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    My 2018 Goals

    I have nine categories of goals. I’ve already changed some, and I’m sure others will be amended. Some items are hard to set in stone or I have/will learned of better options. Also, I will selectively edit what I choose to show, some of my goals are too personal or to uncertain for me to put here.

    ~Pay of debts and dues and stay out of debt
    ~Begin investing a significant portion of my income (this is new)
    ~Purchase a TEFL certification course
    ~Save and pay for CLEPs and tuition (including Spring 2019)
    ~Put certain amounts in a ROTH IRA, in an emergency fund, and in a savings account

    ~Work with Lumerit on my schooling (this is new; we are trying to find the best option for me)
    ~Achieve TEFL certification and try to find an online job
    ~Complete other career training and add good job experience to resume

    ~Achieve healthy/weight muscle balance
    ~Increase my flexibility considerably and improve my posture
    ~GO OUTSIDE! Make it a habit
    ~Get various beauty and health treatments
    ~Healthy sleep habits
    ~Take regular screen vacations and find a better usage system
    ~Build up better eating and hydration habits, and a decent recipe and meal plan selection

    Personal Development
    ~Relearn math
    ~Work on EQ, interpersonal communication, critical thinking, and logic
    ~Learn Spanish and start a second language
    ~Work on geography
    ~Work on developing my artistic skills (complete all my Craftsy and Creativebug art courses and this YouTube course and work through some of our books and some library books)
    ~Work on my music deficiency and relearn piano
    ~Possibly take some lessons (dancing, ice-skating, horse-back riding, tennis)

    Travel and Explore
    ~Explore my area (with my grandparents for some of this)
    ~Explore my state
    ~Visit 2-3 new states/explore states I’ve been to more
    ~Visit 1-2 new countries

    ~Finish overdue gifts, finish 4 baby blankets, be timely with gifts
    ~Spend more mindful time with family, particularly my grandparents
    ~Give blood a couple times

    Homemaking and Holidays
    ~Redesign my room
    ~Reorganize and purge (finish all scrapbooks, photo editing, and photobooks; organize and streamline recipe and other folders/binders; organize, streamline, and back up my computer and documents; find a better place for Christmas, gift, office, craft, etc. supplies)
    ~Work on my cleaning systems
    ~Work on holiday/Christmas planning to minimize stress and maximize my enjoyment!

    Sewing and Making
    ~Learn tatting, improve jewelry making and embroidery
    ~Develop my sewing and knitting skills along with my wardrobe (including hard items like lingerie, sweater dresses, cardigans, silks); complete wardrobe!
    ~Work on art/travel journals

    ~Keep improving in depth and intensity (see my 2018 reading tab for more details)