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    Some Small Things That Made Me Happy or Made My Life Easier In April

    This was supposed to me “what is making me happy lately” but I forgot to post it in time.

    • The rose pattern versions of these maxis; they look cute (be aware the teal floral is actually sky blue/scrub blue) and feel like pajamas. And have pockets!
    • All my new Earth shoes. They have CUTE wide sizes. Most shoes if they have wide are grandma shoes.
    • These lipsticks. I’m starting quite a collection. Monte Carlo and Sao Paulo (I love that they are all named after world cities) are my favorite thus far. I’m not caring for the lighter ones (I’m not a super fan of lighter colors on me for one thing), and have not found a middle shade yet. I watched some swatch videos to help me pick. Who cares if no one sees me. I do my makeup for work everyday, can’t be sliding into my natural slob state.
    • I Will Teach You To Be Rich by Ramit Sethi. I’d started re-reading earlier this year and implemented some automation (and I am so glad in light of everything that I did!). I picked it up again and his conscious spending plan and thoughts about using raises/excess got me thinking how to spend my stimulus bill, I carefully planned it out in a way that I got a treat and was good and was responsible and then I got my check the same day and put my plan in action!)
    • Puzzles. I have one in my room, and my mom has put ones on our “continent” in the kitchen that everyone works on, its fun to work on it during breakfast. The first one was a global puzzle, the one now is a country town scene.
    • Getting into Hogan’s Heroes again.
    • Watching Home Town on HGTV with my mom. I want Erin’s headbands. I think they’d look cute with my bob.
    • Trey Kennedy podcast back episodes. More laughing out loud like a maniac at work
    • Spring flowers from our yard
    • Family dinners
    • My fur babies
    • This coloring book Hamlette mentioned in one of her posts
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    Mystery Blogger Award

    1.) What is it that you hope to achieve in your lifetime?
    That is a good question. I think I’m sort of a petty hedonist really, I just want to enjoy like in my Hobbit sort of way. That is terrible, but oh well.
    2.) Who is your favorite person from history?
    I had this question before and gave the answer of preferring overall periods and themes. I think sometimes people focus too much on one person rather than overall movements. However, with all that is going on, I’d say the doctor who “discovered” handwashing was important (I put quotation marks because as my sister pointed out, the Bible has a lot to say about cleanliness in the old testament and certain periods of history, like Rome, or in other parts of the world, had some standards of cleanliness even if they didn’t have germ theory) even though he was ignored (every time I hear or reread that story I want to SCREAM). And everyone connected to vaccination! And everyone still connected to vaccination!
    3.) Do you prefer the country or the city?
    Country in easy access to a moderate or smallish city.
    4.) What genre would you describe your life at the moment as (comedy, drama, sci-fi)?
    Drama, but isn’t everyone’s at the moment?!
    5.) What do you remember the most about 2010?
    I turned twenty and started community college in the same month, actually.
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    What I’ve Been Listening To: Podcasts

    I’d go insane at work if I didn’t have something to listen to while I’m at work. For awhile music was enough, then James Herriot books which I still haven’t finished. I then started listening to the College Info Geek podcast.

    I’ve been listening through Spotify because the Google podcast app wouldn’t show on the lock screen, I had to unlock phone to do anything every time, and that really isn’t good for work.

    • I follow and have tried many podcasts, I have a huge playlist to try, but I’m SO picky. And moody.
    • I need to find the tone/audio/voices smooth/calm more chatty in vocal tone (my favorites seem to be mostly mid-west and softened southern accents).
    • It needs to be pithy, not rambling unless the rambling (like Rhett and Link and the guys on College Info Geek) is also witty and/or informative.
    • I don’t like feelsy and/or veering into pseudoscience podcasts
    • I can’t STAND subtle dissing (which I realize I have a problem with doing myself) when the person then turns around and reinvents the wheel. Or anything else of the humble-brag or self-righteous variety.
    • I’d rather the subject matter be positive too. I’ve got some history podcasts in my library but they all seem so depressing. I also tend to veer towards informative podcasts. I know there are different genres, like story or “news” (NOPE) or whatever. I could do story if it was sort of radio dramas or something.

    I’d really like to listen to podcasts I really like, but thus far that is only the guys from College Info Geek. I wish Ramit Sethi had a podcast of his own. I’ve listened to one he was a guest on. I’d really love if MuchelleB did a podcast as well.

    The College Info Geek. This isn’t only applicable to college, and since the guys are my age they’ve been moving away from that. I’ve listened to almost every episode from the last few years and am sad it’s ending and hoping their new podcast starts soon and is as helpful. I really like the guys and what they have to say. I follow Thomas Frank on YouTube which is why I started the podcast. I’ve exhausted this podcast, and I’ve made a list of episodes to go back and listen in my free time when I can take notes.

    A Strong Sense of Place. This is a new podcast I first heard about on What Should I Read Next. It features books around countries or geographical things (like the sea). Oh, I want to read so many of these. This podcast is SO good and the title is so apt. I need to check out the blog because I think they often have a matching post with extra resources such as recipes to go with the area!

    The Beautiful Mess Podcast. It features some self-improvement, some art and design, and general lifestyle. It’s also new, and I think I’ve listened to most of the episodes. This is another problem, I exhaust my favorites so fast!

    What Should I Read Next . . . selectively, some are good, most are boring to me.

    One Great Book. Overall I preferred this to the above (both by Anne Bogel), and of course, I’ve exhausted it, and this one is currently on hiatus or possibly done.

    Earbiscuits. Also selectively. These guys are so interesting and funny.

    The Perfectionism Project. I want to like this more, it has really good information, but I have a harder time focusing and having patience. It needs to be scripted/edited down.

    If I find any new I like I’ll do another post, I’m open to suggestions (PLEASE), I find it hard to find good podcasts.


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    How Not to Go Crazy (I Hope) (Updated)

    Call 211 and look at the website. I learned about 211 at work, it’s an organization that connects people in need (whether of food, money to pay bills, or to find a school for your special child, and newly, covid-19 help). I’m sure more people are in need of this than ever. It’s national but works with state and local agencies to connect you with services you may not have been aware of.

    I’m in an open office with people who talk and get too much info/misinfo. This is crazymaking. I’ve noticed a couple of internet people doing crazymaking stuff to so I’ve unfollowed them.

    I don’t want to focus on the virus here, but I want to state some principles I think should be followed/am trying to be followed/I expect from anyone I have interaction with. And then back to positive programming.

    Your sources for Covid-19 (say it correctly, coronavirus is a group of viruses) are the CDC and the WHO. Dr. Mike is one doctor, and he points people to these sources, he is helpful for understanding, but the CDC and the WHO are THE resources. They have the states, recommendations, FAQ’s, question forms, etc. If you see questionable studies or actions people are doing (such as fabric masks and claims about packages), email CDC, the more people who ask, the more likely that will be added to their FAQ’s.

    Any rando who thinks they have special insight from God, themselves as gods, their anecdotal experience, their favorite news sources, a random doctor, a single study, etc. is NOT an authority on anything but stirring up ignorance, fear, conspiracy, and panic. Half-truths, truths mixed in with falsehood are the most confusing and concerning. And we don’t need more sermons, monologues, etc. mind your own p’s and q’s!!!

    Your sources for state-wide rules, updates, etc. is your governor and state and local (some locales have extra rules) government. Your governor may be doing press releases, and your state government may have a website. I suggest that if you are curious about other states, you start from these sources for them.

    Your source for country-wide (such as border closures, travel bans, etc.) rules is the federal government.

    Very carefully fact check any news story you may see against these sources (maybe bookmark them, keeping tabs open would only encourage obsessive checking). I’d suggest only searching for specific items, not following the news. Please realize that stand-alone studies and trials aren’t definitive.

    Set times/days to check/update yourself. Obsessive checking will not only drive you crazy, it doesn’t help anyone else.

    Block or unfollow as best as possible anyone who doesn’t follow these very basic principles. If you are at work with these people (like me), try and see if you can find noise-cancelling headphones if that doesn’t interfere with your job. Walk away if you can. Follow the rules even if they are possibly based on misinformation, better safe than sorry. Try to make following said rules easier (like being more organized, making signs, and reminders). Perhaps if the talk is so bad, see if you can move your desk or ask your boss to say something or speak to people yourself. Keep your eyes open for better opportunities.

    Play games, watch movies, etc. with family, Facetime/Google duo your grandparents and others you can’t visit.

    Try to find/curate and encouraging online community. I’ve been really happy with all the positive things going around (with a few exceptions) among the Instagrammers I’ve follow, they’ve shared things to do, made group online activities, etc. That and enjoying time with family has reset me from work.

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    Reframing Safe at Home or Sheltering in Place and My Current Plans

    I’ve already been very isolated, seeing just my family and coworkers, mostly shopping online, and this was supposed to be the year of change for that. Well, that is obviously not working out well. In addition, while I had started my plans out strong, I never actually finished the plans or implemented much and was in quite a slump. So, I decided that I’m going to act as if the sheltering in place is as unfamiliar for me as for everyone as a means of resetting myself (since I’ve been in quite a slump).


    • Read the books I’ve borrowed from family and perhaps more in our family collection.
    • Read those that I like of the 23 library books that I have, I’m SO glad I tend to get tons of library books. I’ve heard some libraries have curbside pickup option, and I’ve asked the city system I use, but the way things are I doubt we’ll get that, it seems risky. So:
    • I’m SO glad I have tons of rereads in my own collection, and I may read more that I have “due” this year.
    • Actually work through the self-development/personal help books that I’ve bought as work books.

    Handicrafts and Room Revamp

    • Make curtains, paint/stain/refinish some furniture, and finish setting up my room.
    • Sew an apron (I recently rehauled all my stuff and came up with some fabric I realized I could use to make an really adorable apron) and headband (we’ve been watching Hometown on HGTV and love Erin’s headbands and style).
    • Start really stashbusting my yarn. I’ve been take clips of all my shawl patterns and organizing these by shawl type in Evernote, so I don’t have to open up every single pdf to see what the pattern is. SO helpful.
    • Work on my darling embroidery project, I’ve held onto those old magazines for years (they have to be 70’s or maybe 80’s, Ill have to check).


    • Finish/edit/reframe all my 2020 plans and actually start working on habits.
    • Try and keep and improve on my routine and not fall further into a slump.
    • My blog domain is set to renew, and I’ve been meaning for years to put additional work into my blog, so I think now is a great time for that.
    • I have like 80+ drafts, yikes! So I want to cull these, finish, and schedule those that I want to publish.
    • I’ve got several new glorious 1000 piece Disney puzzles to work on as seen on my Instagram.
    • Participate in the positive Instagram environment I’ve found (basically lots of my favorite bloggers who are sharing happy things).
    • Job search, I currently have a job, but I’m mentally under-utilized plus it’s got very archaic skills. I was wanting to go ahead and search, for potential new opportunities and weekend jobs, but I hadn’t tried very hard when this happened. Now, I’m trying to prepare for if I need to find a job.


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    Liebster Award

    Catherine at Based on the Book tagged me with the Liebster Award. I always love any sort of tag, it means someone else did part of the brainwork for a blog post, lol. And continuing with my laziness, I’m not going to think of questions or tag people, but if you want to answer her questions, she included anyone who wanted in her tag.

    1. Which book have you re-read the most and why?

    I wish I’d kept better track of my rereads. I know I’ve read Pride and Prejudice at least 3 times I think. And HP too. But I’ve also read North and South three times, at least. And that is definitely more of an accomplishment I think. I want to read that one again, it is just so rich and ripe for analysis (I’ve written pages of my impressions of it). Plus its alway interesting to compare books with period drama adaptations (the reward of watching North and South was the catalyst of my first reading and rewatching inspired at least one if not both rereads).

    2. Which Hogwarts house would you put yourself in?

    Ravenclaw all the way. I’d be wishing for Ravenclaw like Harry wished against Slytherin. But I’d also have to wish against Slytherin as well. I’m not sneaky, but I’m not . . . well nice, good, whatever. I consider it a great accomplishment if I ever attain a neutral, bare minimum level of civility that would probably only be considered so in another unfriendly country.

    3. What is your favourite fictional friendship?

    I’m sure I have more but Sarah Jane and Mabel from Grandma’s Attic popped into mind, since their friendship was the main focus of those stories. Childhood best friends who get into scrapes together from tiny children to adults is always a fun plot.

    4. If you could bring back one TV show/series what would it be?

    Well, I think most shows need to end well before they do. And I don’t mean just are long US shows, Sherlock crashed and burned after two seasons, imho. So I’d prefer to go back in time and redo That 70’s Show, putting Jackie and Hyde together sooner. Cutting out lazy shock plotlines. Keeping Eric and Donna as good characters and sucking all the creepyness out of Fez and working in the truly good bits from the older seasons (there were some good burns). And fitting everything in 4 or 5 seasons.

    5. Which historical figure would you like to read a book about?

    I’m FAR more interested in time periods than individual people. Probably someone who had a mysterious end, I’d want to know what actually happened?

    6. Who was the last fictional character you fell in love with?

    I was in a little in love with the leading men in my some of my favorite Mary Stewart and M.M. Kaye books, but I think Max from This Rough Magic was my favorite.

    7. What’s your go-to karaoke song?

    Can’t sing and have never done karaoke.

    8. Which Disney princess/character was your childhood favourite?

    I watched Lion King, Pocahontes, Jungle Book, and Cinderella, were I think major features in my childhood. I know we owned Beauty and the Beast, at least I think we did. But for some reason, I don’t remember that one being watched as much. Maybe it was. But I think the first three made a bigger impression, which is funny, since I was already afraid of my own shadow as a child, perhaps that was the fascination.

    9. Listening to any good podcasts lately?

    Yes, sort of, I’m picky and moody. I have a podcast post in the works.

    10. Have you read any Charles Dickens and do you have any recommendations? (I feel like it’s time I read one.)

    I’ve read most of them. They do feel like a lot of work because they were serials and you definitely feel it. They are also very glum in setting, tone, etc. And well, it’s hard to like/relate to a lot of the heroines (usually the love interests of the heroes), namby-pamby or goody-goody Victorian as portrayed by a Victorian man.

    I also feel like everyone is very opinionated about their individual favorites, I mean it’s highly individual. You could always start with the more famous. Tale of Two Cities is a fav for many (I haven’t read it in years) and it’s short. But I personally think Nicholas Nickleby is a more fun one plus it has at least two recent adaptations one of which features a baby Hiddleston as a minor character. I think that Little Dorrit is also a good one with a wonderful adaptation, and less stereotyped, more full whole person characters including the heroine.

    I feel like I’m due a reread. I’m more of a Trollope person myself since starting the Barchester chronicles. I wonder why he’s not as famous? He is definitely more, refined I guess? More dry sarcasm, more realism in the gentry and nobility in the country rather than lowerclasses in London Less caricature and more foible based.

    11. Any fun websites you like to waste time on?

    Besides Youtube (probably could make a favorite youtubes page and post) which is a weak substitute for good old-fashioned blogs and my few favorite blogs (I need to update my list), and Instagram which is an excellent substitute for facebook, Pinterest, and ah, the WHO and CDC for obvious reasons . . . I resorted to my history which gave me shopping sites (from crafts and historical fashion to shoes and Amazon), banking and cc sites, and following my random interests/trains of thoughts on Google, apparently nothing very interesting. Oh, wait, Spotify (for podcasts mostly at the moment) and Audible (I should do a post on that soon too), have saved my sanity at work for most of my time there although I can’t focus on much at the moment).

    I should (I get to, I was listening to a podcast that said to reframe in grateful terms, I get to work, I get to learn, etc., especially apropos now) use:

    Seterra (that excellent geography site I keep forgetting about even though I have it bookmarked)

    Bluprint (formerly Craftsy, I have tons of purchased classes)

    Creativebug (I have few purchased glasses)

    Duolingo (I’m currently making Duo very sad)

    CodeAcademy (no time like the present to learn to new tech skills).

    Any suggestions? I know lots of services/sites/apps are offering free trials during this social distancing/quarantine period (and oh, it WILL be much longer, my sister keeps saying, “when I graduate” and “when I go back to school” her senior year is ruined). I’d like to make a list of those too.

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    Sheltering in Place Humor

    If you aren’t currently attempting to drive yourself insane trying to discern what is real from the limited actual stats and find possible grains of truth amid too early/misreading/ignoring of statistics and blaming/frothing political divisiveness and blame by the media and everyone who never cared about disease/hygiene/epidemiology/pandemics, listening to irrational coworkers quoting the above mentioned groups, wondering if I’m you are crazy, feeling how pathetic it is that you already apparently lived under Sheltering in Place, etc. . . . . you may enjoy some humor, from my favorite hilarious youtubers of course. Of course you might just need it after trying to figure out that “sentence” above. Anyway.

    Every Mom in America Right Now

    Enneagram Types Under Sheltering in Place. Which are you? I’m (in this video) something of 1 and 5, if it was cholera, yeah I’d be my more usual 6 (or 6-5-7 blend, like most personality tests, I’m not sure). I’m more 6 regarding people at the moment.

    Sheltering in Place16 Personality Types Under Quarantine. Which are you? In this case I’m INTJ and INTP.

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    #lavinewyear Lavendaire 10 Days of Growth: Days 1-4

    Lavendaire (I have trouble spelling Lavender, and that follows through to Lavendaire, I keep wanting to add a’s instead of e’s) is the first Youtuber to get me motivated to just plan my life. I think it was the end of 2018? She just has such a feminine, calm aesthetic and tone which I love while so many goal sort of people are more fast-paced, loud, masculine, bold, and just too fast and too much for this little snail right here. I guess I just felt that goals felt more attainable or appealing for my personality after seeing her videos, a gentle nudge in the right direction rather than a drill-sergeant.

    I tend to follow more of Muchelle B’s stuff more recently (again, a soft aesthetic and a way of planning that just speaks to my brain language), and I went through a lot of her videos in my new year planning (more on that when I actually am finished, January is more of my planning, restart, prep month). But I felt that I hadn’t watched much Lavendaire lately and when she had this 10 Days of Growth Challenge, I thought I’d like to do it, and it’s just so refreshing and simple. I signed up late and you still get the emails one at a time so its gently paced.

    I had a lot more to-do’s and plans written out this year because I wanted to work things in while I think my goals were more in my head and similar to last year, so for day one I distilled I guess much of that down into the three life-changing goals:

    1. I want to get into the habit of enjoying life and making memories. So for day two I counted that I went to see Little Women. It’s kind of a big deal for me to go to the movie theater. I used to think oh, I can usually wait unless its something I KNOW I will adore, but the last year or so, I realized while I do want it to be special, I can still go a little more often for the experience (I think Star Wars and Aladdin really emphasized that, and I really wish I’d gone for Endgame, live and learn).
    2. I want to be healthy
    3. I want to be financially secure and healthy and independent

    Day 3 I read 15+ pages of Whose Body the first Lord Peter Wimsey mystery. I was re-reading Narnia as a Christmas treat to myself but got a bit stuck (I’m an extreme mood reader and my January treat of rereading the Lord Peter Wimsey mysteries felt more in tune with my mood).

    Day 4 is creating a vision board.

    I’ve heard a lot about vision boards but I tend to resist them or want to overdo them or think I will ignore them, but I decided I could do a small Pinterest board for this year, and I could check back on it from time to time. I think maybe it would be fun to do a vision board success board of MY photos to sort of match those of my vision board that I’ve actually achieved.

    The pins I chose I hope reflect: holistic health, healthy size for me, exercise, nature; a more “me” style; spending more money on experiences like travel, taking craft and art classes and seeing traveling broadway shows (already bought my Anastasia tickets, another big deal for me); getting a car and my own place; alternative income streams and working on my current career path; keeping my memories in a pretty journal; and reading well.



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    Sunshine Blogger Award

    PioneerGirl tagged me in the Sunshine Blogger award.

    1. What is your favorite book series?

    I’ve lots of favorites, but since I’m planning on re-reading Narnia in December and have been rewatching the movies, I’ll go with that.

    2. If you were a mythical creature what would you be?

    A unicorn maybe or a Pegasus? If we’re going by personality, dragon.

    3. If you were a cup of tea what kind would you be?

    Barely tastes like tea raspberry ice tea. Rarely care for hot beverages, don’t care for the taste of tea uselly.

    4. What is something you have learned and taught someone else?

    I think I’ve tried to teach some people knitting.

    5. Do you have a hobby, and if so, what is it?

    I’ve lots of hobbies, but I’m currently burned out. Knitting is my main one, but I haven’t knitted in months. However, something knitted is part of my Christmas outfit, and I’ve a baby blanket due, so I will be knitting a lot this month.

    6. What is your favorite dessert?

    Anything chocolate, especially cake. But also many things cake.

    7. f you could be best friends with a literary character who would it be?

    I don’t know, I’m not a “best friend” type of person. I’m more a “best sibling group” like the Penderwicks or maybe a “best friend group” the sets of friends in L.M. Montgomery books.

    8. If you had to choose only one form of communication to use for the rest of your life what would it be?

    Talking. I think I’d go insane if I could only write.

    9. What is the best way someone has understood you?

    Agreeing with me and meaning it, I suppose.

    10. What would you do if you had the time to do it?

    I think motivation and laziness, not time are my worst enemies. Learn everything, make everything.

    11. “How is a raven like a writing desk?”

    I’m terrible understanding riddles like this, sorry.

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    What I’ve Been Up to Lately

    Looking forward to and trying to save for Christmas, Ladies’ Shopping Day, possibly two art/Christmas Festivals, and Black Friday. I’ve set up a fun money account, but I keep emptying it because I over spend. We’ve already drawn names among the siblings with the Draw Names site and most people have their gift list. I need a second job.

    Not reading scary books. For one thing, I’ve really fallen into a reading slump. I’m really looking forward to my Narnia plan for December. For another, I don’t want to read scary books. Also, making a too strict and long list is a sure fire way for me not to read anything on said list. However, I’m keeping my Fall/Autumn list for future seasons, maybe I’ll read one book each season. I’m still aiming for a reread of The Tenant of Wildfell Hall because I want to watch the miniseries.

    Watching tons of Youtube. That has been a theme of this year. I’ll post some of the my recent favs in another post.

    Waiting for Disney+, it’s a little over a week peoples!

    Working on routines. My morning routine is timed down to five minute intervals in some sections with even such things as brushing my teeth and warming up my car included because I’m that much of a late person, but also because I want to get a lot done (this is a relative term, my a lot is very small apparently) in the morning since I’m usually brain-dead when I get back from work.

    Trying to work on preparing my own food. I tried HelloFresh because of their first time offers. It was lovely, and I have some new recipes to try and new recipe/meal structures to build on. However, it’s too expensive to use regularly, and I’m not high-energy, so I want to get into a two day a week cooking/meal prep schedule. We’ll see. I’d would like to make my way through the meal-planning services, using their first-time codes.

    Working on my Spanish on Duolingo. I was working on this for the first half of the year pretty consistently. I fell off of that for a few months, but I’ve been doing it almost every day for the last two months, I think. The concept of streaks and setting high XP points don’t really work well with my rebelliousness, but the concept of leagues works with my competitiveness, so my average daily XP has risen exponentially, and I’ve maintained a 30+ day streak (I missed at one day, that’s way it’s not 60+). And it’s been so fun to see my much faster progress through my tree. I’m going to try to add extra Spanish grammar and vocab on the weekends. I’m getting to the point where I need that.

    Speaking of Duolingo, I was super-excited to see their Latin course. I will say though, I think learning the grammar first is the best way to learn Latin, at least for non-Romance Language first language speakers, and especially for us really-without-a-grammar-structure English speakers, because it sets you up to understand the grammar structure, of for example, Spanish. However, because I took Latin in college, I’d like to go back and learn more vocab (helpful for English speakers as most of our vocab is Latin-based and for anyone learning a Romance language and for anyone interested in Classical education).

    Becoming more interested in Audible this year. It’s paused now, but I’ve taken advantage of the buy-three at a discount to stock up on books. I’m going to listen to Narnia as I follow along in the colored-illustration version in December. I also have a ton of BBC radio dramas on my list. However, I’ve been low on the attention-span and high on the irritability lately, so I haven’t been even listening to music much at work. So basically, I’m just burned out overall. Or tired. Or both.

    Obsessing over my sleep habits. Being a princess and the pea seems to be hereditary. My purchases these last couple of years for sleeping have included a weighted blanked, tons of earplugs, a sleep mask, a sound machine, outside door weatherproofing stripping, and a sound curtain for the door (which I haven’t hung and not sure how I can use, might have to get a different one and just put that behind the book shelf?). This sleep issue is a work in progress.

    Working on my style. I’d fallen into a rut with my weight gain. But my renewed interest in hair and make-up and more strategic fall purchases as well as my new morning routine have significantly helped me in this area. Also, tons of inspiration from Youtube.

    A lot on this list hinges on habits and routines. I’ve been learning and thinking a lot about that this year.



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    Fall Fun List

    I was sorta trying to train myself to say “autumn,” I don’t think that is going to work, especially when you can say “Fall Fun.” Just too easy.

    First things first: Girls during fall be like.. 2019 Edition

    Since summer flew by me without me doing anything (my fastest speed is “turtle” my slowest speed is “snail” which must be what I’m doing currently), I thought I’d plan out my fall, putting movies, books, food, and activities into my calendar.

    My list for books was originally:

    • Dracula
    • Poe
    • The Tenant of Wildfell Hall (reread)
    • Something Wicked This Way Comes
    • Call of the Wild

    But I’ve since happened upon this list of spooky short stories from Modern Mrs. Darcy, and I’d like to add list add the Montgomery book, but I’d like try all those not on my list except Du Maurier, I just don’t get her appeal, and Christie (I’ve probably read a lot of those, plus don’t tend to love her short stories).

    For all of these we shall see, it’s odd that I can read murder mysteries, I’m not drawn to dark books, I certainly can be freaked out by them, but I think that a lot of these are psychological which I REALLY don’t do or wilderness/animal. Yeah. We’ll see. If I think they are too dark, twisted, and/or sadistic, I won’t be reading them.

    For movies/visual media I have:

    • Jonathan Strange & Mr Norrell (It’s amazing how little impression that book made on my mind for its size and it’s subject/genre, was it overhyped or is it just me? I feel like it was my kind of thing, but I forgot it very quickly after reading it, usually forget it’s existence, perhaps because there needed to be a sequel? Anyhow, some where I saw the miniseries again, I’m sure I knew of it before, and it seemed to fit this season).
    • A Tenant of Wildfell Hall (I love Toby Stephens, and when I saw that he featured in the adaption available on Amazon Prime, I knew I needed to re-read the story to refresh my mind before I watched it).
    • After/if I manage to read some Poe, I want to try the webseries, A Tell Tale Vlog, I’ve had on my mind for years (but never managed to read anymore Poe, wonder why). It’s weird how popular (or just to nerds?) and transient the webseries phase was. The way media is developing, it seems like more could have been made of it?
    • Spellbound

    For audio media I have (the music in this list is from this previous Fall/Autumn mood post):

    For food I have:

    • Oatmeal Pancakes
    • Cardamon Buns
    • Gingerbread
    • Gingersnaps
    • Pumpkin Bread
    • Pumpkin Muffins
    • Pumpkin Truffles
    • Pumpkin Pancakes (maybe)
    • Maple Rolls
    • Maple Cookies
    • This Ghost Cake (the design, I’ll probably stick with Hershey’s tried and true chocolate cake with dark chocolate cocoa)
    • Spice doughnuts
    • Sweet Potato Casserole
    • Chicken Potpie
    • Mac n Cheese
    • Soups
    • Breads

    Activities (most of those that involve leaving the house are possibilities rather than probabilities):

    • Maple festival
    • Zoo
    • Bonfire and s’mores
    • Broadway (the traveling shows that come to various cities)
    • Ladies’ Shopping Day
    • Thanksgiving
    • Sew velvet pumpkins and squash, make some foxes, plan Xmas dress
    • Miniatures/models
    • Fall puzzle
    • Concert?
  • Daily Life

    Update and Sunshine Blogger Award

    I’ve been pretty burned out lately (clearly that doesn’t take much to happen), and I opted out of the Jane Austen festival. Oh, well, I’ll have a head start for next year. I do have some projects I finished and vacation photos, but I’ll have to wait until I have more motivation. Meanwhile Ivy Miranda at Revealed in Time nominated me for this tag. Considered yourself tagged if you want to answer her questions.

    1.) Favorite time period? Probably depends on what movies I’m watching or books I’m reading. I’m really loving old screwball (30’s, 40’s) comedies lately with the glamorous gowns.

    2.) What fictional character (from either book or television) would you want to be? I’d like to stay me but be in an L.M. Montgomery novel.

    3.) What three wishes would you ask the Genie from Aladdin? To give me the career I would love, to make me a more beautiful version of myself, to give me poise.

    4.) Would you rather raid the Galaxy with Han Solo or dig up relics with Indiana Jones? Raid with Hans, more exciting (yet easier to run away) plus less skeletons (I HATE skeletons, used to be one of my phobias, not sure it is phobia level right now).

    5.) What frightens you the most? Being powerless.

    6.) Do you collect anything? Intentionally? Teacups, sort of, which is ironic since I don’t really care for tea. Unintentionally: fabric, yarn, etc.

    7.) Do you like the supernatural (vampires, werewolves, etc.)? If so, what are your favorites? I have to say I’ve not read much of this (easily frightened plus lots of the books are quite silly). Vampires SEEM more attractive, but I think they’d be more dangerous, plus I was team Jacob (in the books, never seen the movies and don’t find Taylor Lautner attractive).

    8.) What is the first song you remember hearing? Probably a hymn, “Joyful Joyful, We Adore Thee” was an early favorite.

    9.) What’s the most amount of books you’ve read? In a year, as an adult? 140 last year, but many of those were rereads.

    10.) Whose your favorite and least favorite celebrity? Whoever I have the biggest crush on at the moment and whoever is the most obnoxious at the moment.

    11.) What is your favorite candy or dessert? (you can answer both). Most of them? I’m like all-sweet tooth.