• Daily Life

    March 2019 Goals

    I need to “course correct” (an excellent concept I picked up inĀ The Slight Edge) for this month, so a lot of items are going to be copy and paste from February.


    • Get back on track with habits
    • Prep meals regularly
    • Start facial care routine
    • Start a weekly reset habit (Sat/Sun?), get back on track with daily routines
    • Double down on the health habits
    • Set up tech guards, habits, and sabbaths
    • Be aware of needs to be vigilante on my habits (they slip more easily in certain circumstances)
    • Work on room


    • Have enough to pay 1st quarter’s obligation, a little in emergency fund
    • Pay off credit card bill
    • Finish paying loan back
    • Make a certain minimum amount
    • Have a now spend/lowest spend month
    • Get a temporary job

    Personal Development

    • Read 8-9 books, including: 4 nonfiction, 1-2 Classics Club reads, and catch up and keep up on War and Peace on Serial Reader
    • 2 major knitting projects and 1-2 small ones
    • 2 major sewing projects
    • Begin taking mini-adventures/explorations
    • Determine next Spanish steps
    • Determine next graphic design steps