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Fun and Humor for This Week

Dude Perfect’s Stereotypes. You’ve probably seen this since it’s trending on YouTube, but just in case, it’s awesome. I think my favorite part was the noodle six feet safety distance get up. Like seriously, I’ve wondered if I could wear a 6 foot inflated bubble just so I won’t violate it. Of course, it would be nice to have smaller one so people don’t get in my personal space later too.

Enneagram Types Working from Home. I think, I think I prefer the enneagram type videos because there are fewer, more distinct personalities.

If Social Media Platforms were a Family. Oh, my the Vine part. Some commenters also had hilarious suggestions about tumblr, reddit, etc.

Don’t Rush the Janeite’s. I don’t know what these videos are called, where it looks like one whole, but it’s a bunch of people together (I think a stunt double one was trending at on point). I follow at lot of historical costumers and with at least two Jane austen festivals in the US (the main one was moved to online) plus the one in Bath, regency fashion features a lot.

Why News Anchors Sound Alike. This was on another person’s list, and it’s so funny, because I was listening to a podcast by Trey Kennedy when he was wondering the same thing. I probably say something like dubbayoo.


    • Livia Rose

      He is hilarious, the way he does the mannerisms of all his personas! I’ve been listening to his podcasts at work too and they are funny as well.

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