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Confused Left-Hander

I was looking on YouTube for left-handed calligraphy videos, when I came across one of those “things that are hard for lefties.” All the comments and sharers are “OMG, yesssss!” Whereas my reactions are more, “I’ve been left-handed all my life, I had no other option, did you just suddenly become left-handed?!!!” I mean, its not like we’ve ever been able to do these another way.

Of course, there are things that when I discover they are harder for lefties, its like a light bulb goes on, calligraphy for instance, once I found leftie oblique cut pens and tried them, I felt all was explained. I pick up most crafts I’m interested fairly quickly, my handwriting can be lovely when I’m not being lazy, so I had been frustrated with this craft and not at all interested in twisting my hand in weird angles. Now I know why I found it so hard and how easy it can be.

I’m just saying its so much a non-issue, that I forget to account for when it will be. We have a straight handle rotary cutter which I can use, so I didn’t even stop and think when I bought a rotary cutter and brought it home. When I tried to use it, I realized with a shaped handle, I’d have to do some odd maneuvering to get it to work. Oops.

Most things, are merely less convenient, but I then I can’t really tell because I’ve always been doing them that way.

But there are some things, I just don’t understand. Writing goes in one direction, it can’t be perfectly mirrored. Some tools have specific places for specifics hands. But cutting can be mirrored with either handed scissors. The first time I understood people meant more than specific handed scissors, I was cutting fabric and the lady teaching me a sewing technique watched me cut and remarked that she was surprised that I could use scissors as her left-handed husband couldn’t. I was so confused as to why, I kept saying, “these aren’t right-handed specific.”

I don’t get that one. All the examples are of scissors that aren’t shaped to the palm; they hardly make those anymore. Obviously we left-handers can’t use those, we can’t put our hands in them. But regular scissors. Are. not. hand. specific. Cutting is mirrored. All the process can be mirrored.

That is why I wonder if there is something more at issue with some left-handed people, they aren’t merely mirror-handed. I think I’m just mirror-handed, only things that are right-handed or directionally specific are different for me. I knit right-handed quite easily. I don’t find the tasks of either hand harder or easier, I learned knitting as fast as any other person. Well, after I realized that you don’t knit back and forth; I had been knitting perfectly symmetrically, blending right and left style, but then so did my right-handed sister (although that may have been my fault), I just got confused, but once that was straightened out I was fine. Crochet on the other hand is much more like writing, and I always try it the left-handed way. I’m not a crocheter although I’d like to be better to make flowers and trim (I don’t care for the look of much else).

Now for commentary on this video. Okay, I know its dramatic and sarcastic. But most of the articles mention similar things (okay, okay, so they are probably all click-bait, but can we have serious discussion?). The scissor thing got me off and running.

I’d never thought about the mug thing; I’m not a big hot drinks user plus many mugs and cups have designs that got all around. I’m thinking I just turn the mug when I set it down and want to see the design.

I use a can opener like a right-hander because there isn’t any other way. That isn’t an angle thing for me, it’s a hand strength issue. I can make the first cut well with my strong hand gripping the bars, but the turning is with my weaker hand. We got a new can opener recently, that new blade makes turning the handle feel like a breeze.

I use a mouse with my right hand, I don’t remember that being hard either. Guys, I swear I’m not ambidextrous. That is REALLY rare.

The pen thing. I write underneath, so I don’t think I smear like that (I do when drawing, but wouldn’t right-handers as well, drawing is mirrored?). I do angle my paper; if I don’t my writing is angled.

Um, guys, notebooks and binders flip. When you write on the front the spiral is under the left-hand, when you flip the page and write on the other side, the spiral is under the right-hand.

Ice cream scoops, ha, this one of those, I don’t even think to consider; I’d just favorited some, I better see if there are left-handed specific.

The credit card thing (I wonder if that’s why I sometimes had to swipe so many times?!!! but not all were on the side, some are on the top), well we are going to the chip, for which we can use the left hand because it doesn’t matter.

I just felt like a long rambling post. I will make another post with links to videos I’ve found on left-handed calligraphy and hand-lettering.

Fall Fun List and To-Do’s

I always love seasonal “bucket” lists, and enjoy reading Hamlette’s to-dos. I’m an inveterate list making . . . and list-ignorer. I’ll probably put up a final quarter to-do list once I’ve formulated it. It will be MUCH simpler than the ones I previously made myself.

Fall Fun/Hobby To-Do List

  • An autumn festival (already scheduled, just need to ask off) with my grandparents
  • Join in on our family Ladies Shopping Day; I have only been able to join on show-and-tell the last few times. We’ve tried to have 1-2 shopping days with the ladies in Mom’s extended family where we shop at antique stores and consignment shops with a break for lunch and an end of day after snack and show-and-tell showcasing our finds at the end. So much fun.
  • Spend lots of time with my niece and take lots of good photos
  • Maybe a autumn hiking trip
  • Buy all my planning stuff for next year
  • Read tons more: Participate in Classics Club dare and read 5 more from list
  • Work on blog development a bit (Genesis, IP, spam, disclosure)
  • Make serious dent in my sewing stash
    • Finish second smocked baby dress ASAP
    • Two more business skirts
    • Fall dresses and skirts
    • Baby dresses for summer (as Christmas gifts)
    • Tons of baby bows and such
  • Make a serious den in my knitting stash
    • Knit at least one sweater and sweater dress for me
    • Baby sweaters, rompers, sweater dresses
    • Socks for me
    • Baby socks
  • Dress up as Audrey Hepburn from How to Steal a Million for Halloween
  • Start working on regency outfit

What I Accomplished in March

My goal lists are not concrete, and I’m trying to focus on the positive, so for now at least I’m going to focus on what I did accomplish even if not many of the exact goals were reached

  • Had a decent job/career month
  • Made great strides in the financial category
  • Sold shoes on Poshmark (I should have made one of my goals for this year to finish all reselling)
  • Finished baby boy cousin’s blanket
  • Started baby girl cousin #1’s baby blanket
  • Bought buttons and finished red scarf
  • Read 6 new-to-me books
  • Re-read 5 books
  • Got a 6 month full account
  • Made a beautiful and delicious Easter cake

2nd Quarter Goals


  • Purchase TEFL training and work on other goals


  • Obtain TEFL certification and work on other goals


  • Work on diet, Habits Chart, and other goals

Personal Development

  • Get to 75% on Duolingo and work on a plan for further study
  • Work on soft skills training
  • Study accounting and math
  • Make a dent in my Craftsy and Creative Bug classes


  • Explore my state
  • Take some outings with my grandparents
  • Plan some longer trips
  • Learn more about/try if possible travel hacking


  • Spend quality time with family, especially without Internet
  • Finish gifts, give gifts on time, and plan for Christmas


  • Work on organizing and streamlining paperwork and files
  • Stash bust craft supplies/use up some toiletry items/participate in minimalist challenges to organize
  • Work on room design and wardrobe


  • Make a dent in related Craftsy and Creative Bug classes
  • Work on knitting and sewing to use up all my stashes and to finish projects
  • Work on sewing pattern organization


  • Read 25-30 new-to-me books
  • Finish all the books I have borrowed as of 3/26 and read 4 of my own unread books

Spring Bucket List

~Get/make a cute baby gift for my brother and sister-in-law’s gender reveal party

~Take several hiking and day trips

~Make this macaroni and cheese

~Go outside more

~Go fruit and berry picking

~Make some Spring treats


~Re-read the Penderwicks in time for the new book

~Make an Easter dress

~Splurge on (and use) watercolor and calligraphy supplies

Opinion-y Opinioners

I posed a serious post on , and then I saw this. Oh, I love Blimey Cow videos; they have been so spot on lately, but in such a funny way. I’ve got to have a leetle sarcasm in between practicing to eventually in the distant future have half-way decent interpersonal skills.



February Goals and Winter Fun List Completion

Well, I think I will just focus here on what I did accomplish especially since I’m not in a position and don’t the personality to make everything concrete.

~I finished sweater dresses for the little girls of a family friend and mailed them off (I’ll get pictures up soon).

~I was good with my money/spending, and I’ve got some good plans in place which I will probably discuss more next month (after I implement them).

~One big school accomplishment (not public yet).

~I got a temporary job for a few weeks (the nicest job I’ve ever had and the only one that I don’t dread going to, in fact I would almost say I look forward to going to).

~I read 7 books (5 new to me, 2 re-reads, and one of those was a borrowed book).

~I am (as of 3/4/2018) at 43% on Duolingo (I think I got up to 46% this month which is 4% from my target . . . and then I let it slip down).

~I already did some puzzles and game days when I made my Winter Fun List, but I didn’t do much after, and I think the only thing I really did was watch the Olympics.

February Goals

I think I got a little too ambitious for February, but we’ll see.

~Buy TEFL course and work on some other goals

~Start TEFL, work on other skills

~Work on habits chart and lose 5 pounds (try to aim for 50% completion rate on habits chart, at least for most important goals)
~Tech breaks: no tech on Sunday, 5 weekday tech-free days, 5 hour limit for at home days, 2 hour limit for work days, off by 7pm (probably should add tech control to habit chart)

Personal Development
~Reach 50% on Duolingo and equivalent on Tinycards
~Work on math, accounting, EQ, and interpersonal communication library books
~Listen to online library music

Travel and Explore
~Plan, ice skate

~Donate blood
~Finish gifts, plan baby blankets

Homemaking and Holidays
~Digital file conversion and back-up (work through this challenge I mentioned before)

Sewing and Making
~Finish 1-2 Craftsy and Creativebug classes
~Finish gifts, sewing with little girls, unfinished projects, and shadowbox

~Read 8+ new to me books, 2+ borrowed books, and 2+ unread of my own books
~Read a classic from another country (other than Russia and UK)
~Read from my category list
~Read 1+ Hemingway novel
~Complete most of Brothers of Karamazov
~Read 1+ book toward my U.S. history course
~Read poetry
~Read some essays

1st Quarter Goals

Here are my 1st quarter goals, edited a bit for privacy.

~Pay off student loan (probably too ambitious at this point)
~Purchase TEFL training
~Emergency fund

~Plan for school
~Complete TEFL training (I’m not sure I will be able to complete it because it is so far in)

~Focus on diet, hydrations, supplements, and meal plan
~Lose 10 pounds (I’ve gained 5 instead, but I don’t think I’ll be losing 15 in two months)
~Focus on stretching with walking, swimming, and abs & gluts work-outs
~Tech vacations
~Get a facial

Personal Development
~Reach 65% on Spanish in Duolingo (and keep pace in Tinycards) and work on geography with Seterra
~Complete two library math books
~Work through a few interpersonal communication, logic, EQ, logic, and critical thinking books
~Work through 1 Craftsy course, 20+ YouTube videos, and one library book on art
~Buy piano D.V.D.’s and listen to 6 new C.D.’s from library (I’ll modify this because I had forgotten our library has digital offerings)

Travel and Explore
~Take an exploration day (maybe in March, I wasn’t thinking of the seasonal aspect)
~Plan some day and longer trips (NYC and Anastasia . . . in my dreams)

~Donate blood
~Family time with no tech
~Finish gifts, start 1-2 baby blankets

Homemaking and Holidays
~Clear out digital files; get Lightroom & start editing
~Use up extra beauty products
~Plan Summer and Spring wardrobe (including proper outdoor and activities clothes and shoes)

Sewing and Making
~Working on stash busting sewing and knitting
~Work on finishing random projects and finish 3 Craftsy courses

~Read 25 new to me books
~Read 6 borrowed (from other people/the basement, lol) and 3 unread books of mine

My 2018 Goals

I have nine categories of goals. I’ve already changed some, and I’m sure others will be amended. Some items are hard to set in stone or I have/will learned of better options. Also, I will selectively edit what I choose to show, some of my goals are too personal or to uncertain for me to put here.

~Pay of debts and dues and stay out of debt
~Begin investing a significant portion of my income (this is new)
~Purchase a TEFL certification course
~Save and pay for CLEPs and tuition (including Spring 2019)
~Put certain amounts in a ROTH IRA, in an emergency fund, and in a savings account

~Work with Lumerit on my schooling (this is new; we are trying to find the best option for me)
~Achieve TEFL certification and try to find an online job
~Complete other career training and add good job experience to resume

~Achieve healthy/weight muscle balance
~Increase my flexibility considerably and improve my posture
~GO OUTSIDE! Make it a habit
~Get various beauty and health treatments
~Healthy sleep habits
~Take regular screen vacations and find a better usage system
~Build up better eating and hydration habits, and a decent recipe and meal plan selection

Personal Development
~Relearn math
~Work on EQ, interpersonal communication, critical thinking, and logic
~Learn Spanish and start a second language
~Work on geography
~Work on developing my artistic skills (complete all my Craftsy and Creativebug art courses and this YouTube course and work through some of our books and some library books)
~Work on my music deficiency and relearn piano
~Possibly take some lessons (dancing, ice-skating, horse-back riding, tennis)

Travel and Explore
~Explore my area (with my grandparents for some of this)
~Explore my state
~Visit 2-3 new states/explore states I’ve been to more
~Visit 1-2 new countries

~Finish overdue gifts, finish 4 baby blankets, be timely with gifts
~Spend more mindful time with family, particularly my grandparents
~Give blood a couple times

Homemaking and Holidays
~Redesign my room
~Reorganize and purge (finish all scrapbooks, photo editing, and photobooks; organize and streamline recipe and other folders/binders; organize, streamline, and back up my computer and documents; find a better place for Christmas, gift, office, craft, etc. supplies)
~Work on my cleaning systems
~Work on holiday/Christmas planning to minimize stress and maximize my enjoyment!

Sewing and Making
~Learn tatting, improve jewelry making and embroidery
~Develop my sewing and knitting skills along with my wardrobe (including hard items like lingerie, sweater dresses, cardigans, silks); complete wardrobe!
~Work on art/travel journals

~Keep improving in depth and intensity (see my 2018 reading tab for more details)

New Year Plans

I read a couple of posts that mentioned that in order for a person to read his/her goals said person must plan out and break down goals (light bulb). Is this one of the most obvious statements ever? Yes, probably. But I’ve never made goals for anything, I’ve never planned really. I’ve made lists, which mostly aren’t completed, and I’ve floated along doing or not-doing (the usual) activities as they came along. So, once college was completed, I had no plan, no steps, no practical knowledge. So I’ve been stuck/wandering in circles aimlessly for a while with plenty of random paths taken. Now, I will never be a one goal, one interest person, but I want to actually do all the activities I talk/dream about, and I really need to become more independent.

While on vacation in early January, I started typing out and organizing my goals. I highly recommend this since you can move everything around and continually add as you think of ideas. I was planning to buy a new bullet journal, and I wanted everything to be sketched out first, so my goals would be neat and organized. I had accumulated a small bookmark folder of New Year type posts as well.

When I got home I ordered the bullet journal, washi tape (12 designs which worked out neatly), page flags, sticky notes, pen holder, and pens. I love the concept of a bullet journal because as I’ve mentioned before I need flexible structure, and regular planners are far to cement structured for me. And that is also why I’ve always opted for a larger bullet journal. I used a (Letter-sized) Moleskine half-heartedly (I didn’t truly utilize it as a planner fully) for two years. This time I bought this Leuchtturm1917 journal in emerald with dotted pages (B5 is very close to our “Letter” just a tad narrower and perhaps a cm taller) and a matching pen holder.

I spent considerably time laying everything out. Its hardly perfect. I forgot to add monthly goals pages, so I have to use the “free pages” for that, and my calendar pages are a little rough, but I’m really happy with the structure. And I can always tweak things. I’ve recently added my book goals (I intentionally left that for a different page because I had so many, but they aren’t important in the way by other goals are, and I didn’t want to distract from those other goals).

  1. I wrote out my word (Bloom) and focus for the year (Discipline and Diligence) on the first place.
  2. I divided my 2018 goals into categories which I color co-ordinated; these took up the next four pages.
  3. I delineated my first quarter goals (again, by category)
  4. I laid out the first quarter months (for each: calendar of month with room for narrow sticky, monthly and Internet brain dump pages, free page, weekly page, habit tracker, weekly goals)
  5. I left a blank set of pages for second quarter goals and laid out second quarter months, and repeated for last two quarters.
  6. At the back of my bullet journal I left two pages for 2018 review.
  7. I’ve since added my book goals (trying to break them down a bit).
  8. I’ve also discovered, like I said that I need to break quarterly goals down into monthly. From there they are either in the habit tracker (things that should be habits/require discipline) or go to weekly and then daily goals (specific, unique goals). Although if they fall in the latter category, I’m more likely to wing it.

I’m going to do a separate post of my yearly goals, and I’m hoping to post my quarterly goals and monthly goals as appropriate. I’ve read bloggers who grade their monthly goals according to a letter system, and I find this a far more helpful system that did or did not because it shows how a person made progress even if the person didn’t complete everything. Again, not everything is set in stone (especially for some of the long term goals) because I’m learning new things and doors open and shut. And full disclosure, I didn’t accomplish much (in proportion to the time available to me) in January. But I’m trying to be growth minded; previously, I would think, “Well, then I’m done, I blew it,” instead of looking at the positive. I have too much of an all or nothing mindset which for me is usually nothing.

Anyway, here are some iPhone photos of my bullet journal:

Here are some links from my collection:

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