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February 2019 Goals

I’m adjusting some of my expectations in light of January and then setting a bit higher standards where I think I can/should.


  • Build up health habits, maintain other habits
  • Lose 5+ lbs
  • Start a weekly reset habit (Sat/Sun?), maintain daily routines
  • Get hair cut
  • Buy cosmetic and health items
  • Set up tech guards, habits, and sabbaths
  • Buy some of my self-help books?


  • Have enough to pay Jan and Feb’s obligation
  • Pay March’s credit card bill
  • Start paying loan back
  • Work on process of living off last month’s income (minimum account balance and max credit usage)
  • Get a temporary job
  • Pursue other side gig options
  • Put at least 1/3 of earnings towards emergency fund
  • File taxes and put at least 1/3 of refund towards emergency fund
  • Open a 2nd tiny (for now) savings account

Personal Development

  • Read 8-9 books, including: 4 nonfiction, 1-2 Classics Club reads, and catch up and keep up on War and Peace on Serial Reader
  • 2 major knitting projects and 1-2 small ones
  • 2 major sewing projects
  • Buy planner punch and fun stuff for planner
  • Determine next Spanish steps
  • Determine next graphic design steps

Daily Routine Checklist

I used Evernote to create basic morning and evening routines. I took ideas from Sleep Smarter and Miracle Morning and the whole idea was from MuchelleB. As I used them I modified them. I tried to work all my habits in, and I decided I needed a midday routine as well. None of this is set in stone of course, but I’m happy with this for a basic guide. I ended up finalizing it in Word then printing and laminating it.

Daily Routines
Miracle Morning
 Drink and read to wake up (no more than 30”)
 Exercise, snack, stretch
 Affirmations, visualization, positive journaling
 Fill water jug and eat breakfast
 Get dressed and prepared for the day (ready to be on call)
 Review any to-do’s and goals
 Check email and apply for jobs (10″ max)
 School email and announcement check
 Start on school

Midday Lunch
 Eat
 Refill water
 Make any phone calls
 Check email
 Duolingo and Tinycards
 Read intensive books

Evening Routine
 Finish school
 Graphic Design, CodeAcademy and Treehouse
 Supper, refill water (don’t drink after 7) and any meal prepping
 Check email (10”) and unfinished to-do’s
 Write down tomorrows to-do’s and list daily accomplishments
 Check all battery charges, check weather/work, and turn off electronics
 10″ tidying, prep clothes and such for tomorrow
 Knit
 Put on a wash off face mask or treatment
 Journal
 Shower
 Put on a leave on face mask or treatment
 Make Sleepytime tea
 Read relaxing books
 Any other tips from Sleep Smarter

Habit Trackers for January and February 2019

I liked how AmandaRachLee sets up her habit trackers. I’d really only seen and “tried” the more “log” style ones, but these are just more visually appealing. Also, I’ve tried to work every single habit into my daily routines (more on that in another post).

Here is are my spreads. When noting goals and such that I hadn’t done in January, I decide to expand February’s habits.

  • Bedtime and rise time. I’ve been going to bed late and getting up around 8 (I need like 9-10 hours, at least recently) which means I don’t have much of a morning.
  • Hydration. I’m trying to aim for the optimum amount.
  • Exercise. I’ve been using the Leslie Sansone Walk at Home Instant Access app and the Fitify apps Ab & Core and Lower Body on my phone.
  • Stretch. I’ve been using the Fitify Stretching app.
  • Job search. I’m trying to be more proactive.
  • School. I need to make this a regular habit. Also, my school has started tracking everyone’s logons as participation! Anne @ Modern Mrs. Darcy mentioned setting fake deadlines for traveling planning, well I have been using “fake” deadlines for school for quite a while. I’m pursuing my associates in Computer and Information Technologies: Internet Technologies: Web Programming Specialization Sequence. The following two habits are to help me with the idea of becoming a website developer.
  • Coding. I’ve been using Treehouse (I have an account checked out via my library, be sure to see if your library has such a program), but I now want to add CodeAcademy as well.
  • Graphic design. I read a mention of needing to learn graphic design for website development and found this free sort of course, so I’m slowly working my way through the articles, resources, and the books my library has.
  • Spanish. I’m trying to get back into Duolingo. I got my 80 year old grandfather into it, and so he’s been learning Spanish the last week+ and even bought himself a book.
  • Reading. I am an erratic reading, so I wanted some discipline and habits.
  • Knitting. I am also an erratic knitter, so I wanted some discipline and habits.
  • Journaling. I feel like my memory isn’t great lately. And I never was good at keeping a record of memories, so I’m trying to prioritize that. I also wanted to incorporate the motivational kind of journaling from Miracle Morning.


January Goals 2019 and Success

I didn’t get all my goals and planning posts done in time to do a January goals post, so I’m showing my goals and my success on them here. I’m not expecting myself to just breeze through everything, I’m trying to work my motivation and habits up. My January goals were:

  • Pay a monthly obligation (or have enough to pay Feb 1st). Technically I have enough, but pragmatically, I’ll try to pay quarterly.
  • Pay Feb’s cc bill. Yes.
  • Start paying a loan back. No.
  • Start seriously funding my emergency fund. No.
  • Start raising checking account balance (min=$60) to begin process of living off last month’s income. Yes, but I should’ve also included, start pushing max (self-determined) credit balance down.
  • Aim for minimum income this month. Not even close.
  • Start weekly reset, morning and evening habits. Yes! I haven’t got weekly reset down, but I’m really working on my daily routines.
  • Start daily habits. Yes! I did poorly on the health ones, but I’m going to double-down on those this month.
  • Family (niece!) and pet time (and memories). I need to work on this one.
  • Read 8-9 books; 4 nonfiction. Crushed this with 15 books, 1 a re-read, 3 nonfiction.
  • 2 major knitting projects. No. I added this to my habits chart.
  • 2 major sewing projects? (I may need materials). No. I want to add this to a weekly habits chart.


2019 1st Quarter Goals

Main Goal/Focus: Habits, Systems, and Security

Health and Systems

  • Lose 15 lbs, try to gain some muscle tone and flexibility
  • Work on basic daily habits (especially health ones)
  • Set up morning and evening routine
  • Start weekly reset, monthly planning, and life admin days
  • Figure out digital limits and system
  • Meal planning and prepping habits, healthier snacks

Financial and Career

  • Get at least one temp job and one side gig
  • Pay off debt
  • Maintain school payments, get a bit ahead (same on phone); try and get two (later start) classes
  • Personal goal
  • Get to living off last month’s income
  • Start and fund emergency account to certain amount

Personal Development

  • Read 25 new-to-me books, including several from Classics Club list and 12 nonfiction titles
  • Participate in blog parties (doubtful)
  • 6 major sewing projects (including Easter yellow and blue dress and one Regency piece) and finish some already started projects
  • 6 major knitting projects, finish started projects and some small projects


  • Buy water jug and glass meal containers
  • Get some items of certain list
  • Buy (and borrow those I’m undecided on) the self-help books for the year
  • Buy some organization, cleaning, laundry, etc. items (maybe furniture)
  • Buy coverstitch machine and beauty tools on payment plan
  • Buy planner punch, brush pens/left-handed calligraphy markers, clear sticker paper, and washi tape


2019 Goals: Organization and Personal Development


  • Edit and better organize and back up photos (and obtain as main old photos as I can), especially in order to make photobooks
  • Determine old computer issues, try to get files (those on old C.D.’s if necessary); have back up plans for current computer
  • Complete all my random unfinished projects (art journals, quilt top, embroidery, shells/coral)
  • Complete 24 major knitting projects from my stash (average 2 a month)
  • Complete 24 major sewing projects from my project pile/stash (average 2 a month)
  • Complete room renovation one small step at a time; optimize for organization, sleep, ease of daily life, and sewing
  • Work on genealogy (excel sheets and family book); do free stuff first and then DNA
  • Take one solo trip, even if it’s small
  • Complete regency outfit in time for 2019 JA festival

Skills to Learn (I tried to put this in order of importance, the last few are highly unlikely; also, I’m not aiming for these all at the same time, right now, the first two are in my habits)

  • Spanish
  • Graphic design
  • Photography
  • Drawing (be sure to utilize Craftsy, CreativeBug, and YouTube)
  • Watercolor (be sure to utilize Craftsy, CreativeBug, and YouTube)
  • Lettering (be sure to utilize Craftsy, CreativeBug, and YouTube)
  • Mental Math
  • Liquid eyeliner, lipstick, quick and professional hair curling/styling
  • Dyeing
  • Formal Logic
  • Jewelry-making
  • Piano
  • Storytelling
  • Mountain dulcimer
  • Horseback riding
  • Tennis

Work Through Several Self-Help Books (not merely read, but follow as guides)

  • Sleep: Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success
  • Thinking: 5 Elements of Effective Thinking
  • Habits and Time Management: Miracle Morning, Atomic Habits, The Power of Habit
  • Personal finance and investment books: some Dave Ramsey books as well as others
  • Organization: Essentialism?
  • EQ: Emotional Intelligence 2.0?


  • Keep all journaling, office, and art supplies together
  • Journal everyday; mark memories in calendar also
  • Art journal, travel journal
  • Get better at photography and photo editing, storage, and development
  • Phone photo printer

2019 Goals: Health

Why is this the hardest thing?

Main goal: Improve habits so that overall health is improved in a sustainable way.


  • Lose 30 pounds and build muscle, build flexibility, and develop good posture habits
  • Eat better and make that a habit
  • Set easily obtainable exercise and stretch goals
  • Obtain medical records
  • If I’ve reached health goals, find a doctor and schedule appointment
  • Schedule dental visit and build that habit
  • Schedule eye doctor visit and build habit and buy glasses for driving and for blue light
  • Personal goal
  • Build sleep habit and follow sleep books, particularly Sleep Smarter: 21 Essential Strategies to Sleep Your Way to A Better Body, Better Health, and Bigger Success by Shawn Stevenson
  • Regular haircut habit (I don’t remember my last haircut, it’s been at least a year)
  • Regular skincare habits and investments (especially SUNSCREEN)

2019 Goals: Financial and Career

My work history isn’t pretty. I’ve been mainly temping and will probably continue to do so for awhile, but is really not enough on it’s own. I’m trying to work on being more proactive and less dependent. I don’t know how to explain this all; I’m very tired of being given stale advice that is really opinion, and I know I haven’t tried hard enough or worked enough, but I do want something that I feel decent about, so I need to find a balance of my.own.thing and still be a responsible adult. Here are my (edited for privacy) goals in the area of finance and career.


  • Pay off short term debt
  • Try to earn a certain amount this year before taxes
  • Fill an emergency fund to at least a certain amount and then continually build with regularly small additions
  • Live off last month’s income!
  • Keep and gift/experiences/travel fund (or perhaps a fund for each category)
  • Private goal
  • Start investing (regular and retirement)
  • Generally follow a basic budget (quarterly with monthly adjustments)
  • Have no debt and bills paid by end of year
  • Buy a decent used car and have it paid off

Career Goals

  • Have a stable source of income or a clear path to one by 2020
  • Work on tech degree as hard as possible with a plan; I must be in a bachelor’s program by Spring 2020 semester
  • Get a couple of certifications for other job options
  • Work on soft-skills & genuine networking
  • Work more and earn more (be proactive about looking for assignments and side gigs that suit me)

2019 Goals: Systems

One of my resolutions this years is to add processes and products into my life to make things easier. Much of these ideas for routines and organization came from MuchelleB’s channel.

Since I got my new phone, I finally jumped on the bandwagon to using Evernote. I’m so glad I need. I put my checklists for my daily routines, weekly reset list, etc. on there.

I’m still in the middle of working my plans and such into habits, and I never have the same schedule for long, so we will see how it works, but I’m pretty happy write now. I have my daily routine sheets (I’m still need to print the one that has everything on one page), my habit chart page, and my weekly spread and those things hold all I need to do. I’m still trying to wean myself off of stickies, but I think I’m far better or maybe fine as I’m just using them for notes rather than to-do’s.

  • Make Life Overall Easier
    • Implement Life Admin Days (one per quarter), Weekly Reset Days, Morning Routine, NIghttme Routine. I got these ideas from MuchelleB’s channel, and I loved them.
  • Make Habits Easier
    • Build into routine (morning/evening), schedule appointments at appointments. I’m easing into my goals and processes. I found the way that AmandaRachLee does her habits in multiple mini calenders makes it much more appealing for me to track them. I have split my day into Morning, Lunch, and Evening and tried to work all my habits from my habits chart into this.
  • Make Health Easier
    • Clear floor for exercise, pick out outfits, make simple schedule
    • Plan and prep meals, keep decent snacks, invest in helpful appliances (lunch warmer, crockpot, Instantpot), keep good grocery lists
    • Get huge water jug (set reminder if I must)
  • Make Daily Life Easier
    • Set routines
    • Laundry: (4 basket bin, clean/ironing basket, steamer, schedule)
    • Cleaning: get proper tools and keep together
    • Renovate bedroom, get more bathroom organization
    • Stuff control (tips: one in one out; “where will it go?” “do I own similar?” “do I really need this?”; play minimalist game/get rid of 500 items, once per quarter?), buy safe/locked fire safe filing cabinet
    • Have a place for everything & group everything by category (my sticky points: library books, current reads, office supplies/notes, quote notebook, reading notebooks, borrowed books, school, journal)
  • Make School Easier
    • Set up space with everything needed
    • Knock out work at the earliest possible
  • Make Sewing and Crafts Easier
    • Set up a space
    • Get better organization
  • Make Fashion Easier
    • Streamline underthings and basics
    • Avoid items with special needs/extras (e.g. something that needs an accessory in a color I don’t currently own, something that needs extra underlayers, etc.)
    • Have one wedding and one funeral outfit with shoes, accessories, under things, and outerwear
    • Have multiple business professional, business casual, dressy casual, outdoors (including hiking), and dress outfits with shoes, accessories, under things, and outerwear
  • Make Tech/Web Control Easier (i.e. make it easier to not be on them all the time)
    • Books
    • Puzzles
    • Journal
    • Projects
    • Drawing
    • Audiobooks, audiodramas, podcasts
    • Boardgames
    • I need all these to be things that I like, so for some, such as the audio ones, I might need to come up with lists since I do NOT gravitate towards them at ALL.
  • Make Travel and Exploring Easier
    • Travel fund
    • Travel tools
    • Pinpoint fears
    • Go with family
    • Folk school and similar planned/controlled excursions
    • Map out plans, costs, and answers to fears

New Year Resolutions and Planning

I’ve spent a lot of time planning, several drafts of resolutions, goals, etc. I watched tons of YouTube, mostly MuchelleB for ideas and inspiration (last year Lavendaire was the go-to YouTuber) plus lots of AmandaRachLee and others (see my Pinterest board section for more of them) for the practical, physical planner pages.

I’d decided on a lot about my physical planner system that I wanted: letter-sized (I prefer larger, and letter is more practical for print-outs here in the U.S.), dot-grid paper, bullet journal layouts, and removable pages. However, I did make some changes, I changed from Filofax to Staples Arc (I got this one), because of color mainly, but also the price (since the Staples notebook was on sale). I still have yet to get the punch for my notebook.

I then tried to research a good paper thickness. I ended up with 28lbs paper, but I definitely go thicker next/when I get the chance). I found this free bullet journal dot paper print-out (I’m going to have to work with my printer settings in order to try to get it to be perfectly symmetrical, also not sure my printer likes the thick paper).

I’m keeping my yearly, quarterly, monthly goal breakdown, but I’m trying to aim for more practical and achievable (for me personally) goals. Again, I’m not holding myself to these strictly, but if I aim and get many things partially completed and constantly readjust, I will be doing quite well. This time I also set some basic resolutions that my goals will fall under. These are:

  1. Achieve a basic level of financial and career security
  2. Make a significant improvement in overall health
  3. Implement systems and organizations to make life easier
  4. Make more serious and systematic strides in skills

My word of the year is: Security

My focus of the year is: Aiming for independence with comfort

My goals are quite long (and are the details of the resolutions) and have been broken down into categories (I’ve posted the reading ones already, I think I might make each category a separate post, at least for the less personal ones).

I’ll probably post pictures, but maybe after I get the planner looking a little prettier.



Christmas 2018

Christmas Eve we gathered with extended family, ate appetizers, children opened gifts, ladies drew number for $10 gifts amongst each other, men did the same, and we drew for men’s and lady’s stockings. My brother, sister-in-law, and niece stayed over at our house.

Christmas morning we had our tradition cinnamon rolls, opened stockings, my parents exchanged gifts, niece received gifts from my parents, and those still at home received gifts from parents. I also accidentally opened my gift from our sibling exchange (oops). We then watched White Christmas.

We then went to my grandparents, ate more appetizers, gave and received gifts from grandparents, from sibling exchange (we drew names from each via which is awesome, we filled out our gift lists on it, I want to use those for birthdays also), and parents gave gifts to the married siblings. Some people watched Rogue One (very Christmassy), and we played games (including Fishbowl, which we also played on New Year’s Day, and some played on New Year’s Eve, it seems to be trendy).

From top left clockwise, the $10 ladies gift I gave, most gifts I gave Babysister whose name I drew (the fox print fabric is an infinity scarf) minus a flower in a vial necklace and lotion, the gifts wrapped (I gave my mom a set of state made jams and jellies), and the belatedly-finished-still-not-given shrug for my niece (I still also have a sweater dress to finish for her).

My sister declared once she got out of school that she was going to start Harry Potter. Um, how about wait 5 days until Christmas?! I hid my copy, and told and texted everyone in the family to refuse to let her borrow their copies. It is HIGHLY out of character for me to misplace books also I’m not a good liar (and I didn’t want to lie, so I cut off from saying I didn’t know to saying it wasn’t on my shelf), but she suspected nothing.

The Saturday after Thanksgiving we helped my grandparents decorate for Christmas, and these are the areas I helped decorate.

I smashed a bunch of random Christmas photos into this collage. From top left clockwise, the bell wreath hanging from my doorknob (I’m keeping Christmas up until after the twelfth day of Christmas; its the 4th as I’m writing), the first version of my neat bookshelf (I cleared the floor and draped all the messy corners in white or gray), Sugarplum things she’s a decoration, my gingerbread house, my plate of appetizers from Christmas Eve (I LOVE that as a meal, and my grandmother fixed more and fancier appetizers for Christmas but I didn’t get a photo), the second version of my neat bookshelf (I’d smashed my snow globe decorating and later Mom bought another for me), the gorgeous wood Advent calender my mom bought for my brother and sister-in-law, Musicalmiss’s Dr. Suess “gingerbread” house (most of my sisters and I gathered at my brother and sister-in-laws house for a gingerbread day), and center is my hope chest nativity scene (I had three neat areas to decorate, the other is in the top collage).

Clockwise from top left. Awesome leftie sewing Gingher scissors with a case from my mom (I bought some sewing scissors but they weren’t nice like my mom’s so I always borrowed/kept hers), my stocking stuffers, more tea from Mom, athletic sweatshirts and cozy socks from Mom, blouse and gloves from Mom, and all the lovely movies Musicalmiss got me (she had my name).

Clockwise from top left. Some goodies I picked out some bags of goodies from family friends. Necklace and earrings from my grandmother. The $10 ladies gift I received on Christmas Eve (well, I drew for myself and my sick sister, and I picked this one because I knew what is was as another sister gave it, lol), and my gifts from my grandmother. That is an antique knitting basket/bag. That jar is a ton of lotion, I might be getting a slight hint as to the slight problem of the state of my hands, maybe.


Our Christmas decor.

More of our Christmas decor. I missed getting our main tree with all the gifts downstairs.

What I’ve Been Up To

New phone. I bought the Google Pixel 3 during the Black Friday/Cyber Monday sale, or rather signed up for the payment plan. I had a reasonable justification for this, I’ll see if that pans out or not. Anyway, the camera was a main selling point. I’ve also loved trying out apps I couldn’t get because my iPhone didn’t get updates anymore as well as realizing my apps I did have previously have been updated as well. One new app is Serial Reader which I’ve been using to read War and Peace. I wanted Kristin Lavransdatter as well, but it isn’t available on it currently.

Finishing my reading challenge.

Various Christmas things like knitting, shopping, seeing a high-school White Christmas play. I also made some Joanna Gaines inspired earrings for my sister with help from Youtube videos. I’ll do a separate post for that.

Enjoying time with my niece and seeing lots of videos and photos of her. I have a lot of younger siblings, but I was young when they were babies and obviously didn’t care much about developmental milestones. We obviously all think that our niece (daughter, granddaughter, great-granddaughter) is a genius. Her laughing videos are hilarious, and apparently she knows how to sing because when her mama plays the piano, she “sings.” The most recent video she was sitting in my sister-in-laws lap while she played “singing” and cutting her eyes at my brother who was videoing as if to say, “are you getting this Daddy?”

Whilst brainstorming for the ladies $10 gift, I looked at turban hats (will possibly be making myself one) and a couple of them showed adorable little brooches). When I went on my last Christmas shopping trip (I didn’t need me things, but it was so successful which just makes me happy), I found this absolutely darling pins.

Enjoying Christmas, I’ll have a few posts up soon.

Binging on Youtube. I’m really missing the blog world, so many people quitting and less inspiring, more shallow business-y people starting, I go through phases though, I follow and unfollow rather a lot, not because I start to dislike but because I’m bored or don’t want to have that many regular channels to follow. I’ve of course watched tons on planning videos for New Year’s prep I’ll link to some of those when I post more on my year’s plans.

Rescuing a kitty on New Year’s Eve. The rest of our family went to a friends but I preferred to stay home. I put our “baby” cat in, and an hour later went to walk one of the dogs and saw her (as I thought, small, black with a collar) outside. I rushed upstairs (when in doubt, panic) and found her looking sleepily back at the crazy lady. I knew it wasn’t our other darkish cat, and I assumed it ran away or in the bushes, but it had run up high into our tree (I’m not sure what kind off tree but it had lots of thin, very twig filled branches, like a net, not optimal for fetching a cat). After checking with a neighbor, slipping, and shaking a food bowl, the cat came down. I posted about him on Nextdoor (an essential site/app if you have animals), and we kept it overnight and fed and watered him. We haven’t had feral strays around in years, and I could tell that he’d been much loved by people (he was cuddly and shiny) and definitely at least a partially inside cat, and that he seemed lost, and he also seemed young as he was small. We don’t have a letterbox, so I eventually let him out. His owners said he came back home and that he was indoor/outdoor. I was so relieved.

New Year’s Day we had our homemade dough-nuts and board games day. Thankfully it was a much smaller group than usual.