do you prefer the country or the city?
    Country in easy access to a moderate or smallish city.
    4.) What genre would you describe your life at the moment as (comedy, drama, sci-fi)?
    Drama, but isn’t everyone’s at the moment?!
    5.) What do you remember the most about 2010?
    I turned twenty and started community college in the same month, actually.