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Virtual Globetrotting: Peru

This post contains affiliate links; if you purchase through my links, I will receive a small commission.

I want to read about Peruvian history and learn about many aspects of the culture of Peru. I’ve amassed a stack of books to help me learn about Peru. When I searched for materials the lack of choices discouraged me. Peru doesn’t only mean the Incas. I’d like a history book for each major period of history. I want to find more resources through this mini crash course.

My book list is:

The Peru Reader

The Conquest of the Incas

Death in the Andes

The Fire of Peru

Peru the Cookbook

The Global Etiquette Guide to Mexico and Latin America

I will make my last post a link-up for anyone who joins in on his or her blog. I’d love to read about the resources you’ve found and your perspective if you are from Peru.


Virtual Globetrotting: Studying Other Cultures

I wanted to do a culture series such as I participated in on this blog,* but I got sidetracked. I’d like to do such a series later, but for now, I want to explore other countries. I’ve also decided to do this with my two youngest sisters.

I picked somewhat randomly certain countries I’d like to research. Now, these may change. I’ve only planned out the first two right now; I’m planning to study Peru in September and October and Iran/Persia in November and December. I’m going to post some resources I’m hoping to explore in the first month and then a recap in the last month and perhaps more posts in between. If you decide to join in (there is NO end date for any of these), be sure to leave your link in the appropriate post.

*Unfortunately, these bloggers discontinued the series.