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Link Love: Character

Advice from a mom. I have a hard enough time responding sometimes.

How to deal with nightmare guests one and two. And perhaps how to see if you are one. One of the most aggravating things about rude people is when hosts don’t deal with them.

The comment in section six of this blog post. Um, that should be a caution/stop sign for us!!! I’m really good at dredging things up that I’ve done, I’ve got a good memory, I’m sensitive to reactions, but what if I didn’t know/wasn’t thinking about the reaction, didn’t see the reaction?

Honesty online. Ranting, raving,  and complaining ties in here. People do that too much with friends, and it’s never a good idea at work, why would it be online? It is not fake to be “reserved.” To be careful. The Internet isn’t your diary, oversharing (over-familiarity) repels, oversharing creates a false sense of knowing people. Online you are missing a relationship, you are missing body language and tone and context (hello, why all emotional and subjective issues are dangerous online).

Gratefulness list. This isn’t new, but sometimes hearing an idea in a different way makes it seem more appealing.


Hello, Welcome to My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog. This whole process took longer than expected because I’m not a planner, and I made plenty of mistakes. My mind is still spinning because of my disorganization, but I’m so excited! I just got my finished illustrations from So Nice Design on Aren’t they lovely?

Please check out all my pages. I’m still working on touching up things here, and my posts might be a bit haphazard at first because I wasn’t exactly sure when I’d be able to announce my blog. I’ll jump right in where I left off on my old blog for my reading for August.

Thanks for reading!