Top Ten Tuesday: Bookish Resolutions/Goals

I am linking up here for Top Ten Tuesday. Here is a shortened version of my wildly unrealistic reading goals (for an even more absurd list see my tab above).

1. Read some massive Russian novels (hopefully at least Brothers Karamazov and War and Peace)
2. Read globally
3. Read on U.S. history (keep plodding through my study)
4. Read different writing types (poetry, essays, etc.)
5. Find some more well-loved books (I feel like this year was mostly mediocre on new-to-me authors)
6. Read serious nonfiction more intensively
7. Take better notes (maybe I should have a prompt page?)
8. Develop better reading discipline
9. Read my unread books (mostly Christian devotional stuff)
10. Read all my borrowed books (mostly from Mom/our basement)