• Daily Life

    1st Quarter Goals

    Here are my 1st quarter goals, edited a bit for privacy.

    ~Pay off student loan (probably too ambitious at this point)
    ~Purchase TEFL training
    ~Emergency fund

    ~Plan for school
    ~Complete TEFL training (I’m not sure I will be able to complete it because it is so far in)

    ~Focus on diet, hydrations, supplements, and meal plan
    ~Lose 10 pounds (I’ve gained 5 instead, but I don’t think I’ll be losing 15 in two months)
    ~Focus on stretching with walking, swimming, and abs & gluts work-outs
    ~Tech vacations
    ~Get a facial

    Personal Development
    ~Reach 65% on Spanish in Duolingo (and keep pace in Tinycards) and work on geography with Seterra
    ~Complete two library math books
    ~Work through a few interpersonal communication, logic, EQ, logic, and critical thinking books
    ~Work through 1 Craftsy course, 20+ YouTube videos, and one library book on art
    ~Buy piano D.V.D.’s and listen to 6 new C.D.’s from library (I’ll modify this because I had forgotten our library has digital offerings)

    Travel and Explore
    ~Take an exploration day (maybe in March, I wasn’t thinking of the seasonal aspect)
    ~Plan some day and longer trips (NYC and Anastasia . . . in my dreams)

    ~Donate blood
    ~Family time with no tech
    ~Finish gifts, start 1-2 baby blankets

    Homemaking and Holidays
    ~Clear out digital files; get Lightroom & start editing
    ~Use up extra beauty products
    ~Plan Summer and Spring wardrobe (including proper outdoor and activities clothes and shoes)

    Sewing and Making
    ~Working on stash busting sewing and knitting
    ~Work on finishing random projects and finish 3 Craftsy courses

    ~Read 25 new to me books
    ~Read 6 borrowed (from other people/the basement, lol) and 3 unread books of mine