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Advice from a mom. I have a hard enough time responding sometimes.

How to deal with nightmare guests one and two. And perhaps how to see if you are one. One of the most aggravating things about rude people is when hosts don’t deal with them.

The comment in section six of this blog post. Um, that should be a caution/stop sign for us!!! I’m really good at dredging things up that I’ve done, I’ve got a good memory, I’m sensitive to reactions, but what if I didn’t know/wasn’t thinking about the reaction, didn’t see the reaction?

Honesty online. Ranting, raving,  and complaining ties in here. People do that too much with friends, and it’s never a good idea at work, why would it be online? It is not fake to be “reserved.” To be careful. The Internet isn’t your diary, oversharing (over-familiarity) repels, oversharing creates a false sense of knowing people. Online you are missing a relationship, you are missing body language and tone and context (hello, why all emotional and subjective issues are dangerous online).

Gratefulness list. This isn’t new, but sometimes hearing an idea in a different way makes it seem more appealing.


Virtual Globetrotting: Peru

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I want to read about Peruvian history and learn about many aspects of the culture of Peru. I’ve amassed a stack of books to help me learn about Peru. When I searched for materials the lack of choices discouraged me. Peru doesn’t only mean the Incas. I’d like a history book for each major period of history. I want to find more resources through this mini crash course.

My book list is:

The Peru Reader

The Conquest of the Incas

Death in the Andes

The Fire of Peru

Peru the Cookbook

The Global Etiquette Guide to Mexico and Latin America

I will make my last post a link-up for anyone who joins in on his or her blog. I’d love to read about the resources you’ve found and your perspective if you are from Peru.


Virtual Globetrotting: Studying Other Cultures

I wanted to do a culture series such as I participated in on this blog,* but I got sidetracked. I’d like to do such a series later, but for now, I want to explore other countries. I’ve also decided to do this with my two youngest sisters.

I picked somewhat randomly certain countries I’d like to research. Now, these may change. I’ve only planned out the first two right now; I’m planning to study Peru in September and October and Iran/Persia in November and December. I’m going to post some resources I’m hoping to explore in the first month and then a recap in the last month and perhaps more posts in between. If you decide to join in (there is NO end date for any of these), be sure to leave your link in the appropriate post.

*Unfortunately, these bloggers discontinued the series.


August Reads: Fiction

This post contains affiliate links; if you purchase through my link, I receive a commission.

I read 15 total books this month. Here are the fiction books (the nonfiction are on my old blog).

New Reads
Auntie Mame. Tons of extreme moral issues of just about every sort, some from main, some from minor characters. Some unoriginal humor. Felt disjointed and inconsistent.

Big Stone Gap. Well, I loved the setting and Jack Mac (oh, I know he is a stock character type, but it is one that I fall in love with every time). But the main character is an indecisive brat. And the plot is like Jack Sparrow’s confusing, constantly spinning compass; clearly manipulated to make the story seem long and complex, but ended up making everything feel like filler. Manufactured deepness and complexity in what is ultimately a very silly, unsatisfactory novel. This is why I distrust modern fiction.

Castle Waiting: The Curse of Brambly Hedge. Not what I was expecting, a silly retelling of Sleeping Beauty with some pitiful attempts at humor.

Christmas at High Rising. Some boring stories, some rather funny parts.

Flavia de Luce mysteries: The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie and A Red Herring Without Mustard. This series is my win for August after a bunch of lousy books. As soon as I started the first, I knew I wanted to get my hands on all the rest, so I quickly requested all the currently published full novels, finished three more, and the rest are deliciously waiting on my shelves. As you can see I read a little out of order because I was impatient.These are fun and hysterical. Of course, like all mysteries, they have so many improbabilities, but the personality and humor are charming, and mysteries are always fun no matter how improbable. I must say that the age of the heroine and her fascination with murder, bodies, and the details are a bit disturbing if you look at it too closely.

How Green Was My Valley. Oh, oh. How righteous is the mighty Clan of Morgan. If the Morgans’ sin, their actions are not sins, but everyone else’s slightest fault is the deepest scarlet stain. I could write a tome on this book. I don’t feel like doing that though. Tons of vigilantism, pride, bitterness, self-righteousness (in case you hadn’t picked up on that point yet), etc. No satisfactory character or moral development. No satisfactory ending of the plot (and what exactly was the point and what exactly was the plot?). Pretty writing of the fluke type; the style that an author uses once successfully because the style has the right tone for that one novel’s particular setting and plot, but when you read other works, it is ludicrously overwrought and out of place (this applies to Markus Zuzak’s style, and I’m guessing also Bette Greene and Anthony Doerr). Also, quite graphic sexual similes. Ultimately the story is flat, hopeless, disturbing at times, and unsatisfactory.

Idylls of the King and a Selection of Poems. Hmm, still don’t love epics and poetry. I will keep working on my poetry reading though. I liked some of Scott’s. I’m sure I can find some to like although I’m not sure I will ever love the literary form.

The Miraculous Journey of Edward Tulane. Charming, sweet. Reminded me of Hitty which I think I now must give another chance.

Those Summer Girls I Never Met. This is unfathomably silly and trifling, and I knew it and meant it for a fun throwaway read. This is not one I really regret as absurd as it is. It is super short and is not fooling anyone on depth.

An Ideal Husband. My ideal husband is the perfect mesh of Lord Goring and Algernon Moncrieff.

Hello, Welcome to My New Blog

Welcome to my new blog. This whole process took longer than expected because I’m not a planner, and I made plenty of mistakes. My mind is still spinning because of my disorganization, but I’m so excited! I just got my finished illustrations from So Nice Design on Aren’t they lovely?

Please check out all my pages. I’m still working on touching up things here, and my posts might be a bit haphazard at first because I wasn’t exactly sure when I’d be able to announce my blog. I’ll jump right in where I left off on my old blog for my reading for August.

Thanks for reading!